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The Global Warming Scam

May 28, 2014|

Bob Rose - May 28 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like politics like sports he's simply. Check the box if you keep the stand she keeps score where it's no longer like that. News sky radio now it's just -- you this is little. From the romance lumber supply look -- studios on 97.3. The sky. -- Yeah -- Ingram. 5 minutes after 6 o'clock live alone going it is the Bob -- -- -- -- Anderson deaths the view from my home Wednesday may 28 did you throw it headed toward the weekend. Thanks for -- and so there's you know the climate change they understand what that is right that is our money making thing. India is environmental -- On steroids. And I -- it really is a way to. Redistribute. Wealth around my goal. We've talked about this before I don't wanna -- he went. But we cannot trust anyone who gives us the information on climate change we can't. There will there used to be a thing where scientists were held. On a higher level you know -- used to be held to a higher level. Church priests no offense not trying to hurt anybody's feelings but really church priest -- -- -- to be held and I. I know it's hard to believe and the younger set may not believe me. Journalist's. Journalist used to be held but tell us sports writer -- -- drugs. -- back in the day. But journalists used to -- Scientists. Now. They're taken -- hit. Their credibility is taken hit and I -- because there's a lot of good scientist who want to not. In -- sell their souls. Some of them are are duped and I know because. It's hard to believe because they're bright folks. But I'll tell you there's a lot of pressure and scientific community if you speak out say global warming is -- week. You better start looking for a job. Analysts say pump gas doesn't pay very well. So which you do that fancy degree -- mr. scientists may know that they're Smart enough to know that. So there's a peer pressure. There's money to be made. -- to be held to a higher standard. Military leaders I. And you realize there are fallible -- All man all of mankind. Is salable. That's why you don't put short stay thin man. You don't put all your eggs in man's basket because -- stupid man will run and drop your eggs. -- your eggs somewhere and go hang out with a prostitute. While snake teacher eggs. -- get drunk at forget about the X-Men. Will get desperate and sell your bags. -- -- drugs beer prostitutes. Gamble. They get the idea. Man is fallible. Listen to this story. Retired military officers. Deeply involved in the climate change movement. And some in companies positioned to profit from it. Spearheaded. An alarmist global warming report this month that calls on the Defense Department. To ramp up spending on what it calls a man made problem. So now it seeps into the world of defense. You know they'd like to take money away from the Department of Defense. To combat global warming what that means. You're gonna combat and how are you gonna do that. Let me know when India and China are on board to do. Anything. One thing what's the word the president. Scintilla is -- or smidgen. It's. And once until we get them to move one scintilla. On cleaning up their backyards India and China that is. Everything else that we do in this country. Is viewed -- -- do you understand that. It's meaningless. It's in vain. It will not have an impact. If you don't get those other folks on board. And there are some that say well you've got a lead by example the other show them how it's done really. The lead by example with constitutional Republican freedom. Barely the folks in China you know -- get that memo. So what makes you think they're gonna follow you into here as they watched really honestly laughing from the sidelines. Last thing. But up up up up up. So I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll. And our own. Demise. Financial demise. I mean -- charlatans. And have people roped in in this climate change thing may have people believing this this is not that look this is a cult that's all it is. Global warming believers are cult followers period end of story. Allocate some period and a story and an -- on release form -- it's a this report they came out recently listen to this the Obama administration are immediately of course hailed it as a call to action. But was issued not by a private advocacy group. But by a pentagon. Financed think tank. And they trumpet listen to this whenever anybody asked to tell you don't you worry everything I say is the truth then you know there -- a liar. Anybody -- -- over to you know defend themselves they they honored their website people what they say as they trumpet absolute objectivity. We're absolutely Abd -- get -- I'll get back to that the research was funded by climate change group. That also. Is one of the think tanks the main customers. Not you have customers. You're a think tank you're not profiting you -- to an absolute objectivity but money changing hands and when money changes hands money change his mind doesn't it. On May thirteenth report came from the military advisory