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Cantor Out - Illegals still coming in

Jun 11, 2014|

Bob Rose - June 11 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's still just no real. You'll hear it hear it until he just screams and Matt Stone. -- -- -- -- That's the job. Hundreds of plywood -- studios. This is a long road show it on nutty seven point three the sky. Mortality. Six minutes after 6 o'clock -- locally it is about -- which Anderson who win de Bellevue promo hope. -- Did you feel the earthquake last night did you three year old. Did you feel it mood. -- irregularly scheduled program -- -- The political news of the day yesterday. Eric Cantor was beat in a primary. My guy with no money. And it no name recognition whatsoever what does that mean. Here's the Associated Press is version of it. In an upset for the ages and obsessed that he ages. That's. Here it is. Like Julius seems -- stuff. One of the caesar's you never hear about beat him in an election. To which. The Caesar pizza guy. Beats people. Majority leader Eric Cantor of Virginia. The second most powerful man in the House of Representatives. Was dethroned. -- -- and -- be a reference there. The season. If thrown Tuesday by a little known team party backed Republican primary challenger. -- victory on a wave. Of public anger over calls for looser immigration laws. Right. To via Associated Press for already connecting the dots. Though -- a lot of folks trying to read the tea leaves today in the next day in the next. To the point where I'm already sick of it I'm already sick of us out of -- wants the O'Reilly Factor right. We things snip -- B versions -- -- I know I know what most from reduce today -- that's right I don't blow create on the results if you don't go. But they didn't. Cut it off today. They cut him off. Don. Come back from a commercial break this is a Fox News alert. And they've got to what Megyn Kelly is also up early. Brit Brit Hume is in there. I you know. Campaign Carl Cameron -- saw him. Yeah and who's to get it the other -- and and a starts with a B. Bear down and talk I had so all the heavyweights right all the heavyweights are neck and just take over the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is like twenty million new year day. Nine actually to humility here that I bet paid back and he's like 112 so. No that's and so that's elegant the land. I mean really jet engines okay. This to me is a clear clear shot that. People are sick of it you folks in Washington -- like Eric Cantor I do I just think he's. I think he's Smart and he's polished you know what. Maybe that's the problem too Smart a little too polished little to wash. You know. A little bit too much inside the beltway for little too long. He's a Smart guy. Maybe that's it see when he gets Smart with the Tuesday with Hal like you can move on this issue to a certain point it can stick my toe in the water -- a mature and a lot of the -- -- people -- Those swimming in. And go swimming -- go in the water and then when you're from another group eagle -- trying to Monaghan. That's how the game is played. And Eric Cantor. Or whatever he was exposed. Is exposed. This is a miracle from god that just happened exulted David -- a political science professor as his victory became clear in the congressional district around the Virginia capital city. Seeking to downcast supporters. -- conceded obviously we came up short. -- The victory was by far the biggest of the 2014 campaign season for Tea Party forces. Although last week they forced to Mississippi senator Thad Cochran into -- June 24 runoff. And I hope that state senator Chris McDaniel can prevail that. That's the Tea Party hopeful. Now Lindsey Graham. Yeah. When you have like 72 people running against him in the primary. It's like I think there were more people on the ballot and actually showed up at the polls they did make a bit of a big deal and I've caught a snippet of Fox News about Al. You know Lindsay Gramm's name is all over this immigration thing and he didn't win or he did win his primary. Cantor doesn't necessarily support. -- I -- -- -- and on our what do the heat you know when it comes the immigration reform thing. And he's the one went down. I EU were older -- like fox was hoping the Tea Party would be dead. Can I can't get their impression too addicted -- Yeah they're almost going a little mainstream -- going along just fine with what we have as normal Republicans and normal Democrats are you now because the size of government hardly grown at all since Ronald Reagan was there -- now. Pretty much the same while. OK. I guess it's actually doubled in size and his dad's quintupled in size but other -- anatomy now. Now. Business as usual. -- defeat was -- first primary setback for a senior leader in congress in recent years former house speaker Thomas Foley -- Washington sent Chris -- Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle South Dakota. Most -- lost their seats at the polls in the past two decades. But they -- Republicans not to challengers from within their own party's. All right so all the talking as if I can make you you know. 11 solid group out of them campaign with a broad brush. They're all saying that clearly. Including the Associated Press in this piece that cantor didn't win -- Because. He brought up something about doing an immigration bill. Now you can call it amnesty or not or whatever you wanna do. But they're seeing now -- a major reason how much polling data they have -- other words how many people they did with exit polls say why did you would you vote for wide. I don't know how to gleaned this much information this quickly. To make this kind of determination but if that is the truth and it very well may be. Why wasn't it also a story like -- in South Carolina with Lindsey Graham. And again I I think the problem is. Wood and Lindsey Graham they're getting rid of him and -- and I think you feel you're asking most people honestly. Who would you rather kick out of office -- he can only pick one out represented Eric Cantor or senator Lindsey Graham most pro etc. to get Lindsey Graham out of that said. You know we we saw in the in the presidential primary season. Now there are some people -- -- absolute Ron Paul. There are people absolutely supported Herman Cain they wanted to Herman Cain when using it does matter that that. Political background here here in that same rhetoric out comes the doctor Ben Carson. It's got to be banned cars so when you have six other candidates and Lindsey Graham. You got the -- a bully faction toll could go vote for -- a bully no matter what. So they split up the opposition's also as a result you get the you know. Five guys -- each get you know 9% of the vote Lindsey Graham gets 55% of the vote today he gets over that 50% hurdle that he needed. Everybody else in hell collectively if he had one candidate. Probably going to be one candidate who can clearly articulate positions. And it and it's. It sounds like he did so you'll be hearing more this named David brat. You'll be hearing a lot more about that name in this seismic activity -- just took place politically yesterday in Virginia the ripples of which. Will be felt throughout the political world so will continue to follow that we'll talk about that and coming up. Put a sheriff's lobby against medical marijuana we're gonna have a special guest on at 8 o'clock to talk about that. And in the beautiful town of gains -- right in the midst of some very nice ounces. A place where sex. Slaves were being held. Wow. We'll talk about that a whole lot more coming up on the Bob Rochelle along with. 616 news talk 97.3 disguise. Do you is causing trouble 1981 Reagan do this in -- bombing case. And six don't mean nothing has been done 97.3. Sky. Oh and then and now. -- Nobody a lot of my friends it is Wednesday June 11 video -- by about rose. Sky lines of an 877975982. -- any takeaways American cancer being beaten the primary. By a the relative unknown David -- a political science professor. As far as I know he hasn't held political office before. And most are saying I'll look this was about immigration fallen by the way -- outspent him by about 04 times over I believe. So. Some say they cancer kind of got on the campaign trail little late in the game that you know maybe thought he had it in the bag was used to winning at. He was ahead in now a lot of polling data. That they had going around but he he lost -- believe in the end it was the double digits or close to it. Which is a pretty big deal in that neck of the woods. And the biggest thing in separation between the two that a lot of people see is the of the immigration issue this guy's a Tea Party guy. I've got a bunch of stuff on immigration coming up that's gonna -- -- and -- rhubarb beyond a -- -- As one ramadi coming up at 815. Well avenue recipient of sky valor award these are first responders from our own area all around this could be your neighbors. Right and the valor program is brought to you by car guys automotive Miller's voting center -- in Toyota campus USA credit union at 815. We will name today's recipient or thereabouts of stay tuned for that. All right so cancer got beat. Any takeaways from man. Let me know. 01 of the other things. This is going to be here it is a pretty big story in Gainesville. I mean they just think about a nice neighborhood. And behind closed doors what in the world is really going on there sometimes apparently spilled out beyond the closed doors. From the outside Timothy -- house seems like all the others in the well to do neighborhood every house. Similarly manicured lawns expense of shrubbery. -- -- expensive shrubbery is anywhere inside the home. Investigators say the well known accountant. Let a sort of a life of sexual assault drugs and terror. DJ and they allege. That