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Athena's phone call helps make the 7AM hour!!!

May 14, 2014|

Bob Rose - May 14 - 7AM

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It's time we stand again you can sit and listen white people black people brown people aren't you wanna stand declines and all people live and local he understands. Yet they're from the romance lumber supply -- -- studios. Seven point three the sky. But everybody's -- 24 team is still view from the -- Say Duke Energy they're not gonna build I -- energy plant. -- the Foxit. Dead don't forget that new -- plant has not gone so -- -- -- making everybody pay for it. But they've bought someone else out denied in Dubai it was at Florida progress was at who was you keep track of these things. Duke Energy Florida on Tuesday senate plans to build a one point five billion dollar. Natural gas power plant in citrus county. And they're gonna shut down their two coal fire generating units there. Why. Why. Why shut down the coal fired plants because under the current administration's very difficult. To be in the coal energy business. Folks. -- con man you've got to stop the brain -- with the -- thing and by the way it's not just brainwashing. In other words there there are brainwashed they're making this is a business decision. Because of the brainwashing in other words Washington and an EPA. Maybe that's why they call it -- maybe it's brain Washington and we should call it that. To get to coal fired plants. Who's gonna shut him down and go a natural gas. I can give you such a good deal on a biomass plant. Such a good deal. Doesn't seem like -- near 2014 week you'd be doing a little bit better when it comes energy. Mean how energy is so much more expensive than it used to be I mean as far as. A percentage of a person's income and even when you factor in inflation and all that. I mean the good old days work. You this -- country a folk. You know live and Lebanon Tennessee or some then. And the TV AK -- built all these dams and -- hydroelectric power and man it was cheat. Where's a good old days. Coal fired electricity was cheap. And they said I won't get a birdie clean area to pay for the East River -- is yet okay you make the adjustment. Now what this whole global climate change warming. Phenomenon I don't know they had a different word to every -- keep -- Folks were still burning coal in India and China in fact they're building a coal plant between China and India. -- about one new plant goes online every. Week. It -- paying attention won. All week. So if you're worried about the goal lol but on that there are other -- globe over there and I China India over the -- smog and everything else -- CO2 that's coming over here. So let me get this straight we're paying a lot more for our electricity. So that China and India can get it on the cheap and come pollute to a much greater degree than we ever would and you know what happens. Those economies in the column emerging economies so their economies continue to grow what do you think -- when their economies grow. The people want things like cars. And air conditioning. So what happens then. And they use more electricity in more petroleum products driving up the cost of petroleum products for Oscars at the world commodities sold and is -- -- to drive it up for us. And then demand the stringent pollution controls and their cars and trucks itself no. Sitting in -- pollute more or helping their economy so they can pollute more and we're paying the price for -- and smacked. Ticked at the same time. -- -- -- Now. Why -- why does our government so stupid wire leader so stupid. How can a guy from from north Central Florida on the radio with a high school education. Laid out simply like this because it is totally the truth. And the folks in Washington don't get it isn't that they don't care. Well what is it about their agenda. You know you know it's one thing to have politicians and office better that are greedy. And liars because they're trying to help their friends out and the side effect is well they're greedy evil friends don't big businesses and stuff. Somehow there might be a trickle down effect where they're greedy evil business owner whose friends -- the politicians might expand as greedy evil business. And you and your brother and and your son and somebody else might get a job there. Wanna get a job and India are you know what I get a job in China. We're senate jobs over there yes. We're sending our money over there yeah we set our coal over the air yap. We're raising the price oil because demand goes up worldwide because there economies are merging it. And we're getting kicked in the teeth. Part of -- bad don't you get. If he can't voting for -- far left progressives again more that more of the same. Pay they pay or is that something we've only just speak no. And Karen Carpenter. That's -- -- left progressives are saying hey if you'd all like to cost of electricity now we've only just begun. You'll like taxes now we've only just begun. You wait you wait -- a far left progressives. Gain more power book they don't even have a majority in the house and look how the president runs roughshod through executives orders and using EPA to his advantage. He's gonna keep punishing and punishing and punishing. Because he feels guilty to the United States is successful. Yet we have exceptional ism. He doesn't he doesn't place as much importance on the freedom. That we've helped to share around the globe. And and die -- sweated. Toiled. And and shed blood for and treasures. To help bring freedom around the world he don't appreciate that. As much as he remembers the colonialism. Of the western nations. Colonialism moving into these countries taking over. As some his was father and stepfather -- concerned about Kenya and have both free get free from Great Britain. Yeah you can choose to