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Taco's & Karl Rove are offensive

May 13, 2014|

Bob Rose - May 13 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ambrose imagine going home and your house is paying. Sure I'll dual pungent and it's got included new house a new bonus of -- just time. Now there's. -- -- Mac lovers of -- -- studio that's. Seven point three sky. Good morning and -- my friends. 7 minutes after 6 o'clock live local it is about -- show along with. Time Jack brought to you by -- jewelry -- answer is always yes it's Tuesday may thirteenth 2014. It is my birthday but we've got a lot more important things to cover other than that. Let's see what's going on here. You can eat taco bars. That they were doing for charity on college campuses. I was helping inner city kids read. Not to can't do it why. It's not sensitive enough to whom. The Hispanic Americans Mexican Americans -- crazy story like dad are you kidding me. Welcome to the united states of the easily offended. Big cut off. Every year across the nation several high beta phi sorority chapters. Post all you can -- high fiesta taco bar fund -- Doing their respective college campuses to raise money. It's a long standing tradition typically they do around cinco denial. -- in jeopardy. The past few weeks of pressure from a handful of Latino students at two high profile universities. Who complaining about -- offensive. What's offensive about it are you sitting only. What do you have -- -- -- spaghetti and meatballs is that offensive to Italian Americans. As bizarre. I never heard anything so ridiculous. All you can eat tacos. It's it's an event done college campuses. For charity. To help inner city kids to read. And it's offensive. In what way. How does it yeah I don't understand. If you think it's boiling somebody's culture down to one type of food and while I mean that's. That's absurd. And I don't people like tacos. It's why I'm still really in an -- feigning any kind of ignorance here I don't. Earlier organics. These particular sorority charity events are hardly offensive and if anything they celebrate and honor Mexican heritage a YouTube of high fiesta taco night last year shows. A bunch of students stuffing their faces -- taco smiling and raising a lot of cash for. Litter literacy causes. But so what's the deal. They -- such events of cultural appropriation. Defined by the Stanford daily gas. Actions that it trivialized. Aspects of a culture by not respecting your customs symbolic significance. Or -- history. Of a style of your ass or other artifact. Oh yeah they don't like December errors either and by the way this is just a few. This is just a few you know -- Is getting old -- -- -- -- good old. You know don't to what really don't you wanna just say shot. All show up. Sell out we're gonna serve tacos you know like -- shout out. Is an attack isn't it time to do -- Billick you don't like it's not all big and here. And here don't participate Dan. The whining -- baby BS we're sick of -- crap. Bigger fish to fry well wait a talk about fish to be offensive to I don't know some fishing culture. Not. So we just had a thing. All week or so ago. Blair there was and alleged -- holiday. Where people can get sloppy drunk on cheap tequila -- That's not offensive and all the Mexicans that it's not really their Independence Day or anything like that it's just some holiday that news. Sort of co opted by the alcohol industry in America right. Where people can and where sombrero lows and scream a rebar Reebok and and drink margaritas all -- That's not offensive. But top goals to raise money for literacy is somehow all disparaging. To rule. The Mexican culture. Well one of these was one Stanford or somewhere on the West Coast like that but nobody thought hey you know what may be. You know binge drank. Of tequila might not be the greatest image. For. Mexico and Mexican culture no one wanted to complain about that but this is the line in the sand because if you go into a bar. And -- body this is wrong this is offensive somebody hosts say shut up but on a college campus because they show up -- cool well. We offended someone that's all that's what we have to do -- and here's another case in point. Did you see that the first openly gay. A football player got drafted into the NFL. They talked about this was you know history making in all of that Jeff Fisher the coach came out said. You know we -- the St. Louis Rams this you know -- the rams organization has a you know history and they had a the first NFL black player and I was a year before Jackie Robinson. In a play baseball. In the majors etc. And -- long history and so this is the first openly gay. You know man due to be drafted in the NFL and and we get a big deal about it to be honest with the and I mean I don't care one way or another -- if he's a football player that's what he has he's a football players personal life why would why would I care I don't care. Why would