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White House Outs CIA Agent.....Sound Familiar??

May 28, 2014|

Bob Rose - May 28 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- legend Elvis in the three in the 1932 World Series owner -- Hebrew. It's early Sox know everything. Didn't we sandy -- -- Has happened. Hundreds of plywood -- studios this is the bond rose show on -- seven point three the sky. Yeah. -- minutes after 8 o'clock live local is about Rosie OJ Anderson. Happy hump day let's get now open up. -- jobs let's perusing the FaceBook key together show and. I'd see all I still a good little up Paul Krugman thing. Yeah. -- this is Paul Krug man. Do you like a Nobel Prize for some then economics or something Ali is this guy he's really Smart just ask him a giant. And this is dated July 2011. As a presidential campaign was going on right. What mr. Romney and everyone else should know is that the Veterans Health Administration is a huge policy success story. Which offers important lessons. For future health reform yes this is socialized medicine boy it works. As suggests. What it will take -- sold the troubles of the US health care more broadly that's Paul Krugman. Guy 2011 on there's people that follow him like a religion. He's in -- New York Times he must be brilliant he's Paul -- -- -- giants. And I've proven him an absolute idiot on the show and I have a high school diploma. Am not kidding you I'm not exaggerating. -- made an idiot out of that guy several times over. Anybody and he does it to himself all I have to do is expose. Comment the VA is single Payer socialized universal health care for the military how's it working out. If the American government cannot competently. Deliver healthcare services to 1% of the population. How can we expect the same government to provide for the other 99%. Is an added in a nutshell. Big government. Does not. Work. I can't say any slower I can't capitalize a letters any larger. Big -- -- burned up meant. Does not. Work. Then we have the subject have you heard this one yet. And if your mainstream media fan you have not. Are the White House staff tried to honoring the well. After revealing CIA chiefs identity. Hear about this it was a list there was. Put out. On and it was basically put out to the media and it was so some VIPs that were going to be involved in an event. One of the person on the list I guess was listed as what they do. The CIA. The chief. Of that particular area all right. This guy he's. I and I don't know his identity and and the somebody I think at the Washington Post. Told the White House right away and they tried to redacted or get you know anime. It's been compromised the guys he's been compromised. So you work all these years to build your cover to try to find a level of credibility and a community and this guy was in you know Afghanistan. So now the Taliban very well could know he has now some speculate while that Taliban might have already known may may have not. My point here is you remember the allowed -- belly Aiken and craziness that went on about the Valerie Plame thing. And what she was on the cover of the magazine Vanity Fair or something and if she was not in a very delicate undercover situation at all. This guy is. And and you know Valerie Plame gate do you remember Scooter Libby went to stand now. Is it. And he hasn't even begun -- they did the damage. It was was -- Richard Armitage. And those they were all of it was as Axelrod and -- wasn't hand yeah. It was Armitage. Who actually did it and Scooter Libby did the time for him. Because there was such a witch hunt they were dated somebody was gonna take -- fall. And now is all about Valerie Plame and that isn't merely. Merely. To the extent that this is now. The difference is the Valerie Plame thing was kind of done on purpose. But once again I have to tell you she was not in a high a highly sensitive situation. This CIA chief is or was. Oh -- out of there which of course then tells them exactly who was and then anybody who did business or dealt with this person as part of their cover. Is the Taliban and assume that those people knew and they're gonna murder them. Because not that I delta -- take any chances here al-Qaeda. Death. So that's what they're gonna do. So this this really is gonna have wide ranging a fact and then you have a lack of intelligence gathering that you're going to be able to get from here on out. The -- particular person was covering. So it's very damaging I don't want overblown either you know because Democrats love to do that taken issue an over blow it -- So far there's been much much less hoopla. Then on the Valerie Plame situation. Let's we'll continue to follow that seek out there goes add your own about Rochelle good morning. I think that's the -- all over the PA. Issues. Will result in no other changes. -- frequently replicated so also on this morning. It's typical. Ideological issue politicians -- former NH. Everybody goes to DA has been lavishly funded. It's in shield it from sequestration. Other budget cuts. You can't make any changes the -- that she changed personnel system. And people who we made accountable not going to happen in the gulf. Story. Now -- the easier on the local level I have to tell you and it's only anecdotal of course but the response and I have always gotten in this area is is I would say overwhelmingly positive for our local VA what are they doing differently. I don't think they're doing anything differently in true I think this is simply a matter of good news as a sort of up. I think what will happen is whistle blowers are going to be savaged. There was a report about a psychiatrist in torture site in a country areas in the -- one Saint Louis. Who sit the unspeakable. He says psychiatrist could see more people. He was immediately removed from this responsibility -- put -- basement office. I think the reality of it is people don't wanna recognize that government