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Political Gridlock.....It's a good thing!

May 8, 2014|

Bob Rose - May 8 - 6AM

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Mob test the waters I'm divorced. I'm looking at the water and so you know what to drink and and want to spit out what used the water you can let me put -- I'm not sure what you're implying. News sky radio and around the Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. Isn't getting it. I -- there yes. -- know what we're getting -- Good morning and welcome 7 minutes after 6 o'clock live in local TV is the final rose show. Maybe eighth one subway from the weekend in our -- boy's birthday my son. My youngest my baby turning nineteen today hope. -- -- -- Everybody's getting older. Except for -- And that of course is all in my mind I. Hey you wanna win some tickets. I circus so leg kick off -- got tickets to see the amazing Michael Jackson the immortal tour coming -- the O'Connell center. On Tuesday and Wednesday isn't going to be a great show it's a high value ticket in all you have to do is text the word bubbles. 72881. Bubbles. Seven to eight Jed Weiner because they're doing man now just you only need to -- once. And then now about 94511. Winner's name this morning -- message. And data rates apply bubbles. 72881. What's going on. And loves hanging out of Hollywood folksonomy. And -- -- you say to those Hollywood folks. Eight. Pretty charming I could be in a movie today everybody talks about my comedic timing. I'm handsome you've heard me -- Know a Sony talks about. It talks about politics needs to break out. Of the cycle of dysfunction. President Obama on Wednesday raise money for house and senate candidates at the home of Walt Disney studios chairman Alan Warren and his wife Cindy. In an effort to boost Hollywood contributions in advance. In advance so what. It is going to be a pretty. A tough season for Democrats. -- Let's see who was there Barbara Streisand Jeffrey Katzenberg Tom Rothman James Roland. Acknowledging that despite a list of accomplishments that there is still a -- disquiet around the country as well last quote an anxiety. And a sense of frustration Obama said the challenges out there remain daunting. And we have a Washington. That's not working. That's the story that they like to sell. Because then it's easy say if things didn't get done because the Republicans are obstructionist we can't get anything done this is dysfunction of congress what you've seen a number she'd seen appalling numbers nobody likes congress you see and they like the Republicans even less than a Democrat so you see that's why we can't get things done. Thank god for those Republicans in the house sometimes you don't want things to get done so. Let's look at it this way. Can you match we have a conversation -- you know you gotta hand it to Washington big pass one lie after another one bill after another. And you know what are those what are those bills while there's a lot of tax bills there's a lot of spending bills. There's a lot of laws on the books that may -- -- gonna -- impede on our freedoms just all wee -- just a little. And that tax thing is just -- title here there. Imagine that. If government let everything runs smoothly. I'm talking about. The lawmakers not government has this huge entity that is trying to provide. Too much service to too many people and there's too many people in government and a lot of -- doing a whole lot. I'm talking about the actual lawmakers. So. Can you imagine the headlines are everything's going smoothly Republicans and Democrats getting along swimmingly well. That would probably be even more frightening wouldn't know what we're dealing -- now. Isn't there always going to be opposing sides on different views and different things. And I especially I would think there'd be a opposing views to. This president at his agenda. Is his agenda is quite costly. Already obamacare has cost us a lot of money it hurts families in the middle class. Is energy policy isn't helping either. So. When you talk about this dysfunction and they can't get anything done what do you want them to get done. Because I don't want them to get things done that the Democrats want Donna I don't want us there he still high and if if Democrats had their way we'd already have some kind of carbon credit nonsense cap and trade. There'd be even stiffer rules. And penalties on the books and making it even more typical for business you're tax burden would be happy or are you kidding me. Do you think about that. Philosophically you know there's a lot of people well the Democrats have a good idea here good idea sometimes it do. The problem is paid for. A lot of people that push and watch these things are not people paying for there are exceptions Warren Buffett and other very rich people I had a conversation not too