I care I don't care one way or another but I don't care to necessarily know or have a push to my face. And then there was the kiss. This is boyfriend was there and you know cameras were rolling as he gets the call this historic moment and it boyfriends -- it's -- there's a kiss. Now some NFL players -- -- something like -- Apparently can't do that you can't say -- And I talked to my daughter about it the one who just graduated Rihanna. It's easy you know hypersensitive. To everything in can't you know college kids and all that and that's fine. Okay. And I I tried to have conversations were there because that I think she's very very brighten its interest and talked to work. She does get a little. Edge to our and that's probably my fault because I you know I'm. I'd like push buttons but not always in this case it wasn't trying to push a button. And I said the would be wrong if somebody just said well I'm not really comfortable with that. Well I -- nobody's asking you to be comfortable with it she says and I said -- that I mean if you say dad -- between data whatever. Of the -- -- the bad guys. If you're automatically a hater and a -- automatically. I said you can't even say you're not comfortable when it. She said well you know people who were gay had to live in the closet and they struggled for years and all that and you know now there's a unit now there's change in there's acceptance and I said yeah -- net interest in the -- -- -- we're asked to be tolerant. And most Americans. Work but then tolerant wasn't enough it has to be no we want -- 100% acceptance we want you to say out loud this is good this is okay. This is absolutely fine. The -- just saying hey live and let live you get your lifestyle I don't have to agree with -- you don't have to remind. And it brought up the thing I said you know what about a polygamous lifestyle. -- UN hater if you're not in favor of polygamy is being able to legally married you know as many people they want to. It's different than a man and a woman. Yeah right -- the so gay marriage is different it's. You know woman and woman man and man but if it's a man and several wives or a woman in several husbands. Now and in what if somebody speaks out and says you know what I'm not really comfortable with that. Now they hater they have bigot and so why because somebody else -- an alternative lifestyle. I don't what if you find out some people are like swingers. You can't see any out he can't well I'm not rule I don't think that's right. But you can't say it out loud right -- don't you can pick out all those other things now. Right but that so it was a low and you know there's a price to pay. Don't come after you they LBG teasing folks they'll get you fired. Itself. The United States have beat easily offended the united states of the offended in the united states -- you know what who ruin your life. If you don't pretend like you're going along with everything. 6:16 -- -- -- 877975. 9825. Stabbing death local talk about it next. Today officer I am really sorry do you three -- no more Schroeder on news talk -- seven point three yeah. This time. Hillary Clinton may have brain damage. Once. Well liberalism is a disease just Michael. On site doctor says when. That's on FaceBook finally check out the story I'll surely be a little bit six -- while the Bob -- still OJ Anderson time -- brought you back. -- jewelry really answers always yes. So we live in the United States that he offended now you can't do anything he can't even sell tacos -- all you can -- -- tacos. The benefit charity on college campuses because somehow that is what negatively impacting the Hispanic culture being hurtful in some way. It doesn't. I don't understand that I'm not Hispanic I don't know but why would that it's to raise money for charity. And they usually do it around Cinco De Mayo cinco -- miles basically come on his man made up exaggerate about liquor companies to -- to -- and stuff on. -- offense. Yeah it's based on an event that happened at the Mexican army defeated the French are some who wants some independents and some area. There was never made a big deal if he talks people from Mexico and now we never really. And celebrated never really came up announced so it was made into a holiday by us. And and so to sell all you can eat tacos for charity that sororities doing college campuses. Help. Literacy in inner cities and and somehow some people are offended by that and and it only takes a few in now. And then you've got the at the Michael Sam thing he's the openly gay football player got drafted by the NFL and you may have seen as a tearful acceptance on the phone and and he's with autism now a boyfriend and in other kissing and stuff -- You know to each his own but it. I mean really they had to show that in and in a theory the least bit Nolan -- comfortable that he better look out. -- beat -- -- a publicly about an hour between eight email letter -- anything else you're uncomfortable