employees. To not work out -- They're not accountable. Even if you appointed anybody who chose to inflation sexy. In -- that person committee determined personnel changes. Which they cared to what's under the present system. Just throwing more money at it is emblematic of what the government institute. My. And I'm sorry I felt a pessimist this morning normally not. But unless you change the accountability count the bottom levels. Nothing happens. I've -- the private sector my whole life in the private sector approach far from perfect. If people would even try to scam the system by going in numbers were simply don't work very hard they are terminated. Popular they've got -- your whole life has had. And we don't like it we heard it all we don't like it and we want a guaranteed job I want I want a nice fat pension and I want yeah I want all those things. Yeah I'd like a 42 inch vertical leap. And how foreigners don't get me. 63 to forty joins us. -- not set forth. The question is -- larger. But I think the politics what people crude any real trade is that since. So we're gonna keep doing this same thing every four years -- making believe we've just discovered. You know. No that's an -- the sad thing. Mom I think you touched on a number of things and end -- it's hard not to be pessimistic when it comes to the VA in what they're looking at. There is a culture when it comes to these bureaucratic government type employees. Anybody you as job protection. Looses something that the private sector always has it's called incentive. Incentive to keep your job. That is a pretty strong incentive for most people. When you remove that when you remove that kind of then you can call theory you can call it motivation call every want when you remove that component. You do change. You change the mindset of that person. And when everybody is on the same page it changes the culture of the whole operation. That's what's gone on in the VA and it's not just the VA any not for profit scenario. They're very very slow to get rid of dead weight if at all ever. And if that's lavish retirement plans and people can I retire from their jobs and get their job back and and double dip so to speak in -- goes on and on and on. The out but the private sector is somehow greedy and evil that so we can't go that route he gains as the example according to the left. 817 on the Bob -- show. Do you is causing trouble 1981 Reagan do several bombings came. And six -- nothing has been god -- seven point three. Sky this segment of this guy has brought -- you by Robin -- dental full service dentistry for the entire family. Then. Big money for you Bob -- showtime Jack products you buy it pays jewelry were the answer is always yes. 8779759825. President Obama get a sent troops to advise and train some of the Syrian rebels. Why it is that to take -- CIA. An outing a spy thing. The White House outing a CIA spy is it gonna take it off the front pages what they're doing well we'll get to that. First -- something in May affect us more directly possibly. Ocala hurricane expert gives Florida -- 75%. Chance of a hit in 24 team. I was talking on the tennis courts of 300 club the other day. It was Jeff that brought it up -- teacher. He said man a weatherman NASA gave -- -- -- in -- In distraught -- 50% number it was him might have been building engineer anyway. Al Israel at 50% of percent chance or. Does that mean it. Yeah got a good point a look at the same thing with hurricane prognostications. Look at you know. Winds and temperatures of the sea and what's going on off the African coast in. And woods tides and currents in where the full moon is an -- -- what all went into a computer it spits some mound you know what. That same computer. Still can't predict a winner of the Kentucky Derby you know I'm saying. Same computer still can't predict where landfall the hurricane it's going to be until about. 4872. Hours out at bass yeah there's the cone of uncertainty. -- get the direct path past the storm heading Saint Augustine. Over the cone of uncertainty right now has it somewhere between. Colombia. And Antarctica. -- all take you last make it too -- Good point. And so I posted the story so people get irritated because I post a lot of stuff from -- icon in Gainsville dot com this undock on whatever news. Because if you don't we take the subscription only -- about four articles a month I think. Lot of times you don't need to read it. Sometimes you do this in the case where you don't need to read it and I'm not not being disparaging. To the Ocala resident David -- who owns and operates global weather. Oscillation incorporated. I'm not being disparaging. My point is you know I have to read the article because. Parity -- the information you -- First of all you have deadlines. And you know what is deadlines today. The headline says Ocala hurricane expert gives Florida 75 there is not a cent chance. I'm a Florida hit. So. What more do you need to now. 75% chance. The comment that I -- is forget predictions. Repair. Plan. And take personal responsibility. So -- said New York cone of uncertainty. Do you have water do you have batteries flashlight. You know a weather radio. Do you have some basic necessities do you have a travel plan do you have a plan for your packs. Do you have extra medication. On hand you have somebody in your home that is -- -- and we'll need special attention. Do you know where the local shelter -- and the Shelton is closest to you that provides accommodations the EU rule. Specifically need. Okay. You do those basic things and though her there her came predictions will matter even -- -- Because it be you know who doesn't pay attention to predictions. Hurricanes pretty good today -- -- paying attention they're like criminals don't pay attention to the hill pay attention to the rules it. You know -- no clear swirling around. The winds are talking to each other. Hey man wearing what do we do what we're doing