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Jul 5, 2014|

Eye Care and Nutrition; "Ask The Doctor" Show for 7-5-14

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    Slow down the aging in the eye and entire body, naturally, by acting on information given in this live call-in show. Ask your eye doctor first, but if you want a second opinion, or are looking for an eye doctor, call Dr. Lange at: 352-753-4014 at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages, FL. Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with The Lange Eye Care Institute located in The Villages, FL. He sincerely cares about his patients and goes out of his way to give good service. Listeninig to this program you will hear a lot of preventative measures that can be taken to promote eye good care: in some cases preventing surgery. He offers Breakthrough Technology in new vitamins, plus some that data show improves dry eyes!



    Sat, 5 Jan 2019

    Listen to this live call-in show on eye care and nutrition to learn anything we can do to slow the aging process in the eyes and in the entire body. Dr.Lange talks about preventative methods for eye and body care. He also describes the latest findings in eye medical care, eye surgery, glasses, contacts, vitamins, diets, and more. He has the purest non-adulterated protein available at Fortifye Vitamins in Ocala. Dr. Lange has just released his new Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye therapy, which he spent five years developing. Based on true clinical science improves eye fatigue, lessen dry eyes, improves focus, and help computer syndrome, and other eye diseases, and your immune system. Go to to read about it or call 866-503-9746 for more details.



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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Genesis communications presents the show that's. People seem better and feel better all over flying its ask the doctor flip board certified. Position -- high nutritional special. And popular radio host. Doctor Michael lineup last night -- us. Yeah. Okay good morning. And welcome to ask the doctor I'm -- host doctor Michael Lang Lang I -- & Associates. And fortify vitamins. He got a question regarding your this year I care picked up the loans and give me a car where actually broadcasting from. Genesis communications here in Sony. Clearwater Florida. This morning you got a question 1866977. 482. When he that is 1866977. 4820. It is Saturday morning were open into our offices this Saturday. At a Gainesville offices open and the main okay ally offices open and we're gonna do 25%. Off today. So if your interest in going -- and saving some money on. Hop summit frames on fortified vitamins is 25%. Nonsense it is a holiday weekend. As -- go to lying I care Ocala the -- cal office ran across from the paddock mall. Or my -- care gains on our Tampa profits is closed today so they get 25% off frames 25% off. Any fortified vitamins as well. All right before we take the first car just -- take a couple things are gonna talk about today we are gonna talk about -- Left for rightists and how there's a specific bio film on the lids and how do we clean that off them what would that do for yet. Or talk about that today we're gonna talk about -- contacts and a little bit more detail. As well and -- wanna letter and I know that -- eye care Monday a week ago so almost a week ago. Went live with EM RI electronic medical records. We are there. So -- apologize for us going a little bit slow at first. It's a new guys new technology mean we had to put computers in every single exactly exam room laptops denied doctors and it's been interesting to say at least but it is going to improve customer service that is gonna improve things dramatically. Ross on the process of putting a call senator -- so now immune to the front desk in any of the ten -- -- secure locations. The girls were not being answering the phone and putting you on hold at the front desk. So it's gonna go to a cause and are very cents a we're doing everything we can. I had to stay put to jones' anti China continued. And set give better customer service to everybody that comes to the -- I care locations the good thing about electronic medical records is. If -- emergency I've got a laptop with me now that has all of your files on anywhere I go from out of this country or in this country and emerged Karl. Technical director and find out exactly what medications you're taking what you're allergic to. What are your history is what kind of I promise you have and that really helps us. If you're an emergency room and how's the ER doctors while so. Electronic medical records -- something that all doctors are gonna have to go to next year or they're going to be fine -- And the finest pretty hefty us out all doctors got to upgrade their computer software. To hit but compliance software. Sad -- -- I don't listen into an investment show on the way and I think guy. Mine may be investing in some of these off for companies and computer companies might not be a bad idea. Let's think about it how many physicians are out there and they're all going to have to change you get new computers next -- they haven't already done it. Right let's over the