that you better keep it to yourself. Because now the tides turned -- now you're a big get in your hater if you just you know not really comfortable with that. You don't even have to. I have an issue with the kids Irsay. It's it's kind of like the Obama phenomenon. If you -- I'd I'd really don't think that obamacare. Is the greatest idea to save -- as he's black. Write your racist. You're one of those Tea Party. The greatest. -- by performance a -- Tatum because he's getting it right you know I don't know -- the silly gonna make a roster spot not a lot of seventh round picks may your chess is an Internet because you have gay now. You can say I don't think Tim Tebow is really an NFL quarterback. And that is astute. Observation as to how the NFL works and and your expertise. As a fat guy sitting in a chair watching football you're an expert on it. But if you -- and Michael Sandler he's undersized for that position. It's great in the college game but does that translate to the pro game -- -- to gay basher. You're the same guys as the guys that did beat up Matthew Shepard yet the other is no different three you'd like to drag somebody behind you pick up get when you can't you can't say anything negative about him at all. And the problem I would Jeff Fisher will unload that the rams were gonna play this up for all they can't get any kind of positive attention to tell when negative attention. But if it was such of virtuous organization. As the singles ran to they had the first black in the league before when Jackie Robinson did senator etc. Com why did they wait till the seventh round to -- and -- some people had him as high as third or fourth round draft pick early on in the process. Why did you waste your fifth round pick on -- yet found -- Sony battery upon a better shot making your team. You do -- -- to sell jerseys. Holloway Michael -- Jersey. After the immediate after the weekend with the number one selling Jersey I think Johnny football. Has taken over that spot but what's what's his Jersey number. -- -- -- Highway Emanuel about Rochelle. Thank you -- thanks pick -- conflicted in an early lead a new museum -- -- console your on about 730. Understood that ticket to this liberal progressive. Agenda where they're attacking traditional Christian yet and it's dated another but he elected interact and you know what this country. It is well over 7% of people like in -- some form of believing in Christ that action. And I'm not saying that we need to -- on everybody nobody can believe anything that they don't want to. Would you not call in or indeed as we -- east to change our values our traditional beliefs. Acquiesced to which you people wanna shut down -- I don't see it going after the Muslim. And saying oh you know -- you guys don't speak Manchuria and the way women are treated in genital mutilation and all the other crap. Egypt are scared of we don't want to offend the Muslims because they like I'm an attack like you know. Christians and acquiesced for a long enough in that country I'm not saying anybody while -- attack anybody else but you know what you need to leave us alone and let -- believe what we want. Well the whole thing is it's about mutual respect in other words we've been told to be tolerant and open minded and Americans for the most part. Have done that to throw a lot of changes dynamic changes just in the last few decades of accepting. Some things and android and really for the better the problem is those that have demanded that. Are now the least open minded -- other words if you want need to respect somebody because they have an alternative lifestyle that's fine. But patient then turn around and say all you Bible thumping right wing weird Al. Because see that's what they do not all of downtown. Not all. But a lot of them the ones that are very militant they do that and they'll get you fired from your job. They're very close minded when it comes to. Other people's values why can't we all have different values yet still have mutual respect I don't agree maybe with your particular lifestyle but. -- and -- hate you I'm not gonna try to hurt you I'm not gonna keep you from getting a job or place to live. Live and that of but do I have to fall down -- yourself all -- it just. Really -- more hole. Doctor Mike and Bob -- Good morning embark. -- -- -- -- would history would share it. -- Michael and prepare -- really bothered me it should not have been a little. On the TV and been emphasized searchers. An adult I could care lacks. But the problem -- I had my young children. And my seven their goes Garrett. It will Eric I'd just like -- Islam. And Balladur -- what will explain. Yeah because they have to explain not a very good kisser. I'm not just by saying that. I understand here. I've said it before it was like at Disney thing years ago and and when they do -- -- -- things and I said. The Disney needs to embrace it and let people know what's going on so that families are not subjected