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The latest info on the missing Malasian plane

Jun 26, 2014|

Bob Rose - June 26 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh you're about to the get -- winning game play. Are just going to keep hitting and hitting you hitting me with the you cannot do what they are trying to do from the -- -- supply able -- studio. Old you know they seven point three -- Yeah. Good morning. Hello Thursday why here. Thursday June 26. 2014 and now we're almost to the weekends. We'll make it we twelfth nice going to be a big night so -- Hilton valor awards. About first Rea first responders. Recipients while we get together. Ocala held in movement all we've got another. Valor award recipient. Coming up around 8:15 this morning and in our final one will actually beat tomorrow. On 815 so make sure you. Tune in for that well I think -- USA credit union -- farm and lawn equipment. Car guys automotive Miller's voting senator -- went Toyota sponsoring. This whole thing in making it all possible we really appreciate that. Yeah and aimed at Blair where's -- playing. By the way -- tune of about -- show. Which Anderson it is 7 minutes after 6 o'clock. To uncheck proxy by -- jewelry of any answers always yes. Malaysian airlines flight 370 whereas it. Here's and here's the latest. It's highly likely to have been on auto pilot. As it flew into the southern Indian Ocean Austrian officials said Thursday divulging knew who would details. About the missing planes probable -- Very likely it was on. On cruise control auto pilot how. OK captain obvious. The comments were made as authorities announced us southward shift as expected in the underwater search for the Boeing. Triple seven which disappeared march CA 239 people on. -- Expertise hair just employing a little bit illogical and common sense are telling me still. That the plane had sunk in fact and that. No objects of significance of floated to the surface and been picked up by any ships in the area either searching or not searching really. A plane never crashed in my opinion. Something else is going on and hopefully you'll find out before it used for a something. -- Devastating deadly. I'm not trying to make you paranoid insisted doesn't make sense in the year two point fourteen. Dollar the satellites. All the information we're able to gather with all the countries and all the people that are helping in the search for this plane. Yes I know it's a big old planet out there but it's also a big old planes. Now maybe the plane is. They're using the planes. To pick up kids. In now sought a Salvador and Honduras and flying them to just south of the Mexican border where they -- planner. And across the border. Because it's an 18100 mile trip otherwise -- one on rail cars and different things like hobos. Searchers have found yet. No Trace. No Trace nada nothing. Zero zilch -- would say again. The jetliner -- passengers. Making the case probably the biggest mystery in aviation minister. Bigger then now what's your face. Don't want it crashed south Pacific islands Emilia are hard yeah and it's. At a mean any disrespect an accident but their base. Just trying to remember who wants itself. Yesterday and officials said that they believe the plane was on auto pilot throughout its journey over the Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel that's they speculate. They cited the straight track of which the aircraft -- -- electronic handshakes at periodically exchanged. With satellites. Highly highly likely that the aircraft was on auto pilot otherwise it could not a follow the orderly path that has been identified through the satellite. Sightings. It didn't follow the path. Of satellite sightings. In. Cash. Satellites collect data but it -- video. Aren't that many blips going on. And an area of the world. I. Didn't think there was but I mean I am wrong. They're disclosure that a computer rather than any human and was most likely steering the plane during its final hours adds a little more detail to the largely obscured picture of what took place. No need to belabor the point we'll just continue to follow. The story from time to time something will pop up the now say well the search is moving here in the search is moving there. Here asserts there -- search everywhere search search. -- Remember I told -- crash along time ago but then. Many did maybe it made it all the way down new. And again some kind of jets streaming and got all the way down to the south polar some. -- You never now. And and but the good news news. Al courses global warming is gonna melt all the polls and everything else and maybe then you know final play. Some good news. Shocker ready for this FaceBook. Now to people use of the people that worked there. 69%. Male and mostly white. I'm shocked are you know. Is that not enough diverse city 69%. Male and mostly. Quite. Mean -- got a mirror image pretty much. Techie geeks nationwide. Would pretty close. There. Like many of its Silicon Valley peers Facebook's workforce in management team is overwhelmingly. White. And mail. Why why does that matter. Why does it matter up. About their average weight. Are they less. Testes. And the rest of Americans. What about their ages -- average age a little lower than the average work for. Always got to fix it or is staying it has to be eaten. The exact reflection. Of the country in the exact proportion right is now we at all we have to strive for. What's the percentage of whites percentage of blacks Hispanics. Asians. Oh I don't know that's right Asians are successful solo nobody cares about down the team pick gonna make jokes if you want okay. And then outlets and mirrors that exactly. The average working -- the average is let's fix it because see that's it's the picture of the workplace that has