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Facebook's "diversity problem"

Jun 26, 2014|

Bob Rose - June 26 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's still a story or else you'll hear it tears. Until he just screams and ads don't have gone wrong. It -- yeah ahead style. Hundreds of plywood -- studios this is a long road show it on nutty seven point three the sky. Fly below source about roadshow for OJ Anderson however soup. Contact us tonight is -- -- the answers -- always seeing yes. Let's plug in you coming up in about ten minutes to stick around for that. Malaysian air flight and makes 370 still have found now latest news story up from CNN. Highly likely. To have -- on auto pilot as it flew into the southern Indian Ocean Australian officials -- Thursday. -- bulging at new details. About the planes probable fate really divulging. New details now I read the story Korea there's nothing in there. You cut -- they think you it was flying via you know computer whatever was on auto pilot okay. Thank you a lot of us kind of figure that anywhere right. Even know that's still true I I can you believe these folks. Where's the plane. Nothing has floated to the surface has been found by any body yet. All the traffic all the boats all the planes all the satellites that they're using right now your -- -- you're kidding me right. Nothing has floated to the surface. I find that. -- next to impossible to believe. Now is it a grand conspiracy theory is it is -- somewhere in Pakistan. I don't know. I just don't think it crashed and if it did it certainly didn't crash anywhere. Near all of the different places where they theorized that data could have. I just think when something crashes in the water even though there's a vast amount area to cover. The part about crashing new areas stuff usually floats to the top. I mean now maybe they're good enough to A you know land a triple seven on the water. Com. You know let it slowly float to the bottom without a single thing putt coming out of it nobody escapes nothing busted it all in the plane came down. And if it's on auto pilot and runs out of fuel. I don't know what is the auto pilot dude is he going to like a kind event an automatic auto glide thing. Trying to keep itself leveled out as it descends. Mean is that the same as a person actually at the controls. Mean that to me you're gonna go into a stall. In -- I mean the plane disappoint know that it's running out of fuel. And then it automatically starts to descended. Like a pilot would do. Ordeal wait for it stall. On the plane jobs basically like Iraq. Tie I don't know it's so it's interesting to say Elise who continue to follow -- did the its German news but there's no real new news. This headline I've heard a little bit about this way I threw it out there. FaceBook their employees. Are 69%. Male and mostly white. Yes so the net about right. Hey you know the percentage of tech geeks. In the country is about 69%. Male and mostly white. Techniques and there's probably about 75%. Mail relay -- to be honest. So. There -- ago already. Bending the gender thing to make everybody happy. Does not good enough rent like many of its Silicon Valley. Is Facebook's workforce management teams overwhelmingly white male how dare they. Released on Wednesday the reports the latest of a Florio voluntary diversity disclosures. By the high profit tech firms voluntary diversity disclosures. The -- -- 69% of Facebook's global staffers are male. A full 85% of companies tech workers and 77%. Of management team are also -- how dare -- So it's their job to go find it women -- hundred men apply for a job. But they say you know what we want to make the company picture look better for our diversity disclosure. So we had one woman apply and a hundred men. We got to pick a woman. But not discriminatory toward any of the hundred males. Is not a surge is and how ridiculous. Many wanna come in about planes hit Randy you're on the Barbara show good morning. Hey Bob you're not tell you back when that plane disappeared after that you know the big mother ship come down into adult -- he used that I have been low. Let's nativity. To midnight shows. That. There he is still have a stigma to knock it lets him in my statement that -- hey anything's possible and anything's possible. It's. Look -- load this thing up for bear is probably Iran. And they're gonna load this thing up full nuke stuff some biological chemical stuff. And you know. Correction. I don't know New York City where else do we have a high concentration of population maybe Los Angeles I don't know. -- do it situated even if we have the guts still like shooting down out of the sky. You know still it'll still likes to awful spread all over the place. Did not know -- must come up with that. Series. A German -- bomb will explode from a passenger plane. Coming in from Alaska airspace and that it will. Have such devastation on our crops it will be it will. You'll have though worldwide to hunger issues. You know that. What -- tournaments one and a billion out there at fifteenth century soon I'll gather around and told her all the time not to Allen aka. Payments until he might. Got to get the name from somewhere. A French president. This. They predict all kinds of things and I pulled all he set a budget stuff. You have to sort of pulls decked -- -- who did this met Kennedy was gonna get shot. Well -- a summary talent JFK button you know. Mid November of 63 well you have to bomb can