like a 120 knots -- -- we're a major hurricane to create. This is too old man away. You know. As well as did Florida pits the other predicted -- there we're going to be bad hurricanes this year. Could. -- re that stupid paper anyway. -- boy am. And then it comes and hits land. And airs rock you like a hurricane. But you stand strong until all the did you listen this guy radio you were prepared to. -- your plan he took personal responsibility. Do you. Our winner. I'd like to be a politician and 28 on the -- -- yellow tape Anderson. We've got other stuff to get to a shooting it Ginnie springs coming up news talk 97.3. This guy. Rose show on -- seven point three. The sky. Good. May 38 Alibaba still have a local thanks for tuning and then special guest in studio Geoffrey -- an attorney a lot Jeffrey Knight John we're doing great today about. How you deal. Fantastic look all the you've done in the community one of the big things they've done is this scholar athlete even doing it since 1997. Would you get out of -- you're an attorney and you give scholarships out a scholar athletes -- -- and like I said every week since 1997 what do what do you get from. Well I believe that everybody has to give back to the community in of all the things I do it's one activity to accuse me. The most enjoyment and pleasure. But the the you do have some caveat you'll give anybody -- scholarship money if they're gonna go to law school right suck -- Because hey I want him to have a reputable way to make a living and be don't want competition will we give the scholars scholarships to seniors in high school so. We can't have any firm commitments as far as laws Soledad earlier this if you wanna be in the running for he has -- winking I'm not sure what I'm gonna do mr. Melvin and I'm gonna work hard. Now that's -- Actually about by encourage all of my friends. In their kids to go to law school medical school graduate school whatever because. It helps you in the future. Whether you you have practiced law or not it'll help -- get in the door. To whatever. You seek to do. It seems like now an advanced degree is the bare minimum as though like you're graduating from high school in 1970. Well they there was an article released yesterday that said. The college degree. Helps increase -- power -- by almost double. Have so they don't over the long on making huge different just -- what I tried to explain to my kids sit in. -- to -- you have won just graduated she's going to work at Moffett in Tampa that what I try to explain almost an. Go get an education and matches provides you with. The more opportunities will be available to you and that's what you want get your foot deep don't keep Deb why keep a wide open. Absolutely. I so I'd tell me about your actual winners you're scholar athletes not just to the week but of the year. Duke Dawson this is that football player on -- Dixie county. Yes he's it's exciting he's gonna be a Gator. He placed cornerback one of the top prospects in the country he's already enrolled at the University of Florida and I understand you had a strong spring. So we may see him on the field and in the fall by our good student serious kid I met his mom and dad. Last Tuesday at the M Hilton hotel we had. A 165. People there for our annual. TV twenty Jeffrey -- scholar athlete of the year banquet. 37. Individual winners every week. And duke. Stood out because of his incredible. Atlantis'. I and you have to have a certain nine GPA to be eligible have -- have over 30 GPA and -- what's amazing is some of these kids head. You know straight days taking the toughest curriculums you know four point seven GPA he's in. It's ideas to him awed by their talent. How to they balance their time between. Athletics and there academics is just incredible in any Don -- O'Leary from all call yeah. Of course Madison. I grew up around the sport -- across her mother. Amanda O'Leary is the University of Florida lacrosse coach. The end she Madison went oh call. And she did great she. -- US -- high school all American honors. And she's going to be playing at Stanford. -- had a four point 72 GPA. Whatever that. I mean -- well said. That's doing you know I guess a weighted GPA you're taking the toughest curriculum you've got to invited. It to be a student at Stanford and now to play lacrosse at Stanford. I'd say she's pretty much set yeah I scholarship and you know he sees a four point 72 means I think. She took the toughest courses and got straight days and everything guide here it is depends I mean they waited different ways in different courses but that's. Rest assured -- no call that's pretty solid yet and and we shall we have two of our scout athlete to go to Stanford. And willow -- daughter -- all injured she's going. Across the pond to Oxford. Case. There's another a call. Scholar at noon and we had. -- that some amazing kids from all over they'll Calais area. Late you know Columbia county. I'm all over the place. 37 great kids it was so neat seeing their families their together taking pride in there achievement could really. It's the families that there and they coaches were there. The families the coaches have Brothers -- sisters everybody that runs around. Weekend gives up there weekends for these kids so that they can become. Incredible. Honed athletes it's just amazing get a -- one room and celebrate. Well at some specialty you support something like today here in and year out like you said even -- it since 1997. You reach out into the community to give back in Nam and I think it pays dividends people remember that and and -- com. Yea you're supporting their way you know ask lettuce is -- and working hard in school -- -- being announced doesn't get much better now. Well I always say these are the future leaders of our community because the people they can. And take care business following god knows we need some New Orleans thought I heard the other day did -- that the so called marriage