phone lines if you got a question 8669774820. Learn more about what we have to offer -- I care dot com playing as LE NGE Lang I care dot com. Wearing go to my blog site doctor Michael Lang dot com and from over those sites you can join us on FaceBook. -- terrorist. Twitter. -- -- -- any of -- social media is the stay abreast of the changing times us -- recommend going to tenors are adventurous side. Specially wanna learn about anti aging nutrition organic gluten free pay Leo diet. Skin nutrition nutrition to fight against the flu dry and I nutrition masculinity generation nutrition. If you simply go to the interests. Dot com forward slash doctor Michael Lang that society I created. You can do research on all these different types of anti aging and nutritional. Diets and I've not talked about in detail from that site so. Interests dot com Ford -- doctor Michael -- And one other site that -- and adding some stuff to recently you have dry eyes you wanna check this out. Dry I need tritium dot org tried nine nutrition dot org just posted something new on that last night. I drag nutrition dot org you can go and read up from the last few years a lot of good information that talks about ways of improving. Or decreasing. Dry ice and demolish -- improving patient and have my -- gland dysfunction and severe dry eyes naturally. Without drugs. -- -- the first caller of the day I wonder that could be. Dobbs good morning. Well welcome back doctor Linus doing the talking on -- Saturday morning. Yeah actually last week I was away at Hattiesburg Mississippi. Took my son for orientation their fur Wednesday Thursday and Friday. I Saturday when visiting the folks in Picayune Mississippi. And then was back test Saturday night late so -- name and -- the show the -- starts university southern Mississippi. Starts majoring in microbiology. And premed pre optometry silly starts August 15. So these are situated -- -- But all -- fresh steps like. They Gary yes I do have one of my degrees from universities southern Mississippi and that's exactly -- as great a great town great town I got tea Mississippi people they really. I know how to treat you right -- mean they have that southern hospitality unlike anyplace else. I actually thought the story the last time we spoke used finished our conversation -- taught them something on the that I want to talk to you know more about today. -- says that vitamin eight blocks. Are the uptick from vitamin. Could you expand on -- little bit and are -- talking about vitamin Asian food or supplemental vitamin. Yeah that's a great question and yes it has been proven now. That. Vitamin K how -- -- or -- on that is a form of vitamin a's threatened no gas and right or -- look on your bottle of vitamins and those -- vitamin a commentator or save -- vitamin a retton all. Retinoids gas and this is in the supplement form okay not ensued. So you can eat through that has beta carotene any -- vitamin a and it does most. You know proteins have -- NAN and it's not gonna block the absorption of vitamin. All right you get high dosages of vitamin day. I just that if this is retton already knowing asset or how much -- it does. Block the activation of vitamin. And so we have done vitamin. 25 hydroxy test. And found that they were deficient and and you have to figure out why they're deficient is there -- medical reason for them to be deficient are they taking vitamin a in high dosages. Or are they not getting enough sun and after they go in the sun and using so but does believe or not after in the sun -- talk about vitamin. After you go on the sun you know when he used so for about six hours because it washes off the royals that are helping the vitamin. So Tom yes vitamin a doesn't like it -- not so you know we took off vitamin at a fortified vitamins we also took the beta carotene that 67 years ago now. The problem with vitamin day in the fat side able form that's the -- oil gas and that's how much in -- all is it builds up toxic levels very quickly. Just a little bit about the US RDA required amount and it becomes toxic to your liver to your bones to your brain to your rat and a so we don't want any vitamin a in a supplement and -- is very low low dosages remember. I don't 12500 blood test that I've done that I am. You know we had very few vitamin a deficiencies. I'm a member of a Philanthropic group called vitamin dangers and we take vitamin natives there more countries and give vitamin -- to these kids. That are eating only rice and Brad they are vitamin a deficiency of vitamin a deficiency is a huge problem. But in America we don't have vitamin a deficiencies unless you have some sort of health problem. Most of us enough vitamin a deficiency if you're at a 100% vegetarian and you're taking a Staten drugs than you may be decision vitamin hang. -- so it's a good idea to have certain blood test done to analyze that. But vitamin a doesn't block the absorption of vitamin. What sort -- conjunction or that group mole -- -- sufferers where exploration. As -- believes -- her vitamin a supplements. And Jake talks where -- relation. I understand contrary to that statement like I need verification. Well I mean -- realization is something her dermatologist surely help -- with I mean this is one time