believe that it was all bad and evil. You can choose to believe that it was all good and educated people and brought him into modern world a modern society. Or you know you could do that the common sense thing was say you know what it's probably somewhere in between. But punishing America now and punishing Americans now. Does that somehow make you feel better about some CNN may have taken place in the past that none of us had anything to do with. Being by punishing America now you can make good on those things. Why do you wanna knock America down -- to Third World status why. What do you hate America President Obama why. I just I just want it it's just explain to me why you hate America. What is it about capitalism that really rubs you -- What's a better system show me show me where things are better -- north things are better for every one. What is so concerned about the social justice. You know you know poor people they wanna be respected. They don't wanna be disrespect are treated differently possibly made about a color of their skin. You don't you know what could -- people want they want a job and an opportunity to make it. They have an American dream their version may be different than someone else's version or vision. But everybody has a dream. -- is president hate the United States of America. What is he won SNC colts India. And China and claiming to be concerned about global warming. How do you explain that. -- can't explain it. We would understand. If he could. Have some sort of dogma we don't understand. Now the dog maybe when he was a kid. Like I slipped that in their finger points for that you radical right wingers in the points that. 877975. Not eight to five with revenue rhubarb what's bugging you. It's coming up next it was brought to you by Florida pest control Leo it bugs they can't controller litter box 8779759825. Call now. What's bugging you root for Florida pest control. What about the PL OK I just don't get treatment July 0877. W.'s going to talk. Not be seven point three this guy. What's bugging you know what's on your mind what's -- you rhubarb call in now for what's bugging you brought to -- Florida -- -- -- the bugs they can't control. Our litter bugs are number. Is 8779759825. Highway man what's -- you. McAuliffe bugging me this whole situation that you -- there were kidnapped ever Nigeria. Terrible thing and you know I I agree with that in our our American men and women ordered out logistically with intelligent anyway we can carry our country and -- hear people can't. Only way we possibly -- I'm sorry. But you know we can't beat the world's policemen -- I wish that's pretty girl. I don't think -- -- answer any more important in American men and women that are certain country watched it -- live insult another country's problem. Yeah I the only thing is -- you know they use it -- if let's just say of this vocal around this group is somehow successful in some ways you perform whatever. Other terrorist organizations and get through these bright ideas that this is a great idea and and await you in Al Gator away. So then -- you know they start doing it may be in Europe and then maybe they may make these attempts in America or whatever. It's very frightening thought it is terroristic in nature. So we don't want them to have any level success they'll be the only reason I can think. They would say all right let's go ahead assorted nip this in the bud and really send a signal saying. When I gonna tolerate this kind of garbage anywhere on the face of the planet we're gonna come and we're gonna Killian. When -- kill anybody associated with the -- we had set a bar and debt level to begin with. You know instead of having to play this game and go out and you know and the media if you're gonna get this done you gotta do it now while Obama's in office because immediate turns a blind sided drones and collateral damage. And it would George Bush was in office oh my god you know they say you know. Instead of saying -- fifteen bad guys you know were were killed today you know insurgents or whatever. They'd say. On innocent family he was you know killed today he has a result of a well but did you know the fifty -- guys were using them as human shields in fact of one guy you're -- a family member infect two. The dead in the sun or were both you know armed and in we're fighting Americans. On now they don't really mention all that self. To it if we're gonna get something like this done under the about administration be the best time to do it. You know holds barred type action. There's no one's gonna not gotten there of the far left bases and now -- -- I'm anti war but this President Obama after all. But a certain Republican. Conservatives in the office all my gosh. Yeah. Now they have -- so yeah that's that that's the lay of the land from my perspective. And it's bugging me. This bug -- the whole issue the whole idea. What they're doing and and and grounding of these school girls and all that in and then and then the folks that are trying to say that this is not Islamic. Terrorism RG. Mean -- Mosul and doing the kidnapping a lot of these girls are Christians to forcing him to convert his mom but don't worry it's not Islamic based terrorism. Are you kidding me. Strong these people. You know and it's so interesting to the other side is saying is you know the far left -- kind of sit on their hands are not seeing as much about the drone attacks. But they actually should be in favor of any saying it used to kill the bad guys because. The whole idea behind this -- Jihad and all that. It's 888 this whole way of life. If fearing controlling any area is sole anti woman. You know they wanna go well a man made twelve cents an hour more than a woman last year railing. Did you know in some of these and Islamic countries how women are stoned to death because they we're seen in public with a man who was and