proclaimed agent Jeffrey -- -- like. -- all -- to ear you've got to be pulling my lag. Yeah it it happened why. -- and we we have no idea of where it came from but. Somehow add brandy how much Jimmy contributed to his campaign or granny I I like at night support. But. It really wasn't a political -- -- is tired is that is to believe. Wow so yeah it really was Jeffrey meld and today yeah last Tuesday may twentieth. The city of Gainesville don't call America cronies very sensitive and up. -- -- It was very exciting that. Decided that the he would make a proclamation and I was very pretty -- -- -- -- finalist because do dawson's -- a Dixie county and that's where -- -- grow up well he was bragging about duke went -- did you know. Did the photo with him presenting me with a plaque and all but does he was bragging because. Here is duke dawson's mother. Went to the Dixie high school with a bad. And I think he said was one year. Older than everybody knows everybody there -- that they remain. But is it -- duke -- Stanley is great and I -- you mom and dad are there. Very very fine people and we're going to be looking for duke on the Gator. Field next the fall I think he's can get playing time. That's exciting -- all the way around Jeffrey meld an attorney allowed by the way. Jeffrey really as one of the best web sites I've seen of anybody's meld in outlawed dot com. Still answer all your questions about the law especially when it comes to anything involving your automobile the proper insurance to buy. Any information you need if it's not on the web site he called his office and give it to you free of charge in my right. Absolutely give a scholar at 1803738000. Won't be glad to. Talk with you about your -- personal situation whatever may be and try to help you out. Sounds good Jeffrey -- an attorney aloft. Nolan law dot com and a 46 Alibaba Rochelle live -- local news talk 97.3. The sky. Go for that liberal crap they were all supposed to get along Microsemi will not supposed to all get along. On August 373. -- I think this segment of the sky has brought you by Ocala dental care on the web at NFL implants for less dot com. 851 out of five -- showtime check fraud do you -- -- jewelry with the answer is always the ads. Heavy Wednesday. 8779759825. Locally Gainesville police officer just McCadam -- president of the local fraternal order of. Police union -- He's -- investigation and is police powers have been temporarily. Suspended all of my dealings with. Just have been now very straightforward and -- professional. So while I wait to find out the investigation shows misappropriation of funds is what is being investigated it. I have a sneaking suspicion there may be a whole lot of politics involved in -- not as much substance however. I would hold any further judgment until we find out what the investigation from FT LE. Tells us. -- are now they -- it's Hollywood's fault that this kid went on a shooting Rampage. At least so says this a woman who I guess they give her space and -- newspaper. The Washington Post. Think they'd be a little pick here may be but actually maybe they'll look for the fruit loops I don't know. And now -- days. Op Ed piece in which she suggested Elliott Rogers mass killing. Is tied to white men in Hollywood promoting escapist fantasies that. Quota revolve around -- vigilante -- and sexual wish fulfillment. And she specifically calls out Seth Rogen yeah. And director Judd to have a towel and there are their latest. Movie is called neighbors. Where this young couple. As Seth Rogen Danny is his wife young -- move into a house right next to a frat house and it issues and problems and adversarial conditions in -- and it's all in the name of a comedy. And it was like others other organs comedies. Depending on your taste they're quite funny. Are they socially get redeeming. Is there a positive message in there hardly it -- sophomoric. Funny slapstick. Stoner humor. There's nothing more but then again I don't look to Hollywood. To give me any sort of odd direction -- message. But. In all fairness some young people. Are affected by that. They are affected by by images that they see now it could be in a movie it could be they're all hooked up on the YouTube and watch all those videos continuously and laugh. There's things they get in Twitter and and other social media. TV. But yeah I'm Hollywood does have an influencing. Factor. I think it's silly what does woman wrote if she had a written about. Gratuitous violence in movies. Possibly. Being an issue with those that are already mentally ill and may be prone to some violent acting out. I glamorizing the use of of guns. After I could see you here at her making a point there. But she's not it. She's talking about white man it and vigilante is a minute sexual wish. Fulfillment. In other words this guy was a geek who couldn't get a girl. So Hollywood makes fun of that kind of thing or comes up with a solution for that kind of thing. And then somehow that triggered him to shoot people. Now he can't connect the dots on that one and I was gonna say nice try but it's not even a nice try. How do you get a columnist gig with the Washington Post -- get you know -- in that paper. And that's the kind of bizarre -- come up with I mean we are talking about it's I guess it's effective from that perspective she's -- a film critic. And you want to blame California mass shootings on -- white male Hollywood culture was interesting to see it actually. The first time ever hear any conservatives are right when it comes it comes to defend Hollywood. And. Do I think Hollywood has. Do they owe it to people. To be more positive and uplifting. I mean. We all vote by buying tickets I have not been to a movie as of late I am a movie fan per say but I am Linda. -- lately and maybe because the contents and what they talk about is not all that compelling to me anymore. Maybe they should do get back to the you know old American hero stuff.