one time that sometimes an antibiotic -- -- Combined with the -- -- -- to help rose -- Rose -- increase your incidence of dry -- significantly in my blooming -- dysfunction -- what is wonderful for rose shifts -- I related -- -- a -- -- -- we talk about all the time Bob. Omega Omega three I would not take vitamin and -- it was prescribed by her doctor. And she is followed very carefully because it has a lot of toxic problems I'd rather have polarization. And my liver shutting down -- neuro degenerative disorders are. Are you know it causing. I asked European osteoporosis. -- remember there's a lot of potential complications from high dosages of vitamin and we used the least these high dosage of vitamin a for recognize pigment terrorism were very apprehensive about doing now because of all the potential side effects. What is -- jokes. Brought the worst level we're trying moderate terrified. I'd have to go back and and look him in. The literature but if I recall. I mean I'm thinking. I'm thinking 2.5 harder units or above is is too high. From the recommended dose I think is about 5000 units for adults I could be way off on this I'm I'm not a 100% sure. But IE I would say -- 500 units or lower. Is relatively safe in adults. I don't like vitamin a any higher than that. But the -- and his team to get it from your food. And this is why idol. 100% vegetarians. And that China didn't change your life but. You know you don't get a lot of great fat side able vitamin a to get plenty beta carotene which is supposed to convert to vitamin and but eating a little protein is a good idea weather and whether it's eggs -- -- say sure. Chicken or Turkey or grass fed beef you know trying to get organically raised proteins. Now I still recommend that the biggest portion of the solution always fear of vegetables. And then fruits nuts and seeds and -- gotta have protein now. I'm so a lot of people out there that are 100% Megan's. There and I didn't complete protein ninety eat and beans and rice and you know lazy keep beans and brown rice that is a complete protein but a lot of them are doing and they just eating broccoli green beans and you know asparagus and stuff like desk. So my my recommendation is I would not taken multi vitamin -- that says it has vitamin a commentator -- all and it is no reason to most of these multi vitamins your -- over the counter or not only have vitamin -- -- synthetic vitamin need. Very bad for the heart bad for the prostate they have beta carotene bad for men's prostate causes lung cancer patients that smoke. Also they have a lot of FT NC red yellow and blue dies and some really interesting binders and sellers. So the gist of this story is most multi vitamins violent camera I am very very leery out. That's why I started the fortified vitamin company so we can develop something that's all natural doesn't have any dies doesn't mean synthetic garbage and it doesn't have that. The zinc oxide the beta carotene vitamin a commentator and it. You know this is kind of my quest -- my journey. I have a passion for helping people nutritionally. And China helped develop supplements that actually work. What are so I have always do you are are quite request and I think you you don't magnificent job. Did you ordinary and. How to. Thank you have a great day but -- Our eyebrows and a collar -- beyond so I guess today we have to go back to the tapes to see when he first found us. On asked the doctor has been longtime Obama always has a lot of great questions makes me think. I phone lines are -- idiotic question 186697748. Warning that's 1866977. 4820. Remember would you attend locations of lying I -- & Associates in Tampa were located right there -- Bruce B downs are gonna satellite office there. Are right there off of I 75. And Bruce B downs. Down about a half mile on the left next to Panera Bread that -- usually open six days a week. We are closed today but Monday through Friday we are open in Clearwater we have enough this and sunset to that point and US nineteen and sunset plaza that's that big strip mall. Where you have Barnes and Noble's east have a public spare Bed, Bath & Beyond. Old navy sports authority. I'm Paula that you can't miss that -- I care optical gallery and -- six and a right there in the corner big gorgeous office state of the art facility there. And then we have our nutrition center right there on dream street. US nineteen come -- come by and visit are lean and -- need at Brooke visiting gang over there if you want an organic smoothie. On organic cappuccino organic green -- I we have all the vitamins there that you need and we have a lot of -- Douglas laboratories vitamins fortified vitamins Biopharma supplements some life extension staff. I'm blue bonnet we got a lot of protein powders that are unseen natured greens formulas and reds formulas and enzymes and pro way out of anything at talk about on this program. -- you can get at that location some of the best green tea can -- in the United States from the mean mean. The main main -- dynasty. So I come visit us right there injury street and US nineteenth that's the Lang pack nutrition senator we are so I have one downtown Ocala. That's open usually. Monday through Saturday. That is right there in the square downtown