get so many of the dots to line up and and you say OK based on that if all these things mean this than these future predictions -- by the way I think the San Antonio Spurs are gonna beat the Miami Heat to win the NBA championship this year. -- already have asked you what ask me about my prediction for the US Germany soccer game tomorrow. Who's gonna win. I told him Miami leader -- the senator and as far as I'm asking about soccer yeah Ali Abu Lulu got to read the clock trains to figure it out ask -- tomorrow you know what it you know it's no should Donna says -- her until -- you know he says there's bonnets and he's dead. You know what he says as -- fun. It's a draw. -- -- 211 draw. Germany and -- us. That's pretty impressive and hold up -- about on. I don't think it is. Sit here as well above and like 400 million dollars or -- month quarter billion dollars in lost productivity there expecting to die. People who watch soccer probably aren't very -- productive people anywhere on a bonus that you made fun of soccer I don't feel I and I think mostly faithful little. Got -- it obligated gusto about it. They are old geek out about and they are back to vote to approve pulling it again so is the cost of agriculture and picking tomatoes gonna go up -- one. Howell is -- -- say that's a tomatoes. We ordered a 100000 dollars Bernard objected Dugard. Now to tomatoes grown in my backyard rather negative you know all the self sustaining day they'll only Dave -- drill for oil on their property. Only if only 716 Alibaba Rochelle -- the US air it out get off your chest that's coming up next call in please. With your concise. Pertinent. Information. About what's bugging you got 87797598205. You're listening. The Bob grows -- -- 97.3 this guy. It's. Almost -- Discussing you've already got my wife what's bugging you we've got to stand up but we're gonna take -- -- -- 877 W sky talk brought to you by Florida pest control of 97.3. This guy. So dear JQ what revenue -- an off -- she. Not charge you anything that laid out on the couch and was your. -- -- -- -- Dan is that what you do charge it's not that I don't care problems vote and we will charge for. Well okay we'll yet pretend like we care -- I don't know sex until I -- care okay and that the picnic at a now it's heartfelt. I. Biblically and -- -- -- -- -- Humana Florida presidential daily bugs they -- guitar litter bugs. -- and what's bugging -- 8779759825. Good morning biscuit. Hey let's go Bob Bob and I you know -- love the show so you have to take that immigrant. Well the bug -- -- real soccer -- Like thirty. -- it and watch the game I get like that the radio talk show host worked quite short shorts any act on our. Wow hole. Let me clarify. My shorts are not sure. I don't grunt when I hit the ball other than that Agassi. That's fine. Now this game and I do have your home phone number so expect a wake up call every morning at 330 saying hey body. It's your lazy talk show unproductive talks shows just -- -- you know is what I wake up brother. This. And by the way. And I know biscuit listens and not -- I admitted I got I don't hooked I get real dent into soccer in new World Cup I watched that whole Portugal game I did. And by the end of the game I knew more than most of the people who were coaching and on the field that's the thing that's frustrating for me you have to understand that. And quick coming up today. And you will be a draw Germany US won one I want the US to win -- -- gonna happen. -- on above Rochelle is bugging you. Guess -- desperate attempt by the media to get Americans excited about the World Cup. I like soccer the sport to watch on TV and I think. They're -- they're gonna hit the US team like took a dive bomber and we're gonna be out and actually that the news covered drop off some -- The next tournament going to be worse the next World Cup we're gonna have to and we care about women's soccer thank you -- Your kid write these can't rewrite is just. Knucklehead what's bugging him. -- -- get more boys and girls welcome to the pin you know. What you elk club -- a lot of. Stamped on current administration as a person executive order under the newly elected -- that. 134 I they have released the regular records. It was right we have such as transparent administration. -- area clears line. They're -- intelligently. And tired of everyone to them. EPA and -- are -- walking -- I'll show. What that being Irish you know what the Obama Blackberry. All -- that was declared exempt all so. Actually blocked from a wide accident that at this time with the hope now plan yeah. So our dads pass tag though because it didn't hit the -- Mary woods -- news. And going. Well. Power I heard a really -- legal -- -- five years. That they need and years to come and answer except on the other paint stuff like that. I guess I'm glad you where that's where the homeless Wednesday helping -- except they're on the -- Now that's your question I Sylmar. If you talk about the the hazel ones coming together says some of those folks have been helpful. And I don't know the details of ball that I would I would certainly think that should be part of the program. Their own good. David what's -- you know. All the boring object. What bothers me is the irony of the proponents of global warming these people who are so concerned about the temperatures on the Europe while they're here. With no concern to the temperature -- the way they are going to it's going to be a lot hotter there and that's where they