long ago some of who live I highly respect now play tennis with -- -- like him and he's -- -- Intel has been a success in his life you know now is retired new work hard work. But you know what we started talking about the taxes the progressive tax system etc. And he was of the thinking that you know maybe we don't pay enough. In taxes. And I said we'll look I'm pretty sure that I have a lot less money than you. Is fear you can do one of two things you can either help -- -- common man directly by bringing media shoe box full of -- money. -- that -- helped -- -- got to three kids in college while -- now. Or you could just go ahead write a check to the federal government. For you know affirmed for more than you pay now if you feel like that's you know something it's part of your principles party of foundational beliefs. -- that was kind of left with the now. I laugh. Okay but did his look this is something you want other people to do. The you don't have to make it a law to do -- if you feel like it's important there's no law that says that churches have to set up soup kitchens. There's no law that says that the post office is gonna collect food on Saturdays which by the way they are which by the way put a few cans in a bag and hanging on the and -- -- mailbox. For -- on Saturday. Buyer postal workers. -- job. There's no law. That says all these things have to be done and people do it because they believe and it. That's why they do what they volunteered they get it done. But nobody wants to volunteer to write -- -- but they'll tell other people the right attack. -- finance a disingenuous like Warren Buffett -- how -- -- My secretary Powell and -- and paste job higher percentage are very -- -- taxes. So why don't you write a check to the government why why don't you. I don't understand that. I'll go along with -- if everybody if everybody else is forced into it. But you don't -- you don't believe in you don't believe in it enough to take it upon yourself. Well it would just still be a drop in the bucket with. Those are your words write a drop in the bucket of connect. I mean look. Why would you wanna why wouldn't you want to pay more. In taxes. Because the government is doing such a good job now. For instance -- you talk about the defense spending that's one that liberals like to cut back on. Yeah I would -- Yes what I like to cut back on the fact that we're paying a 150. Dollars per gallon. For jet fuel. 150. You -- -- -- gas station you see it's 370 to. Knock at stricter tightens up a little -- not. Now I I've been ally Syria. As I -- -- a 150 a gallon for jet fuel when. When you don't need zero. And it's a -- agenda. I'll explain. On the flip side. All right so hang in there it's 616. You're tuned to the Bob -- I would. The live local news talk 97.3 this guy. -- -- -- 621 out of five Rochelle live and local Sanderson and house every Thursday may 24 team so we were talking about government. And the president. Talking and doing is Hollywood folks you know and as saying things like look we need to break out of this cycle of dis function. Basically what that boils down to in political speak is the Republicans. Are standing in the way of us getting things done. Well you know Mr. President there's a difference of opinion on how a lot of things should be done. For instance you push forward with -- obamacare. EU didn't you did it despite. Any objections from Republicans -- did it despite not getting any help nor asking for any help nor doing it -- and transparent way the way you promised you would. So they're EU call it dysfunction. We actually call it function. That's why you have branches of government that's why you have. Two political parties. That's why you have the house and a senate. It was not designed. So that it get there would just be clear and easy conduit to go from an idea. In one congressman's. Head. To paper to law you know in a couple hours. The founding fathers didn't want -- to work that way they want it at the lawmaking process to be slow and arduous. They didn't watch a bunch of lost piling up they know what was going to happen. They knew that we were gonna let government grow even know we warned against it. They put as many protections in place is they could to slow all of that down. One of them is the law making process. So the president you know wants a clear path to his agenda. On Mr. President once again -- all due respect -- York. Agenda and things that you want done. Republicans don't necessarily agree with a lot of the things you're attempting to do or. We agreed there's a problem like Health Care Reform was needed to and then the way the EU went about it. And your answers to it were far. Removed from what Republicans. Thought we should do. You you always to. You used kind of the private sector as leverage to get your way to push it through and now all those people