that if they choose not to be you know as he shouldn't be surprised by. After planning of a very expensive Stanley vacation. Because they might not feel comfortable explaining to their kids what's going on. They might -- explain tickets but why can't parents be able to do that on their own timeframe. Why should be foisted upon them is that unreasonable. It wasn't when I mean the argument fifteen years ago but today maybe I could speak up the same way. Six point nine Alibaba -- 8779759825. You live and local it's done. Rose show on -- seven point 300 sky. -- Hillary have a brain damage. I guess. I don't think is a joke. A crazy story make 640 and above Rochelle. Zander sitting in the house as well 20 minutes till 7 o'clock time Jack brought -- by -- jewelry would answers always. -- -- -- I know right there I are both -- a lot of things. That he -- white board now. I now know he did not this time. Yes I now. And -- Dick -- aside just don't have a lot of patience of those two clowns anymore anyway. Karl Rove still under a conference when he suggested Hillary Clinton might have brain damage. Onstage with Robert Gibbs and CBS correspondent and spies against Armageddon co -- Dan Rick vive. Rove said Republicans should keep the Ben -- issue alive. He said if Clinton runs for president voters must be told what happened. When she suffered a fall. In December of 2012. The official diagnosis was a blood clot. Rove told the conference near LA Thursday 830 days in the hospital. And then she re appears she's wearing glasses there are only for people who have traumatic brain injury we need to know what's up with that. Rove repeated the claim a number of times to the audience. Clinton's -- said please assure doctor roll over she's 100%. Clinton was discharged from New York Presbyterian Hospital after spending three days undergoing treatment for a potentially life threatening blood -- She was seen walking out of the Manhattan hospital for another series of tests but returned to the hospital shortly after. She needed more tests related to your condition according to the AP. Clinton -- weakened by a stomach virus -- -- Washington DC home in December of 2012 as sustained a concussion. Doctor set a blood clot had formed behind her right -- in the space between her brain and skull. A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton added. Karl Rove has deceived the country for years but there are no words for this level of lying -- for health she is 100%. Period. -- -- Such a thing. I mean he could say. You know -- have to is that everyone's health when it comes to you know if they're running for the president of the United States it's in the country's best interest. Take Hillary for instance you know she has that followed a blood clot and maybe Dallas a little bit more serious. -- the picture that we received as the American public. Now in all fairness she's not announced her candidacy. So really I mean you can't go there that's being in -- people's medical records and all that a personal now if she should run now. -- would be a valid question to say would you like to explain you know what occurred and should you know. We feel good or at least she could say a doctor assigned to me off as being 100% healthy. It's. I think Karl Rove can get away with saying it because. I don't know you know you and you'd just sedated -- the open this segment about how you don't have a whole lot of time left. -- -- -- -- -- all the white boards stopped at Romney's gonna win in Ayala you know your predictions were way off. -- maybe somebody like that can the Republicans in general. Need to tread extraordinarily. Careful there. The only. Person you could be the only woman you can get less away -- saying disparaging things about health issues and brain damaged. Would possibly be be current First Lady Michelle Obama aren't because you're racist if you say -- even if you Nicole could your racist. The only way that -- they could make this an issue -- Republicans would have to basically trash Reagan. -- say look there are a lot of issues about Ronald Reagan's alzheimer's. When he announced when he had nobody was way out of office but there was ago that a lot of people have questions we need to seriously take a look at a you the only way you can get -- Hillary if she decides to run of your Republican. Anyone to go down that line it is you better be trashing Reagan. And -- start trashing Reagan and what his mental issues may or may not have been the last couple years of his presidency. You can pretty much kiss goodbye the primary. Or a lot of support from conservatives in the general election and it's pretty strong -- that term brain damage. And and it could possibly be twisted into being quite insulting. Since we do have serious traumatic brain injuries of our soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan so. You know -- that you seek he's stepping in and all over the place in my opinion outside. Again the of the