should be concerned about. Pool. Go to war and and on one hand the economy. In the first quarter -- solely to two point 9% negative growth. And they chalk it up to as they try to make excuses they're used to this administration and many failures says. Well it was because of the heavy snowfall. That's why they had to change the name from global warming it would it change so it can't cover all such things in between. The winner did impact they the economy though I think to some extent in some locations explain. Remember that thing where there was like about a quarter of an inch of snow that fell on Atlanta and the highways were tied up -- nobody was able to get home for a couple of days truly our guys sell sold locally at least and in Atlanta and that general. Metropolitan area. Protrude a fraud nothing looks up like liquor sold 300 -- a liquor store. But other than that the -- of people in Chicago. They're kind of used to cold and snow. -- people and -- sold -- gathered there they've seen snow once or twice. Yeah -- Atlanta major -- metropolitan area there really could say things we're basically shut down there but still one city asset. On city a couple of days. Two point 9% negative growth there's three times -- what there early estimate was three times worse. At least. Not. 7280 Bob Rochelle thanks participating was bugging you brought to -- Florida pest control in a bug taking control our litter box Dover air coming up aged fifteen. We'll have another valor honoree. And coming up at 905. We're gonna have a spokesperson for the -- to a county sheriff's office sergeant Becky -- gonna join us then. We had a ton of stuff in between news talk 97.3 this guy. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. 739 out about Rochelle live and local time Jack brought -- This is always -- this stat lines open 8779759825. Still can't find them. Malaysian airlines flight 370. You don't think that's an oddity in the year Tony fourteen with -- all the technology we have we can't find a Jumbo jet a 777. Crazy folks there -- some going on there I think. I -- all they may -- was spotted somewhere landing in Pakistan or Iran. But don't worry the US government came out with a report said it always just does so on playing tricks on new -- it was a series of weather balloons. And that everything doesn't weather balloon. Amber growing up as a kid thing and I've never seen a weather balloon in my entire life do they really exists on its course they do. But to be used as an excuse for every single UFO sighting ever was a little bit of a stretch. US economy shrank. Two point 9% a -- it. That's in the first quarter they say it's rebounding but it is insane people it said. The first quarter is gonna be down a little bit how they were off it's down a lot. -- it was it was snowing. What -- this in June. Understand you have some economic issues. It was snowing in the first quarter and year. That's what does. Most parts of the country. FaceBook. Has come out with a study and a and a reported. Because they wanna make sure through their voluntary diversity disclosures and everybody knows you know. They're trying to make everything fair I guess in the workplace. Are trying to make everything equal -- trying to do their own brand of social justice. FaceBook employees 69% male mostly white. Okay and so home most of your techie -- geeks are probably. Higher percentage are probably male and a higher percentage are probably light. But I. I'm sure there's work to do dare I yet -- torque. Ridiculous isn't it. It absolutely absurd. With -- FaceBook dot com slash the sky. A story about summer slowdown. And volunteers needed. Highlighting hospice of Marion County says the only organization could use some volunteer help in the summer a lot of folks who volunteer are snow birds may go back up north. If you could help -- during the summer. Well you can look at this article on FaceBook but also just look around for opportunities to help others. They are plenty of opportunities out there -- in your -- above Rochelle thank you for holding. Follow in the Congo to insert -- return on set -- community trauma bird or your school property. Art computer program requirements are sort of like where. And I virtual their marriages are the problem on the use your computer speaker that we had -- -- What sort of merit or accuse some should -- twelve hours to order that we are diluted two weeks. And yogurt store bought the -- -- -- rule called rule certain to expert to blog about to port not percent they're worked out so well. Or four year it's on the retreat for recovering. Census and murdered immediate -- And political year -- order route 3% well in particular for years to double. -- -- 68% to have a -- economy. And we're not sure that people are being true well prudential and it's. Who thought that the rules seventy -- and opinion that's based on fact and yet people are slow to come around. -- -- you have solutions that irritated by it. Now like -- encroaching on their territory. Or. They feel funny because they haven't figured that out or quite frankly sometimes they don't wanna be too efficient they wanna have job security by doing things a long and slow way. All the above and the end sorry even countered that. Lisa your -- above Rochelle. -- I'm sorry I have a question completely off topic and -- kept them along on and but you're the only martial arts expert I know. And I turned her moving down from Brooklyn new York and they attended an academy. And