three women trapped in a virtual slavery for months. Virtual slavery would that mean he's just keeping him in his computer. No matter -- to check why you laughing at -- I mean is that is that Delaware Jews now bill. Virtual reality yeah that's virtual yeah I struggled ever so there -- in virtual slavery for months not to make light of it but. Prostituting them video taping sex acts that he would then put online. Giving them drug by -- line in exchange for sex and keeping in keeping his house clean so if you're keeping people in your house against their will. Forced them to have sex for money on the cement for you to make money not for them to make money you know his arrogant -- cocaine apparently etc. etc. It's not virtual slavery that is slavery yeah. Dial I would say that counts as slate I think juries and at the term virtual always used was because. They did have the ability to go outside the home. But apparently Adam I don't know brainwashed -- believing that he would tracked him down he would GPS things in their phones in a way to track down I mean. Yeah this is where gets a little sketchy for me. Because I have to look at and say okay. Obviously this is a terrible situation this guy is some kind of -- going to -- if the allegations all turn out to be true -- -- be careful. But do these women bear any. Any responsibility. But. A girl disappears from a bus stop -- -- fifteen years old and you find out ten years later you know she's been living near Al kept in house will. We know those stories right that's -- that's true and it's not the girls fall. But in this case apparently day -- the answer some kind of add. So dig in his 53 years old he's the owner of -- professional tax service. He was arrested Friday on three counts of human trafficking. And booked into the -- to a county jail where he remained Tuesday on a 300000. Dollar bond I'm. I don't know if that's China. According to a sworn complaint filed by the games so -- to a county drug task force the CPA kept the women. Terrified is increasingly took control of their lives he set up traps inside his house made weapons to threaten the women. And prevent them from leaving. According to records. The women had all -- 2013. Three web site. Where the women booked clients as sex workers. You follow me on this so. They would be like oh why would they militant Adams I gas a look at the I'll read that line and I adore it and they were they would book women for. Well the website. My website I am guessing here is where you would go to end and a you know women would book. Clients as set I guess if you sign up to be a sex worker maybe I guess I don't know. It's not completely clear and to the beta. Right now I'm Bob. -- agree with it is not completely clear what pray tell how all. You know. Because maybe I'm -- screwed up under certain web sites I dote on him not rise these are the cutters like yeah a web site a website where -- where the women apparently these women I guess worked. What gaining clients as sex workers so who wants to I guess that the website is they who wants to make some good money right lasted cheaper or whatever you now. No strings attached except for. Herpes gonorrhea the occasion a slave I yeah yeah. And to all -- thanks. At first. Deacon would record sex acts involving the women and streamed videos onto an adult web site. Now did they make money off of that is there's a web sites that are apparently there I don't know how much. The quality or quantity is but that there's -- go to see a lot of stuff that's you -- been cautioning so wondered how these people make money. We make money off of that. -- -- -- He then began prostituting them providing transportation. And booking hotels for the women. And taking the money they earned paying them with cocaine instead. Now. If you peso -- cocaine. I analysts say they have some sort of withdrawn his need cocaine really -- -- here -- some complaints. Any sniffs it. Would immediately it definitely get some level like clarity and some level of energy where you would just. Pack your stuff remaining nine tax. -- to ask when you run away. Right. Yeah I mean I mean you were it. Because if you booking hotels like housing controlling when they go the hotel how they get it. And what about the client what if she says to a client don't pay I don't wanna get you in trouble but you know your break and a lot knock it gets in trouble if you help me you need to help me. You get me out of this thing job out of the police station. Whenever I'm just saying maybe I'm maybe I've got this whole thing wrong but based on the information that I'm looking -- from Cindy's work -- From the Gainesville sun Ocala star banner. So anyway Agassi takes over their lives I don't brainwashing and -- -- apparently effective records show monitored their movements GPS on their cell phones. Called them when they were at places he felt they shouldn't beat. Places they shouldn't