board within CN aid corporation. That's a nonprofit based in Virginia it includes a censure. -- naval analysis. -- navy financed group that also gets contracts from other pentagon units CNA also operates the institute for public research. CNA's website states that is not an advocacy group was and this. It says it maintains. Absolute objectivity. In our investigations and now a cease and findings we test hypotheses. Carefully guard against personal biases preconceptions. Challenge our own findings and our. On influenced by what a client would like to he year. Does that not sound like a sales pitch. Is that not a perfect cover win -- use their information. To promote your agenda. And when somebody questions that you simply say wait a -- I got this information. From a group. That totally. Is it is without personal biases. And preconceptions. You told you that. You know what I'm talking about when they when they have to promote debt. She called -- car -- a bully motors the most honest card dealer you'll ever meet. If they have to say. Why are basic and. Yes I know the car dealer you know business in general might to have some -- a two issues. Why you know why would you save -- hat. I'm leery of people who say you know do business would mean because I'm a Christian. -- the only difference between you and and other guys. As at least you know you recognizing your senator. -- I got -- -- recognize it doesn't make a Merrill worse in terms of me doing business with them. I forget or Wallace goes down on the of the Tampa. Port -- areas like that -- around nine immediately Newton. And immunity at eight billion billboards for young attorneys -- the eternal Boras don't want to go ahead accident Leo and -- were you hurt a motorcycle accident or did you get a deal all these different things and and a couple of -- I've solved. That Jesus fish. Died right next to the phone on and I thought why at all. Alina -- it may be the person they -- very good Christian. Businessman who doesn't the right way so on and so forth but. I know what a mass Siam a couple of big old Jesus fish on on my business card today in the immediate money. Now if you meet someone through your house of worship and do business with them that's a good thing do you know why. -- this issue every Saturday or Sunday. That's different that's a personal connection. When they just uses a form of average pay you can trust me I'm a Christian I'm like -- I'm a Christian too. I know I am letter perfect life so a lot game. But back to this whole thing about global warming listen to this one of those CNA panels. Vice chairman this of people that came out -- this global warming report scare tactic right. The CNA panel's vice him retired navy vice admiral league gun. Up president of a private think tank the American security project whose prime issue is warning about global change. So. There he is he sits on the board. He's president of a private thing to Yankee. So how many floral -- Nancy three fours five whatever what they have in Washington. That's what I wanna you wanna go run a think tank. In Washington it's nonprofit. And I'm gonna pay myself a paltry salary remember I'm Smart I give myself the title president. Of listening -- so I mean if I pay myself 450000. Dollars a year that is not excessive by Washington standards. So if anybody wants to help -- form that think tank could pick and help get off the ground well meets real work together. Rob brighter future for America C a birdie at this shtick down. But that the guy works. The guy who runs a think tank. Whose prime issue is warning about -- climate change that's what they do they don't debate whether there's climate change. They warned that there is but he also sits on the board that says we have absolutely no personal bias. Absolute objectivity. Not going to be. A -- the rest of it because there's another former military guy that's also part of the CN -- that also has a global warming agenda. Once again proving that when you say absolute objectivity in our investigations analyses and findings etc. You better wonder why they're saying those things. -- It's opposite of what they say. 616 on -- Bob -- -- 8779759825. To get your thoughts on that. And more coming up on news -- 97.3 this guy. Laura. You're healthy and incredulous its radio addiction pro 97.3. -- -- There's sky this segment of this guy has brought to you -- Robin -- dental full service industry for the entire family. Six wanna -- -- to Bob Rotella what. 28. The view from the home. Climate change report -- I'll alarming that a president likes it. The group have put it together claims that they have absolute objectivity. Yeah out they have no preconceptions. Or personal biases at all. That's a lie plain and simple afraid to use that term now lie. I side Charles Krauthammer on last night and O'Reilly talking about the president when he referred to the line. If you like your doctor. And your health insurance plan you have currently now you can keep them. -- -- Now there's evidence evidence. That she knows he clearly knew that that was. Not gonna happen. Now he knew that Eddie kept saying a