still look good. No matter how -- if anybody is. That's that's social just use social justice is odd jobs for every line and for everyone a job. -- And the Communist it doesn't it because it heads. Let's take it down to the micro. Start -- lawn care business -- minds. Business expands word of -- the neighbors -- this guy does good work man shows up on time hustles he doesn't -- the grass clippings everywhere. The vehicles elegant oil all over the driveway and stuff and he's not case is friendly guy you don't. Is this expanse gonna hire somebody. Oh my gosh what do why do next. Who should I hire book published today be told should they be. -- can fuel leaks I don't wanna run against the government and mandates. So what do I do. Worry whether they know how to operate. The edge here. That tremor. Goes zero turn -- -- worry about any of that make sure that you hire the right person based on age. Color and -- Under. A whole lot of guys who had checked the appropriate boxes. And we wonder why the economy absolutely Sox. Oh and by the way. That's a fact it sucks I've got the numbers 615 Alibaba Rochelle -- News -- 97.3 discussing. -- -- -- Your welcome aboard -- true shoots you you still can catch up Sean Hannity and three days. -- seven point three this guy. Actual amount of -- Rose eleven local. -- I drove an 8779759825. So far we covered it. -- the other missing Malaysian aircraft. Is still missing. Jason is getting into the Pearl Jam. At a bettors agree what you -- Madden. It does sometimes. The great race run Searle Cali you heard about this -- this is just a bunch of -- Older and eclectic cars classics and what have you coming all -- down from Maine. It's a race it's like Nick Cannon ball run me except. At the video fast. Gap in fact if today all that traffic rules if we get they're too fast to lose. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gonna and a bit of villages. And -- launched with a launch of an Ocala on Sunday some vacancy these cars. -- will. What is he goes too fast. When they figured out exactly what the speed limit is on the road so you know they know exactly how old the quickest you should possibly be is. And he -- roll into the villages ten minutes faster. They noted the even speed it's so important diamond. Yeah I'd like to know how they figure that out when a golf cart to pulling out for a Indian villages in -- -- but now this is how works. The fastest. Participating normally wins a race. But in this case competitors must cover the different legs of the race so they break it down -- -- and regulates. And you have to come in as close to the optimum. Time. As it shouldn't take following speed limits and traffic patterns so. I'm assuming what is it Google G -- guys that different map quest that you do gives you approximation on time how long it should take you on a certain trip or whatever. And I guess I would assume they use that as a guide eyewitness -- -- villages on Sunday. Yes got to go through Gainesville. Well like. Imagine that's how they're getting there. I Israel through Gainesville unless are staying on the -- state affiliate. You can add seven or eight more days before there something. That at at a but just depends if they're following Abbas how -- -- a -- about a smooth sale of their found a bus or a bicycle -- how old are some regular -- obvious things not try to be cruel but -- they could be dead. From the time -- from the north and the game's total is south of -- forget Ocala the -- scarcer classics and other people may or may not be I mean if you've got the time off in the summer to do this yes you could be a teacher somebody else but. Now I I guess a lot of them are probably retired. So there's penalties for times that are above the optimum timer under -- each vehicle has a driver and a navigator. Member I think -- Ron was like dead and no matter navigator. And but he -- Lincoln Navigator 430 no -- what the course are supposed to take this match. -- -- We don't want to be all by yourself and and you have to give -- another person a task. Thesis defense. Keep in the cooler ice -- -- -- Otto kinda. But you know what -- you know which again if you win. The cookie and a 150 grant well back. For amateurs that we ought to dove into. Prussian saying that. You can there's a lot of things you probably shouldn't say there'd be a lot of dead air which is still one of the -- carjacked while delta and Internet via. Like just outside the villages and just come cruise and -- look at. Now -- we'd like try to keep the time close issue we come like zoom in and their likely -- everyone's. None none are yet he had to get near the optimum time I'll so. You may have to you know -- -- -- people find out exactly what the optimal time yeah we're we're not there -- the beginning but look at it -- -- what do we do -- tonight. We're -- in the valor -- Allah help ya gotta earn up some cops in the -- -- to honor I. What more could. You also wait you gotten a uniform and you look at. They got to bust us through witnessed -- meal awards and stuff do we get a pass atoms. I think what we should. I'm gonna drug drunken -- the way home for the night so they -- assuming we're I'm in a lady and a pass on the parking lot -- a minute drive drunk to school zones and it speak out. -- get to be again. Now maybe the school's in session. -- Regret that sums it. This great race started it and then. We have to do a disclaimer for the stupid things we just death -- -- about alive they would -- is not allowed -- car -- -- people drive the cars and the relatives you can't be driving drunk in reverse and man to man our ownership does not necessarily agree with the stupidity of the two most -- -- -- I'm glad to -- -- -- out. -- -- -- Look at that suit. Idea great race started back in 1983 takes different route every year we've