insurance companies and doctors it's veteran. Now our town last scratching their heads saying left scratching their heads and -- thinking man what kind of deal with the doubled that I make. It's exactly what they're saying what kind of deal with a double denied me. So there is -- resistance. And thank. Thank god areas. Example. Whose bright idea was this. Let's say a 150 dollars a gallon for jet feel. I know what you think that Bob just fuels expensive. No it's not. Remember if it's jet fuel for our own government for our own air force. We don't pay. Taxes on that. I figured it out what. Are we buying it from GRU -- they have a tiered system. Where if you only need. A half a gallon of jet fuel fuel your entire military operation. That he can get it a lower rate -- both of you're buying in bulk. You're close. You were close that's why you sit in the front row because your close -- For not having a textbook confronting his daddy is a very good guess. You're on the right path you said GRU if you -- -- said Gerri you and then went down that biomass. All her or two ago. There and you're getting warmer and warmer warmer. -- -- The reason that jet fuel is a 150. Dollars a gallon it's not it's two dollars and 88 cents a gallon. That's a jet fuel costs. But they're jet fuel that the Department of Defense has purchased. It's a 150 dollars a gallon because. Because it's made from algae. It's made from algae. It's algae fuel. It's kind of it's it's Moscow and its power its power by Alger non. Flowers for -- not I was trying to hit a pretty good. I had I had heard of wild back -- but the idea of getting fuel from. -- Oh absolutely obviously the technology exists. It's just a little expensive you might say right now a 150 gallon. Yes. It's jet fuel derived from how little oil. -- -- Meaning of Al. Algae. Still do we put this same fuel in the drones that were dropping on random people over and you know Afghanistan or whatever. You know why I -- at least about poisoning their environment when we're indiscriminately bombing people left and right over. It's. The fuel this is known as Hydro processed. Pastors and fatty acids. So will this -- has -- How -- it refers to renewable oil like vegetable oils animal fat waste grease and algae oil. The process uses hydrogen treatment Hydro processing. To yield -- fuel in the distillation range of jet fuel and diesel. So the process is I don't know that sincerely complex. But it's kind of like you remember the hydrogen fuel cells that we're gonna move toward they realized is. A -- there's a huge -- loss of energy. To make them in other words it's it's it doesn't work out it's really it's the same thing when it comes to ask than doll. It's a real the year you're not getting a director ratio you're getting less energy apart you're using more energy to produce that amount of energy. But they'll do it anyway and don't get me wrong. I like the exploration of alternative energy sources -- -- wonder why the government has to use our money to buy. That's all. And how would you like to be in that how would you like to be in the Jack. The starts to spotter. Because maybe you know. That refining process isn't you know 100% -- may -- this maybe there is some ask them all like component to it. Where you know you're gonna have a separation of alcohol in water. Causing issues. How'd you like to be the FA eighteen pilot. Right fly and -- one little moon okay. So anyway. Pentagon paid a 150 per gallon for green jet fuel cells when anybody says that you don't want to defense spending cut I want to consider that. But I also want to consider you know that's a push from the left. To develop and by that that fuel -- people this in mind your own about Rochelle. This incredibly expensive -- mobile algae fuel. There's a. Yes. And he's gonna Seles -- old G. Two algae Xerox. I don't know it's still early. The jokes and get better you know they don't get much better. 6290 above -- 2014 it got a ton post off. Coming up including a bunch of giveaways stay -- news talk 97 point through the sky. -- got a first talk about it now. Not seven point three this guy. 639 Alibaba Rochelle Arlo. Us. The -- time Thursday may fiddled a close to the weekend. Hey you know I've I just graduated 11 in my baby's. Got two more at the University of Florida right now as we speak. And the cost of books a modern after tonight yeah. Anybody who's dealt with this issue knows that they're not cheap I got this interest in. And this from had the and he says you know he went to a bookstore you know one. Wondered why books are no longer bucks but CDs and access codes. These CDs and access codes are only good until their classes and afterwards is no way to access the information at all asked the cashier if she didn't see wrong or bad scenario and well. She you know she didn't she said that this is a way for students to