line anyway. If you know the truth and you keep telling something different and that. Are you a liar or not. Charles -- -- just wouldn't come out and say all year. Why does he sit. Yes politicians play hard and fast -- the truth and stretch it twisted and turn it but in this case when he added up period. That removes all caveats. That removes an all asterisk six when you say period of debt sick. Unequivocal. It's fact. The president lie again. -- lie about one thing he did lied and affected a few people he allied in his lie literally affects. Tens of hundreds of millions of people the entire healthcare system 18% of our overall economy. And he lied -- And the reason that this was brought up recently is because. Now the unions and people are members of unions or fear rather irritated because they're going to be taxed. Other health care plan. And also there health care plans are getting much more expensive especially those that are those quote unquote Cadillac plans are the ones are going to be taxed when he eighteen. There up in arms about it and who's gonna pay for. Company to pay for the -- Muzak and pay for the people don't want to pay for it. So summer starting to wake up to the fact that the president. And die a death. OK so now -- have a group called the CN NA and their objective absolutely objective they claim. Yet they have two former military folks on their staff that clearly have a global warming agenda. OK I told you about one of them. He's -- he's there panel's vice chairman. League -- navy vice admiral retired. He's president of the private pink tank. Besides what he does with CNA it's called American security project their prime issue in concern is warning about climate change so. There's no unbiased here there's a clear -- big guy believes it's climate change and his old job India's. You know. Other chair that he sits in is warning about climate change the other vice chairman retired army brigadier general Gerald Galloway junior is a promenade advisor to the center for climate. Insecurity. Air date the only reason they exist Derek climate change group. That's all they do. Source CNA board members cinema panel of advisors to the center for climate insecurity. Who statements on climate change are similar to those found in the CNN report. But let me cut to the chase. It's all about the money. It's an agenda. It's driven by money any use is almost a religious type following a cult following. A dogma. They sprouted out of environmentalists. And it's basically going to bankrupt. America. It's gonna hurt the middle class first and the most -- devastate it. It'll deteriorate and in terror part jobs it's already caused their power bills to go up and you ain't seen nothing yet. -- redistribute wealth around the world. Now explain to me how that's gonna help both the planet and the people who live in the United States of America. Richard Europe about Rochelle. -- a while but I get error I get frustrated to turn these people that global warming. And that's basically people who call themselves Christians. And they have never read the Bible or the manuscript. And say that that it. It as long as the -- age. Let out there will be no change in except -- winners summer spring ball. And I hit it. It infuriates me to hear these creeps go on with the -- and then they'll turn around -- claim to be Christian. -- I look I've. Science -- science. Measure the ambient temperature of the globe. But then come out and admit for the last fourteen almost fifteen years the planet hasn't changed temperature. Now that's see that's the problem. You can have an agenda. Based on fact. What happens is their facts are evaporating all the models that they used to promote this. Way back when Al Gore was talking about it if the models were accurate. This projections work I last year. We would have major flooding in every port city in the United States and around the globe if Al Gore. When he projected when he was talking about it in 2007. I think it was. 2005 or six okay. You know I can that would -- seven I wouldn't him enough time to raise enough money. I think he was busy so is TV station Al-Jazeera Al. But that girl was well apparently there are gonna die global sim has also looked at oral. I can't buy flies around and is yet telling everybody how to live when he has the highest power bill in the state of Tennessee. You've got a lot of man hypocrisy. Unbelievable. I -- at you know at the -- thing is this story and I'm sharing with the comes from The Washington Times. This that this story will not get picked up by major media outlets I can tell you there right now ABC NBC CBS CNN -- cover. They won't cover that double talk about the report. We'll talk about how this nonprofit you know unbiased report came out. Don't use it in now way they won't look behind the scenes -- say so most of its on this board all their all people that make money off of climate change -- global warming. By scaring people that's how they make money that's how to make a profit. They won't tell you that part. 628 on above -- -- Local pet rescue places that's a good thing we'll talk about that and just Mike Adams accused of -- appropriating union funds. In the news coming up. It's not a -- -- road show and I'm not Yzerman played great this guy. It's we don't feel like -- Wednesday. In between now and Thursday now thinking of something -- -- with Thursday. All I got it okay. We don't feel like working Thursday. That you're brilliant I mean the public to have. You can all put out a -- man who's got a limited sleep twelve scholarship -- you know back in the day ever wants the wild. A little bit out this fire off. Is them brains unused membranes. 