given to what do since 1983 -- -- just getting to the militants also like to move and always do it every year since eighty Philip Cook cook can't -- I did start to June 21 so let's really. Actually you know that. They're not going to disallow. I mean June 21 in Maine -- and all down the Atlantic coast now they have a lot of stops in different towns and cities where they you know they shake hands and now they have to promote this whole thing. It's a like a big parts. Warehouse or something that promotes -- thing. When the great race pulls into a city becomes an instant festival. The vehicle this year is race includes in 1915. Hudson. And replica us. Of pop culture icons no no way to second replica us. -- on now. Well Iowa and replicas that generally. All Catholic be a pop culture icons like people like has what looks like you know JJ walker. From good times we need some of the original people from cannon ball run that would be -- Although -- he's still he's still alive right. Thanks and he has but thought track. All right to complement. The traveling car collection national parts depot. Offered to allow people to see its collection of cars and this is a big deal apparently because. They don't charge a fee but usually you'd only get to see these -- twice a year and you have to have an appointment. And yet these cars are all drivable not coming down from Maine so it should be fun. And by the way Cummins -- who Ocala on Sunday stopping their for lunch but the the ends up in -- The villages so they're looking for some to do there on Sunday I put up. No link. On FaceBook dot com slash a sky while. 628 -- Rocha. 8779759825. -- the valor recipient another one coming up at approximately 815 stay tuned. For that. And summertime it might be time where you can do some volunteer work details on that coming up and -- homicides. In very casual talk about news talk 97 point greatest. At a news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow -- apparently not an accident until it. Rose show and I'm not easily. This guy. 639 -- above -- -- 26 what my friends we've got lots of talk about including the economy. Local cry yeah. -- some good stuff to -- sabotage a great time to. Volunteer. Or if you could I have death. I put on FaceBook dot com mile link to a story. About some volunteers since some some needs if there are hospice of -- Cali. Typical non profit this suffers. When volunteers leave during the summer. These folks are people in my have a home up north. So they leave. They provide great community service winner here but then they leave and there's still some needs it could be met so that's maybe one. Some local folks can step up. The organization has about 450 slots. That it depends on volunteers to fill that's a lot. No specific time frame but -- best described as specific jobs such as sitting with a -- patient to allow his or her family running errands. Or working at one of hospices. Or facility so that's just one place one idea. Of -- you can volunteer. And make a difference in the lives of other people. Instead it just you know whining complaining. Screaming at the TV and Fox News. Coming up with -- your own crazy conspiracy theories you can actually get out there and make a difference in people's lives. Thought there was such a thing. As people actually getting off their -- -- going out and volunteering and doing something good for someone else while. Not nice. So consider that if scheduled time a lot of us. By what's what the economy. Was going on here. Always elders winner yeah I was -- now they sent. This all ordered time kept people from shopping and killed economy. Don't. Snow stops somebody would money in their pockets from going around spending it I think it does. I was just who we're Britain for young man when I left the great white north DH fifteen. -- -- in my pocket I was walking Tennessee those pizza. Me in my buddy Jerry Murphy. Path blocked all over the place. In us now and then you know on the weather was nice here on your bicycle. Mattel win money and a -- it was found a way to spend -- through problem that was way before there was stuff to order like on Amazon. Will it -- before that. So I mean not really buying them whole thing. To begin with. Here's -- numbers -- US economy shrank. Yes. Obama. Giving the nation. Major shrinkage. The -- guide us. It's -- shrinkage. US economy shrank at a steep annual rate of two point 9%. That's a lot. Let's put into this way they said the economy had grown up. And any -- two point 9% they'd be you know. Holding a ticker tape parade. This is -- January through march quarter. And and I knew it was going to be here and here it is only Associated Press but they just echo what they're you know. As a harsh. Winter. Contributed to the biggest contraction. Since the depths of the recession. Five years ago. But -- -- setback is thought to be temporary. With growing and rebounding. Solidly. Since -- There really still gonna try to use a weather thing. That's that's amazing. What do you think what are your thoughts on that 8779759825. -- of weather affecting the economy think it's people's lack of jobs lack of getting raises their power bills going up because Obama's closed down 300 power plants. Since he -- took office the cost of gasoline still remains very high for Americans. The cost of food is rising. On a regular basis do you think the goal listings have an impact on our economy and what else we can spend our money on. This is a nation it is built on consumerism. When we have a less money to spend on things that we would like to consume Loma. The economy will suffer as a result I don't think you need -- degree to figure that one out. So the economy. The first court but don't worry it's it's rebounding solidly. They say -- beat a pair of bad news wanting to turn around I