issue with Hillary I still think and I and I don't know why get -- feel that she's not going to Iran. But she will be. She will turn 69 years of age about a week and a half. Before the election. And 2016. Soul. I think age does become a factor of error and again. Yet she -- big decision from relatively soon within the next year or so I would gas but. A lot can happen a year absolutely man charged in stabbing death 38 year old man arrested Monday evening charged with second degree murder after law enforcement officers found another man and a small dog stabbed to death in his home. Daniel -- reportedly admitted to the stabbings after he was found an apartment. As a Greenfield apartments 5460 SE thirtieth place in Ocala. He went peacefully with Marion county sheriff's ops. It was not clear what led yet. To the stabbings or exactly when they occurred and speaking of politicians and health issues a congressional candidate died suddenly. Details on the way next. On news talk 97.3. The sky it's 646. -- Great thing about America we can disagree but we don't risk buildings down we don't set buildings on fire and meet people -- when we disagree 97.3. I. This segment of this guy has brought you five Robin -- dental full service dentistry for the entire family. Congressional candidate Keith -- guys suddenly hit -- home. 652 on the bottom road show along with. But the stuff fired yeah on. Let's see Twitter and FaceBook. Dot com and all the other stuff emails thank you. Or -- it up you can now and you can always keep in touch me for what ever reason be -- You know like us find us on FaceBook dot com slash the sky and now you get podcast on the sky 973. Dot com and and don't forget to get that. Radio lap here I thought. Just to call second ago from a woman named and who wanted to wish you happy birthday she says that the two of you share. -- -- -- -- -- -- aren't they but she also said and I know you'd be interested discuss your horoscope -- -- dude. Star banner today apparently according to horoscopes are the heart of the star banner. You should not make any major decisions until after the first of the new year. After the first of the New -- they can't do not for the next. Seven months. Wow and I kind of gets you out of a lot of trouble why -- you -- major decision and that that would be up to you to determine what you determine -- a major decision -- -- -- you to do something to life. An elf which didn't -- pretty early tale that -- at first and -- the big -- Cool well. I only pay attention Norris goes when they're good. Other now -- in their Malarkey. But if it's really good and it's telling Donald didn't for a few months yeah so -- use it. Hopefully my benefit banks have Labor Day and 653 and about Rochelle this congressional candidate that guide. Music -- it was running against Clay Aiken member of the he's the country singer they can win it -- it didn't finish second. And American Idol to the big Rubens on grass yes yes. Ash -- businessman and congressional candidate Keith Crisco 71 dies suddenly it is home. If -- -- complete but apparently suffered injuries from a fall around 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon it was reported dead at the scene -- emergency -- workers arrived -- This guy has spent a lot of years -- surveying you have you know local community local governments seen. And city a lot of positive energy standard setter economic development business the chamber tourist in the zoo he was involved in everything. And he has passed away news -- Clay Aiken Chris goes opponent. In the 2014 democratic primary for the US House of Representatives district two race also sent his condolences. And -- saddened that some believes that. That suddenly has always going to be now is very tragic 71. That's that's young by today's standards. Large share -- about Rochelle. Good morning Bob inaudible. Road -- dangerous ground for two reasons. First and foremost would be that. These societal taboos. Against. A black beard becoming prevalent have passed away and the proof that we have a black prevalent -- taboos that. Societies still has -- mentally challenged people are out in -- way and therefore Hillary does have a chance and shot -- -- ball. Hillary we know would never ever does she like her much. No OK. Yeah I had to the end in case you missed the story Karl Rove says Hillary Clinton may have brain damage is based on the end effect is stick fall. And as she did have a blood. Plot of some sort and she was in and out of the hospital there he says he was out for thirty days I don't know -- in thirty days continuously. They still when she got out she was wearing glasses. The kind of glasses it would only be worn by people of had traumatic brain injury. -- -- I don't know. I stand kind of I don't know -- the purpose of that whole thing -- 656. On the Bob Rochelle we still have a ton of stuff. To talk about coming up 8779759825. Follow up story the rat infested house in Ocala. Coming up.