640 out -- -- -- 20 minutes till 7 o'clock. 28. Scott I drove 8779759825. Give -- more evidence of how the climate change thing is all a hoax. Another report coming out that touts climate change scare scare scare from a supposedly absolutely objective. A group called the CN NA come to find out a bunch of their board members. Actually sit on -- think tanks run and I think tanks and their all promoting. Global warming and war and warning about it. They're trying to say on one hand look were completely unbiased but all the people that work and higher up positions for them. Are all promoting the global warming and making money off -- too by the way and some of these folks are former military officers high ranking. So it's all about the money that climate. Eyed change thing was always been about the money. On a grand scale from the president it's wealth -- distribution that you can do worldwide. For other people like these retired military folks it's just a way to pad their already. Very handsome. Salaries that they get their retirement -- their pensions. And and so that's what they're doing is about the money. And and environmentalists get sucked into the whole thing because that's their religion. And so that dogma they they follow it blindly even when he's shown evidence to the contrary. And evidence is hard to come by because in the scientific community there's a lot of peer pressure. That if you come out and say you know what did this still wide open question about the global warming and it's an even bigger question weatherman has. Any real input or control over it and then the biggest question is what do you do about India and China. You know all those things make sense they're all based in logic you just can't speak him in public you know circles. It now in the northeast United States or in California Berkeley you can't speak to him near the duck pond in Gainesville so there you ago. -- good news adoption fees going to be weighted shelter. Channels of adaptable -- nearly fall -- to a county animal services. There's -- -- chow mix and Obama. One -- tabby. Why why you -- and Eleanor how many of our listeners are gonna go to this place now. Just to see Obama behind bars. Adopt Obama the one I'd have me. There's black lab Cody. Found out in found out by watermelon ponder. And the nurse some cats any in oak -- I liked -- and I think there pretty creative animal services to waived all adoption fees. From June through the end of August as part of the ASPCA's. Rachael Ray 100000 dollar challenge. Until hold on a second. I try to be gross here but isn't Rachael Ray known for cooking team. And he wants this like say I dogs and stuff I. Okay. So and crush peppercorns you wouldn't know a different hole. I had a full way -- an addict -- program when I was in Daytona. At this point utility restaurant. The hole was a good call was it it anyway. Adopters can save the usual thirty dollar charge for dogs 25 for cats. Look I think it's a good idea. I don't think they should charge anyway I think people should try to make a donation minicamp. But you don't want that to be preventing people from adopting and yeah and I guess it's nasty it's really not. I guess it's a matter of whether they've -- had there shots in the and so on six when all that stuff and. The only concerns like that -- they do these kinds of things to help sort of you know clear out space right now I'll. -- one of the things they talk about all the time is it -- and I have no problem it's a great idea. To get an animal from a shelter in but you have to be sure you want an animal. As a -- I'll be -- we got three cats in our house I will give all fumble away the debt limit did it had to be a good hall right now. Yeah because they they look all cute and when they're in the via the cajun and they know they -- that that the clocks -- and on home. You get a hole. Up 3 o'clock in the morning or whatever scratch at the litter box unit called it all will be fine all day. No problem whatsoever. Three minutes -- -- get in the door after a hard day's work is gonna puke on your bad. A guy and then usually during the heaviest rain storm every afternoon as the exact moment he he wants to go via have you taken for a walk. Yeah these are things you need to think -- before you goalie get up pet. And now it's. Every you know we started out as promoting better about comedy and all that but that's what I bet that some sort of that kind of iffy at that you would generally speaking that you know look at -- shall be I wanna dog because they don't want you to bring the animals