the Kirkland. But it martial arts and they took that brand of martial arts culture and come oh and it was the one that broke and leaked. Designed to help Ike yet -- find that any clear in this area I can find it in Miami. But I can't. Get to Miami extra martial arts so do you know I'll let it closed in parts that alerts that. I know are they moving -- just given -- to the summer. They're moving -- my daughter unprecedented. Military. And that's where their station right or Brooklyn and it turned them time to go to school or do anything. -- and her move down while he finishes that is. His assignment -- -- she's gonna go to school and you know. Extended family gonna help with the kids all 30 wait. And intra company they really love this. Just -- -- at -- martial arts academy in Brooklyn now alone I can't find anything light. That how long and I'm hoping you would no longer even training. A year. On 10181. At short so it's not like they're you know it's like going to be -- -- -- they changed. But it was something they shut until late in it would show good forum I wanna try to keep the. I even if you do you find the same so called system or whatever it may not everybody's gonna teach everything in the same way not every instructor obviously is gonna have the same. Way of doing things so just make sure their prepared for a level of change no matter what happens first of all. A second -- a great philosophy of Bruce Lee's was you must first empty -- cup so if they do. I get into something a little bit different or new just tell him that even Bruce Lee says you have to empty -- cup first taking new knowledge. Not always that you know look at it do you say over the with the Susan what we used to do this is and how he used to do it. You have to change it kind of mentality another good source is to talk to their their current instructor in Brooklyn now. And say if we cannot find a school similar to the style that you're teaching what would be your next recommendations a style that you feel -- similar. I didn't even think about sorry hand and let me let me also quickly -- Don't join a school right away on the first day go and watch the kids talk to the other parents and watch how the instructor and struck. And you get an idea of their passion and their personality. And that'll be kind of a reflection of how the students and everything else so they pick up on those things and you -- find some in the evening. Is it good role model good that makes sense for your. Your grandkids and now that I've martial arts absolutely. Great training and I'm glad they're into it so hopefully help him out there. 746 on the -- -- OJ Anderson announces well -- outlines of an 877975. 9825. So he bears are there in the Ocala national forest details on the way. And three. I don't know what about plugin rush he casually discussed this I know there's nothing casual about it but why not -- seven point three sky. 750 until the Bob Rose solo at. This Thursday June 26. Are you ready for the weekend. You. That. -- coming up at 815 valor award recipient today this one is up you'll remember the story. Specifically you will. It's a good one very compelling to stick around for that also 905 sergeant -- butcher. Representing realize -- -- sheriff's office will be the house. Right now you know the sky lines 8779759825. In citrus Gaynor joined this morning. And Bob and Jerry hey out out out all of that commitment to repeal the charge of the -- AM. Around it fell 3% -- did that play that. But it does it -- -- of dollars. Lost to pursue an electric. I now are now if you are thousand dollars immediately get back to doubt what percentage. Would you need to get it back up there. By you need a 100% increase. Directory so -- like that do that 3% ought to say it operational -- There are allowed to. You'd be how much we do need to recover back to the -- 3%. 06% just to get to zero. Let me get back at the same analogy your ball but -- doubt about it. Unprecedented accident. You -- at present we drop out -- get back. Re -- have a look at that we get back. Get back here Oakland right -- in that order so that you -- -- broke but I -- Korea. Three point -- public outlet to the matter is still strong we don't get over. Time. Quote the exact order it. We wish we -- actually don't -- -- the way they think they beat numbers you know all of structural wrote about trying to work joking about it not matter the numbers are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. -- get picked by Ambac and percent target and get it back. Same thing it won't drop pretty sick to get back so great the back. No idea there that. Are out to be the -- -- wrote wrote it. -- out there and yet. In I don't care about people are like -- it. Like it there. Yet but all the -- -- it out there about propaganda about. More people out work today. Yeah there's I think it is to get it out of that whole country back on -- Outlook cannot go back that -- at one out. I think we're already on it started doing my -- You know I. They got -- the male admirer. No doubt about it I agree with that and they're talking about a whole fourth column of government that we have. On and now would be likely. I guess the IRS would fit into that in all these other regulatory. Agencies like the EPA in the kind of power they wheels specifically to get around congress so in essence making congress impotence. And that's not good that's not what the framers had in mind more on that coming up news talk 97 point greatest guys.