be. I don't understand how you know. Out of 629. Bob -- do have a little -- but -- -- -- for me left without a sheriff's office will be filled in for Sadie Darnell tomorrow when she comes and still all the -- obviously have sold out now. Louisiana's creepy story. -- -- is 629 on the Bob Rochelle 8779759825. Hang on. -- On these. Sky high. Six for him about -- OOJ Anderson 20 minutes at 7 o'clock time -- tonight. -- jewelry with the answers always yes. How do you still 1710 -- The answer earth. Coming up Eric Cantor. The house majority leader beat me in a primary. Apparently. This is a primary leading to. An election where there's no democratic opponent. So basically. He lost his seat McNabb beat him is gonna win this seat David -- brat a political science professor. Eric Kantor spent about four times as much on his campaign. He's been around Capitol Hill -- time he knows that he knows the deal -- constituents know we as. Nobody knew -- David -- guy but apparently. The things that he was saying. They'll resonating with the voters. And this big deal. Because he -- by about ten points. This guy's a Tea Party guy small government guy. And he was not afraid to speak his mind apparently on immigration issues. You know I really we've talked about it. We've debated this issue we've seen it from all the different sides -- sold this. You know story of hey beat beat compassionate you know it can't take it out on the kids in. You know these people just want a better life and you know why -- so stingy you know share America with -- others in such. All also valid viewpoints and all deserves. Some consideration. Which you know one sometimes. The most basic things are really the answer the simplest of things. When you start to complicate things and convoluted -- you're you're you're trying to determine an outcome other than what common sense and logic would dictate are you not. Common sense and logic dictate. Let's put it simple terms. I -- my kids off at your house. And their cold and their Hungary. And so what do you do you have a level of compassion you Letterman. And man they eat -- man they camp out in man you know what they leave and so what started out as being compassionate and helpful in doing the right thing turns into eighth. -- nightmare. I'd just want a year from these dual gooder liberals. Bit don't want any borders and say how are you gonna pay for this did you know that the government right now is gonna set aside. Two. Billion dollars with a -- because of this recent influx of immigrants mostly children. Some are not real children what I mean by that is seventeen year olds engaging in sex acts yeah now. Upbringing diseases. He. So you go back to the basics the logic the common sense. Are US sovereign nation with borders. Or not. Are you want to elect people Morgan protect the sovereignty and borders of this nation or not. You have to make it you have to make it a more black and white issue a more clear cut issue. I am a fan of legal immigration. We can work on making legal immigration better and more streamlined and I'm all for it. If we reward the bad behavior of illegal immigration you can expect more. How -- I know that because I've already been down this path. Ronald Reagan as Smart as I think he wives he got suckered in and snookered in on that one true. Don't worry you sign this. We make a million sorority years only three million would make a legit the close of the borders everybody's happy everybody's good. -- like okay now works for me. But unbeknownst to may be at the time well you know what the mechanism for really securing the borders twelve. Well and all that airtight if you know I mean. Yeah. It was. Yeah it was about as air -- is a -- screen door. Okay. -- about how -- with us. So we're gonna revisit this thing all over again but for right now as we stand and as I speak right now the borders basically. Are so open right now. And this is the fact you can check on the borders are so open right now. That they are actually going to a border and giving themselves up to the first Border Patrol person they see. Because they know they're gonna get food. Water shelter. They're gonna get. Taken to a processing center where in most cases they're gonna get to stay. And maybe even get a ticket to some relatives somewhere in the United States. So we're basically letting them and giving them free food water clothing shelter and free transportation. And you now are you ready I've been slapping you with this I'm slapping him smacking you in the face here irritated and smack you -- you're getting router you're getting more upset. Now you ready. -- -- to growing your ready are you ready. We -- spend two billion dollars. On them. While our veterans we tell them you can rot in hell and wait for your doctor's appointment. If that doesn't stir you up. If that doesn't stir you while you're already dead 645 and -- Rocha. Go for that liberal crap that we're supposed to get along Microsemi -- not supposed to all get along. On news -- Nissan three. I think this segment of this guy has brought to you by Robin -- dental full service dentistry for the entire family. 