save money on books. But I asked her look what if the student wants a reference that are whatever the C started turnaround a little bit so -- stopped asking questions. Is it will notice is about saving money or at least after the students or parents otherwise there wouldn't have the option of and an entire lecture book at a cost ten cents a page. Just another way of passing the costs of goods to the consumers are making a buck at the same time. Claiming that technology helps is by providing books by way of a PDF format. But it's not helpful if you have to -- 700 pages each semester. What about the actual cost of CDs to begin with. I paid a hundred dollars for one CD and an access code. My main concern is that six months from now or even ten years from now our kids won't be able to reference their textbooks and search for answers. Even worse is that educators won't be accountable for what they're currently teaching because there won't be any printed materials to verify what they taught. Maybe you can talk about this problem on -- show -- who listens to chime in perhaps him getting -- old set in my ways maybe leaning too far. To the dark side thanks for what you do -- Ed appreciate the email anybody can email me be rose Be rose Here's what I think that is a dollar you make brilliant points and it could be a part of it. What happens is somebody writes -- -- book and it's usually like a professor. Okay. And they get paid for that and some professors are kind of notorious for all you take -- my class you buy in my book. That's by -- teaching Italian I don't know but that's how they work it and they make extra money doing that and now. And books are expensive too because not publishing. You know they're now publishing and large quantities so we're talking hundreds of dollars her book -- Ottawa -- The professors that are the ones they get to write the books yes. There -- they need to make extra money and you outline they usually going to teach the class they have a TA that does -- irked by. And of those measures for another discussion continued commitment because you're my TA so I'm not gonna mouth off too much about them. Sylvia. That's what the professor doesn't yet they make income doing that didn't bit. What happens is your kid buys a book. The professor makes his money on that purchase your kid buys the book when the kids done with the book. He's not gonna keep it as a reference material is getting a right to a bookstore and say what's this work. Now say asked what gave you fifty bucks. Where's the bookstores gonna cerner turn around and sell it to the next kid for a uttered fifty bucks but that's still. Say fifty or 75 dollars cheaper than the brand new version. It's another bookstore. Is making money but if they don't make money they're not going to be there. So they provide a service and you pay for just like if you're buying a car each major car and okay. But what you got to remember is. You know once you trade your car -- You get a ending Ford anymore. Once you'd trade once that book is been purchased and it goes back to the bookstore the professors and doesn't reap royalties again that. -- the professor gets the one time royalty. -- You up. Yeah it and sell and so if you do the CD thing. The professor gets his royalty. And an every time there's a new code assigned to. The professor gets another royalty now it may be slightly less. This deal may be a little bit different depending on how it works out the bookstore etc. but. That's what I think it's about -- horse man if I write a book but the book has sold five times and I'm only joining revenue from a one time. Now I see a way to make you money multiple times. And that's how the fair tax comes crashing to a halt. Why because it's okay if I understand the fair tax correctly they're 123% cent tax on I'm -- folks around. The fear -- You go buy a brand new call. Rest yes there is a 23%. Tax put on my car which is based gold via embedded -- he be playing anyways that's because the corporation has to pay taxes right now they don't sell OK so then you buy that car you buy that new -- 123% taxi driver a couple of years. You you know traded in for a dollar sank into the car dealers and sales that. He used car to somebody else even you -- and it's not newbie by use vital. There's no tax on the taxes or even pay it right. Now what they're gonna sort -- was gonna put new cold it's on every thing. -- -- we change the cold on that house. Yes I know it's 75 years old and and -- people lived in a -- that we have a different hold on what's happening here to protest signs point 3% exam and also rated it's been upgraded I have figured out how the Google managed to screw up the fair tax while they gonna make sure they only get that tax one time many times on the ball they're gonna get -- -- -- we're not charging -- a sales tax and the car but now. We beat through the upgrade at exactly the called. And -- and the cars the same but this but this kind of licensing fee to all this you know and Ford Fairmont. -- -- Leave it to look what she had a college professors to screw everything up but the long and forever -- a way you figure these things out. You know I think god Ford. I think that it ever applied myself -- -- the radio and not actually. And I thank god that you don't play yourself as likely jihadist. Are you kidding yes that the happened. Pictures of me all over the place unlike -- to let the Saddam Hussein of Jihad -- Herself that you little spider David the end. -- by the 646 on the Bob -- show. 877975. 