their brother or their husband. No it's more important if they -- twelve cents an hour more. Home now okay and thanks. -- it's Taylor -- about -- what's bugging him. Good morning Bob and -- Really bugs me is related -- administration. Treats our veterans with this PA administration. And on a personal note. Via Obama administration did not like health care and so they signed me and Netherlands. Richmond they did was that the well -- blood pressure medication. Monday I get a letter indeed is signed in doctor whose name -- cannot even own them. And I have been instructed to make an appointment -- and thirty days. Does that mean the appointment I have with my present doctor will be disallowed. Okay now have a great city. Email up -- -- And you talked about the veterans. Eric Holder in the Justice Department have no plans no plans to investigate. These so called secret waiting lists and the veteran deaths have taken place at VA hospitals. No plan whatsoever all this evidence coming out all these people speaking out. I mean what exactly is the job of the attorney general in the Department of Justice. What exactly is their job. I mean this this guy. Soon. And now it's bugging me thanks for dissipating in what's buccaneer brought to -- Florida -- control knew about taking control our litter bugs. It's 728. God let's say. Cold water. Challenges. Prompt alerts. It's kind of idiotic story -- eighth I'll share when you next news talk 97.3 disguise. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. 738 -- -- contact brought to you by Hayes jewelry were the answers always yes -- -- Danielle over the hump my friends our favorite liberal in the whole wide world joins us it's a -- up. Good morning I have seen or playing your theme song and everything. I hear that it's fair -- and anyway I have very. And here rant about. Well. It at. Company that was going to have on our profitability and a I have a question laying low low level. They're going to natural gas because there's more profitability. And now. I am sure that I get. I have and really look into it. -- -- what I told you that Nicole was way way cheaper to burn but. The EPA keeps making their rules stricter and stricter and stricter making it impossible basically to abide by. They're guidelines -- I told it was strictly a government rule is causing your energy prices to go up. Question how well. Bat -- -- have a question about it when you're talking earlier I said that. -- Obama administration -- on adult horrible Democrat -- you know hopefully it down to Third World economy. And but any awhile and that's why you like compare our world economy you were talking about. China and India they have a little about their people okay big bag now I don't care. And and how and how Tennessee and how does this administration care about the people. Well you're talking about EPA -- -- times -- they are expecting that we don't have a problem that the other that our world. But but but at Siena and a I -- out -- an up -- it -- a Tina hang on. If you're worried about let's just take him little by little if you worried about let's say climate change and you believe that that's all occurring. Tell me how you explain to me that burning coal and India and China where they have lesser restrictions may burn it in a dirty or fashion. Welcome back to haunt us globally anyway. Well by her mind that we should go out there -- more -- -- ball and they control the whole world. Wanna try -- Egypt -- where where did you did you where did you can probably that. Sure all other economy and other why did not -- our control and -- doing militarily we. I'm -- I'm not I think you know I'm not advocating to control other people's economies I'm saying why are we allowing other economies to grow. Yeah around the world. That to our detriment no other words they're gonna have more demand for energy as their economies emerge and were helping -- by. Shipping all of our coal which is cheap we're shipping it all out of the country is still getting burned it's still gonna. -- CO2 up into the planet except it's gonna be even dirty air but yet they get cheap energy. And we paid a price but we still get all the CO2 it gets to global so. How does that make sense if we can't control what. Others are doing like in India and China. Then why are we being so restrictive at home when we know. It's not gonna make that big of a difference why don't we burn coal burning cleaner. And it'll be cheaper for Americans -- more money in our pocket and the economy we'll start to global buy stuff and will manufacture and good things all happen. Right that lie at Wal-Mart I think from China. Why why. Yeah are you saying that we need to not sale to China. Are old and restrict that and yeah I'm -- country. Celtic company that they cannot. No less than not know Xena I'm saying we should burn coal here in the United States. And we should just pull it here any aspect cannot get work. Cleaner. But it's far is far cleaner to burn it here than anywhere else. Well. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Grail well we have nice clean energy and and everybody becoming at four. -- -- But it -- hopefully that's our goal and hopefully that's a little bit too stumbling all the way to get there we will get there eventually. I don't know I don't have the answer but I don't think if you can restrict somebody compelling. Poll I oversee it and why. All we can do well he can do anything what do you mean we can do anything we want they do that. This government places controls over anybody anytime they want using the EPA using -- IRS. -- are you telling me the Obama administration -- executive order couldn't say tomorrow if you wanted to. They'll be absolutely -- -- exportation from this day forward. And we'll call it a matter of five national security because global warming as a national security issue. And so we are not and allow -- burn overnight allow any of it to be mine from the United States of America are you telling me couldn't do that he really wanted to. The day that that's ridiculous it's like taking guns away from. You have a -- No there's nothing about no there's no there's nothing about -- in the in the bill of rights -- I've read it. And why not why not he tells us we can't burn coal here. Want. People to get it and I guarantee you -- not happen it will not happen in the administration are are Hillary. I'm not trying to scare anybody has -- I'm trying to make sense of his policies. If you're worried about global warming but you keep shipping -- to countries that you know we're gonna burn it. In a much sturdier fashion and we way to. How does that help global warming. Arquette and before he can't Ctrl+Alt a that companies and their ability to get itself. Things outside the. Why you did Charles EE controls. At the controls companies right now the idea. Around the country and then back right great anchor I mean it's got it. -- election. In not gonna stop. From doing and it. He's not gonna want to free the free market. He doesn't all the time he's not a cap asked these anti capitalist. Not act like apple but I question that I am I. Have a a Segway here. I thought NBA was set up for people that -- injured in the -- -- blood pressure medication that can do it being. Her and the war isn't that. I am on the -- on the BA which for people that pat her on the war and that injury or that not -- -- eight under injuries. Coming out here. There's -- -- had some -- summer service related and some are not. -- All that are related eye out. Yeah I think -- that BA pop thing. We should just ship them off to China with all our -- should wait. Anybody like Vietnam era or older to to bettors get a lot out a year. I'm away. At that exact way her leg and war and -- year let me get treated at bat when all of our. What you've got to edit -- -- or whatever and running NBA. Three medical care -- -- my a lot of atmospheric -- about that that was but it it and can't Albania. DNA. Mean. That they are coming and dumping it. I don't. The same woman and -- for bigger government and helping everybody out and expanding government. Doesn't want to take care of people who serve their nation. I I'm not sure I understand that fully. But yet should be all for raising the minimum wage. -- -- 746. And above -- I don't know what to do it -- and help me out 8779759825. You're tuned to news talk 97.3. This guy. I tried to warn people who are the biggest threat is a rush Sean Hannity now -- -- -- three inside of the Ukraine on bodies and point three. 750 G on the Bob Rosie O. What is it Peta. Did you know I think his last name was ever last. It's like a punching bag -- Janet. Steve you know about road show. And it yeah. -- -- have finally said I agree with them in what you say it was I don't know and the tradition doesn't and -- -- -- on this really quick -- about the cold thing you're absolutely right that these -- -- -- in countries quote -- they're -- -- it as. I that they won't look Bernie you know here in the united states of makes us so -- as we of people pursue their passions yet scientists giving engineers you have all these people that dedicate their -- to solve these problems they don't have a political team believed I know they're out there. They want to solve the problem. We come up with something called cleaner coal where you ought to reduce the carbon dioxide when you can think about invasion I don't think we saw that during the Olympics. You know what we we get these hyperbole and we get these grandiose ideas from. That centralized government. That comes around and tell us how to live our lives and people like us -- by and so you know what. We just shot all of them men of -- women have minds out there in the united. That are important part every single day to make this place a prosperous nation that's the way that we were built. You know and it's sad -- -- that you can't just open site past the political mud and not see that you know what there's other sites -- these issues I. Thank you appreciate it well said hey Sarah your on about Rochelle. Am eerie at about it in what's she saying about the better. You men and women go out struck. Or peanut action and minimum wage prepare right and lying. And do what they do more for our country love our country more than her pregnant. And -- can't say we can't help them out and here -- -- She'd be willing to go do what they're doing -- three curricula and your. Yeah I think is a matter of priority as -- -- and I guess if you're coming back wounded I'd like to see those people go to the front line. Vs people who -- lesser ailments who can find other. A ways to get treated if that's the point she's trying to make but I'm not sure Mike Bradley on the Bob Rochelle good morning. It point by point struck out dare I don't English real close I am a Vietnam bad. Keep it like pressure medication at -- analyst -- you know -- Why because I -- problems from Vietnam but make your arch. A lot of problems might not march I L should. -- people got here illegally. But their medical care and not that I am -- on the particulars. Countless people liked it occurs. Forget -- air and how to say it ain't so BA is down. Outstanding -- these people are at it. So as dull and I just say it actually not only -- what you. -- The I've heard I've heard very good things about our local VA I think we're very blessed and what's on your mind. -- It has just. While there I can assure you roll the road low power to him downtown Detroit -- -- free food free E Street. Always agreed whatever and they never. -- It's lack of our action nor defend -- any -- Dad you're gonna star -- about budgetary issues news -- wide you know there's other place to start for sure. -- to -- job got hard -- got to catch 755. On the five road show. 8779759825.