651 on -- -- rode solo. My guess on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash the sky always some interesting stuff there I've got some -- Frequently asked questions about the new tax referendum that's gonna go on about the fall for less with county residents check it out you get email may be Rosen Get to tune in radio app for your Smartphone. And you know always check out the Bob Rose podcast. Go to the sky 973 dot com the same place you go when you wanna save money because we have half off -- deals going on daily. Always so good. Today's deal. I gotta tell you about don't want all for myself. The it's a really good. Ms. Kennedy's. -- with frozen custard knowing that death for right now. So. In days elders. I allegedly run sometime S sex slave operation. And this is all -- known as I guess somewhat respectable and the owner -- professional tax service who lives in a nice neighborhood he's 53 years old well. He was arrested Friday on three -- a human trafficking. Held on 300000 dollar bond. According to us when our complaint -- -- to a county drug task force the CPA kept the women terrified is increasingly to control their lives. He sort of traps inside this house made weapons to threaten women and prevent him from leaving. But it's really weird because first of all he met them through a web site. Where women book to clients a sex workers a -- That's that's kind of a weird thing there and and apparently. He would send them to you know hotels and different things. And use GPS and their cellphones to try to monitor and control their their comings and goings. And maybe at least I don't know the status of the women obviously they're gonna protect their identity -- tennis like a sex crime type thing. You know they do that in it's understandable. I just wondered you know do they speak English in other words what. Also fear that he was able to hold over on all our. And this won't be a popular question do they bear some responsibility in this situation they answer it and -- website that was dealing with -- and naughty stuff. And -- -- -- -- in you know launcher rated -- wrong with that but you know I mean -- it's a bit more tawdry the Nat. This is a website where women were booking clients a sex workers. So do women bear any of this responsibility. And here's another thing it's troubling for. Back in 2008 this guy was charged with cocaine possession before 2008. Cocaine possession narcotics equipment possession and keeping -- shop for drugs. OK apparently it was his first defense so we go listed. Drug court diversion. Got no problem about whatsoever. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't in this case not so it. Because you was arrested -- Com again December 2013. When one of the women when these same women. Today called LA to a county sheriff's officer reports yet found a video. The -- had recorded of him re picking her while she was incapacitated on prescribed sleeping medication. Get that point on law enforcement stepped in and a bit of time where she would say hey he's holding me captive here. Mean so it just doesn't make sense. He was released. He was arrested on sexual battery charges and later released. But then once again. In April. OK April. So there was December he's busted. April he's busted again for cocaine possession and possessing drug equipment. He's released on his own recognizance. After he's guardian trouble once we know he's in trouble twice. Now now he's in trouble a third time he gets released under his own recognizance. And then -- they determined there was insufficient evidence to prove the charges. Cocaine possession and possession of drug equipment. While I got to find out who is defense attorney is. Because he's booted. So is this going on apparently he has associations -- Von -- Howard a known drug dealer. Who was arrested on -- charges not related to deacons case. But just got remains in jail -- look three point six million dollar but. So the drug dealer. You know it's three point six million dollar buying but if you -- you know a CPA. You can go to you know drug diversion court and and you can be busted again and then you get -- and then they drop the charges and there's insufficient evidence. I mean. All human traffic gained all that. Thing looking at some indictment today Erin now. 656 on -- Bob Rochelle in case she didn't. Catch my -- On immigration. Jail have -- up on the podcast shortly. You definitely you wanna hear some of that stuff and and and I'll repeat some of the information the borders basically our wide open right now. And I'll share some examples with the coming up on above Rochelle OJ Anderson it is 656. A news talk 97.3 the sky. You can reach us at 877975982. Side.