back. Two days later because you know what it's not as fun of and ideas I thought once it is -- it's a great thing to have a pad near and your home but. -- adopt a service animal bowl when I say service animal I mean like you know wanna come all the law and do the dishes you know I mean they used to be known as children. Children are way too coddled now. So yeah he we can we trained dogs to take over some other tasks on hunt. I think adults take Carol -- That's a great idea I can I get an exemption. On our talk and -- county animal services -- -- a fifty organizations nationwide and they're competing for. A 100000. Dollar grand prize and a handful of smaller grants -- comes from Rachael Ray answered challenged. So that's why they want to you know get as many adopted out because they could be in the running for winning this. All right they've set a -- -- nearly double their adoptions in 2013. It saved 15185. Animals. A number that includes adoptions returning lost animals to owners transfer local shelters transfered a spay neuter release programs for feral cats. And for the 100000 dollar challenged -- aim for 2500. Adoptions center. -- -- the -- -- animals will go home with the introduction package saying neutering. -- weren't testing any necessary do you warming microchip being. Initial round of vaccinations. County -- license and a voucher for an veterinary exam and went to a county vets office. This packages valued at a 150 dollars of the services were purchased separately. Mountain. -- video. And it's. But remember meeting -- that is serious but for most people. The joy and the unconditional love that you get in return will be well worth. The little bit of patience it requires to make Connecticut that. Night that we can think we get -- good deed for the day and I think that's the dogs. 647 who -- gross you know. Just -- Adams accused of misappropriating union -- and -- this politics. Or position -- -- he talked about a coming up the. There's been trying to yeah. Rush Limbaugh is America's real anchorman there's no question rush at noon on 97.3. 652 -- -- -- still Alexander's dad Phil I says you from long haul. We're always on you to stay in touch with a Bob Rochelle likes on FaceBook let us know what you think it FaceBook dot com slash the sky. You can email me and I try to read -- -- intercom dot com. And don't miss a minute of the show use your tune in radio asked for your Smartphone and you can listen on demand to the Bob Rose podcast. Which is on the sky 973 dot com the same website which you can get our pass false perks deal and it really is a excellent excellent deals daily. And there's leftover deals and it's seriously go to the sky 973 dot com you wanna save money it's a very nice opportunity and yes you're welcome. But no would have told you that it doesn't mean that everything is perfect in this imperfect were. Received an email. I'm hoping you can forward this to the correct -- now see that's why you start email -- I assume that I cannot do anything about it because chances are I cannot. So I like debt. Plus I like to assign blame to others and delegate anything I possibly can because I find -- much happier life when I do less. It's just a fact OK I don't be jealous of me envious or hateful. If you try my methodology. You'll love your life -- that's it okay. Says I'm trying to listen via the tune in radio -- while working in my office since I cannot receive your traditional broadcast within our building. Well with the millions they've spent an upgrading the signal. Down beaten. I find it hard to -- Tank because it really weakened penetrate led buildings and our signal. But anyway I. Yeah I got to choose how many enemies and make OK let's see -- the engineer already hates me let's move on the problem I'm -- is that the commercials. All -- know you just stop it right there. That's money. As always feed our families don't you dare say the C word commercials to Austin derogatory way tougher. Says the commercials are about double the volume. They don't mean twice as many -- Louder. So on the radio -- the commercials are really loud it disturbs everyone else in the office if I can't hurry up and catch it when you go to break. Now many comeback kid and here area unless a reverse it. This is happening for your locally produced commercials as wells a national once this leaves me to assume that it's a local issue. Bought I'll admit that I make turn on the subject I'm glad you added that -- when you say your ignorant on the subject and I can make up anything and you'll buy it. I look at is there any way to normalize the volume. Yes there is Mike. From now on Saturday oh is gonna she's out of the entire shell till we don't like. It's manageable but even -- I'm sorry. I -- and. I don't know who safari that freedom around. No thanks much we love my. Rubber side down might not always like Mike will look I forwarded this to be a gallon still -- A -- let me put men on my line out with a straight face today before you laugh. We've reported to Knick -- Hussein high paid executive pier at Entercom sky radio. You'll take care of the problem soon.