9825. A fall in net trooper. Respects -- pay eighty yesterday and today. The governor. Is supposed to go to the funeral details. On that Chelsea a trooper Chelsea. Trooper. Chelsea Richards. Funeral coming up today in a couple minutes of talk about. Drones for al-Qaeda battle hardened terrorists at. Just when everybody. Oh just the terrorist you got to listen we -- it's six on not seven point. Three this guy. Then. 652 on about -- show a lot of local. Standard Sammy is in the house. It is about Russia and I said Aaron. And us Thursday. I'm -- weekend noticed it too early to be -- weekend mode I don't think self by the way tomorrow I'll be doing my broadcast. From the Ocala studios today -- air -- and go anywhere he stays here I go to Ocala due to broadcast -- and then. I'm gonna go hang out of my buddies Edward cotton. That's right he -- -- a superstore. We're gonna have some fun. Like an open house type thing you're gonna have lunch for everybody. And -- that hopefully they'll be drugs giant tractor. But like bring your old car I'll mash it up for yeah we'll do one of knows. Between game days. The as 040 in Ocala can't miss it the place that result or its tractors all over the place because about a superstore and work on -- be there tomorrow starting at 11 AM. Join -- for lunch. Free lunch -- teed lemonade stuff like that hey Jeff we were talking about codes for books these school books -- what what he had to add to that. -- -- I think I got it figured out what they're gonna end up doing. Or they're gonna do the same thing with transcripts. Were just in case wanted to. Bright little children never coming out of -- liberal colleges. Besides run for president. Well they can't find his transcripts because they don't have the -- Bob. Policy coat everything. -- -- -- For president they wanna see that they -- the smartest person in class so it's you know we can't find the code we can give you that information. Mother I get an -- of formation anyway. Now it's not like we have a bit. Of a did I -- a bush release a list transcription stuff and who -- John Kerry did. And they realize they go oh man we've been sell the story of George Bush being a dummy but lucky looked apparently he's not. And then they sold sold the story of why he never showed up for duty to fly. Is air force stuff air force reserves. Dan rather got sucked into that one and and even when they said that now again it's this letters -- fake it's a fraud. He still stuck by no oh no it's no it's. Asks. That that's when you're sucked into the politics that's when you're sucked in a lefty land and there's no escaping it. That's when you know you can't even have a dialogue with people like that. When you start talking about global warming. You know people on the left to wanna defended even when they don't really understand it if you had a conversation with a minus the politics. They'd totally agree. And who would burn coal cleaner. China India where the US Ding Ding -- US is the answer okay we agree on that so why we ship -- dollar -- over there they're building a power plant about every week. But over here we've shut down 300 power plants under the Obama administration. -- should -- be better for gonna burn coal at all anywhere on the planet that we would -- -- here or we can do it at least a little bit cleaner. Of course it's called common sense. -- logic. Now people can leave the politics out of it then once they find out that their -- -- that goes against their team. -- No I candid and I can't admit that Joseph Scoble is a best second baseman because -- don't play for my team. Folks is about trying to get to the truth in China BS statesmen and looking out for what's best for America and to do today -- to employ common sense and logic first. Party politics a far second. We don't have a whole lot of folks that are capable of doing that apparently. And the ones that do know the ones that are doing a good job they're branded -- is -- -- by the mainstream media. 656. On a Bob Rochelle only. 877. 9759825. States you know you might be able to win a thousand dollars in just a couple of minutes. And what do I say now message and data rates of the -- news talk 97.3 this guy.