want things to get back. And a lot of these measurements and stuff don't take into account you know when you when you talk about inflationary pressures. They don't talk about the rise in fuel prices and -- rise in food which of the two biggest things that the average American has to have I don't understand how they again. Measure the economy and measure inflation and not have those two factors as part of the mix. It just doesn't make sense it defies logic and fact. 645 on the Barbara showed. -- working on some murder cases. I'm -- county. And there. How bears are in the Ocala national forest. It's not a riddler quit. -- -- 645 from the Bob Rochelle that's what she said news talk 97.3 this guy. -- -- -- -- -- But the good group. Of people from point. So it's still my grows at 10 minutes till 7 o'clock. I said the economy shrank and I mean they know the experts are so called experts. They didn't think this was gonna happen not to this extent it actually shrank in a negative two point 9%. In the first quarter. That's not good it was reported yesterday about a Commerce Department it was even more severe than 1% annual decline that it had estimated a month ago. So late so they were off by a multiple of nearly three. That's that's pretty far off the mark. Besides a harsh winter much of the downward revision reflected a drop into health care spending. Another factor was a bigger trade deficit than initially estimated. A drop in health care spending is that interest. 18% of the economy revolves around health care and health care spending. Bob managed to under the guise of will get everybody insurance and you will be cheaper meant to turn that into people's spending less on health care not less health care spending on insurance. I want to make sure you know the difference. Health care spending on insurance has gone up. There's got up overall and for most individuals. Health care spending is gone down do you know why. You gonna pay you gonna start -- and that -- deductible. Before you reach your deductibles so do you really have to go to the doctor you really have to go. Come on it's look it's probably just a sprain. Ice debt paying out rapid. Rub some dirt on -- rubble little dirt on it walked gingerly for early you're going to be fun and it's all Rogge announced self yet. Forget the pain medication. A little bit of you know had a couple of shots -- so I don't know self medicate. People are not -- ago because a half out of pocket expenses. That are much higher than they used to be. So that is going to have an effect I'm telling you right now. Now they say. And this is from the Associated Press such as sharp decline would typically stoke fears of another recession typically that would happen but. We don't have out. Are are typically we have not had. The messiah in the White House is we do now so nothing at all anymore it's all new territory. Under this guy. Typically. There'd be fears of another recession. Analysts see it as short lived result of winter storms that shut factories disrupted shipping and kept Americans away from shopping malls. And auto dealerships. OK I can only give you the male perspective on this and somebody -- somewhat of a shop -- I get the green light from my Wi-Fi can buy a new truck or new car new motorcycle. Now feet of snow asked to be between me and what I want at that point when I get the green light. I'm telling you that. I would make the mailman and look like says cities. Rain -- in these sleet nor snow or however Gaza's. -- means. It will stop me. But apparently is -- other people according this it -- The economy is rebounding no they say. Any April June quarter that just is finishing up. Many expect growth. To reach a robust annual rate of at least 3.5. Percent this quarter robust. But Cheney used the term robust. If you're coming off a negative. Nearly 3%. Negative growth. Three times higher three times worse I should say three times worse than all the experts thought it was going to be. Yeah I mean I guess when you compare it to being in the toilet if you just sitting on the seat I guess it's not a bad view larger on the Bob -- show. Good morning Bob you know I really do think that the snow had something to do with the slowdown and solid. -- hope for a I don't believe a lot of this -- that closely US economy to slow but the not this snow falling from the guys with the -- job of Obama lies. We're not. But out bidding I like it. And other way. NBA again I'm crazy again that. If you get these heavy snows. What would you be doing. I'd be looking at snow blowers in time I want to put an excellent deal it is and how it's gonna prevent. -- from hurting my back in keeping me out of work and having a heart attack at standard setter up. All I can think of all the selling points why we need a snowblower why and they sell more and Ellis. So more shovels. I -- money it's obvious we're not going to be able to get to work a four wheel drive vehicle is in our best interest all the way around for our entire family. It's safer it's we gotta get one. So see for every argument they come up up up. I need some gloves. Any good gloves keep my hands warm and outside and I need some cool driving gloves. It's do you get my idea well. It's statements don't like crazy any new boats. Come on man who you may cancel products regardless of the water and the -- and yes they do and they sell products specifically for war. Different weather conditions. Igniting a large is right. The snow job organs coming out the White House. 66 and above Rochelle what do you think 8779759825. Coming up at approximately 815 we'll have a valor award recipient that we will name once again. And from the alleged to a county sheriff's office sergeant Becky butcher. It's gonna joins little bit later on this morning stay tuned to news talk 97.3. This guy.