Ocala as a -- nutrition center it's actually are so. A high -- optical gallery got to come check it out. As cardinal -- I care uptown optical gallery and nutrition center. Folks if you're looking for that frame that up from a piece of eyewear that nobody else has he got to come check it out. We've got a selection of frames unlike anything in Florida you really got to go to SoHo New York to see some of these frames. We've got a right there in Ocala Florida things like -- the -- Efrain Celine CM Oliver peoples policy met Todd product. English laundry the new English laundry would collection is amazing handmade complete would. Make sure you bring your American Express these are not cheap. Tiffany -- forward. Paris optics attitude zero G delight this frame in the world it's a designer leave frank called zero G. I'll Le font -- font for kids Massoud a robber come volley mom blonde Tsquared. I -- the list goes on and on and on so come Mumbai it's a very unique eclectic type of -- here's senator. And the nutrition centers in the back combines say hello to -- right there downtown. Ocala it's Tom -- I care uptown optical gallery and nutrition senator is in between. Starbucks. And Marion the -- that used to be three years and years of bakery. -- we're gonna go to the phones thinks who's been waiting patiently. -- to see which lines she's gone. Them. He thinks he's online pharmacy. Soo good morning. Good morning guys did Nellie is let -- just some -- -- -- gathering -- and Macon yesterday. There you go out and out now sue I'm not sure if we're -- -- days is his fourth of July. And so I'm. The pressure on the radio I am so yeah -- I calculated but it and I can't read that article and I think it's every people shortest -- and just sit. Although I live from the -- I can know what do you do when it allowed yellow vegetables and fruit. Well yellow vegetables are good for you I mean yellow vegetables -- high ankle rotten or aids are right especially Z is and then all right. They come awesome some yellow vegetables are gonna have a little routine and and as well plenty of vitamins especially vitamin C. But you know yellow and orange bell peppers I like orange bell peppers is a power suit because. Orange -- preparers have the highest amount as he is -- any sued known to man. Other than go G bear -- okay. Someone in their dorm yes the red ones are very high and looked at the scene as well so the crowd noise -- fifteen. As he is anthem league team these are crowd noise that are very good for the guy very good for the skin very good for the hard. So and that's good for yet you know it does have vitamin -- but it's beta carotene based in the remember beta carotene from a food source is absolutely good for you. Okay well I don't think -- under one goods. Many years a little. Wedeman on the safe. So you can get a much you wanted it when you -- Food likened -- -- doesn't matter. Yet we can need detainee that till the cows come armed. OK I like to know. Is there and then that -- a mad that we make effective. Why everything in moderation is in there are median change triglycerides -- -- -- -- -- -- lower gas and right there's there's. That's saturated fat but is a saturated fat that is very good for you if you take it teaspoon a day it is not gonna blow you up it's not gonna make little tired and like photo site. Well you know I mean if you look like you get my get -- then you can come back a little bit. What I mean if you lay -- and -- something to. Yet but remembered that that you not if you put two tablespoons and it is something new frying your vegetables such a new -- -- you're not eating that a lot of that is absorbing in the two but the majority still stays in the man. So yes I think it's one of the best boils to cook west. He got out of something so either cut to a daughter -- -- corn also coconut all is just as good as any all out there if not better to cook -- -- never quit and you or lead this football anyway Matt and he didn't want -- -- because an electoral habits and he. But the cook and that -- and I'd like it because you know you can heap where that. Yep I and it doesn't turn into a carcinogen well we'll -- So yes cook with coconut on you're gonna be fine. OK. OK so it's a matter of fact because of that it would still be you know when they come out with our comes -- -- about -- to lay -- and then after you -- today you know. Right exit good for an -- coconut always bad Larry I don't know it mean. I write pretty soon they gonna say smoking is good for yes. Leo okay let's take you to my cabinet and then their bank. I -- take him about it. Are you listening that's an -- Ramirez doctor Michael Lang. I started lying I care to says his march 15 of 19930. My first office in Ocala Florida it was a one man shadow. And I was blessed to be in the right place the right and the good lord was a watch and after me. We have ten locations now -- close to twenty doctors I think -- fourteen. To metric physicians and five ophthalmologist. -- about Somalis trained in just about every aspect divide cares to remember Lang I -- does everything from medical surgical. Nutritional and optical eye care. And so if you're looking for the latest and I care. Whether it is any of those rounds come -- by any of the -- I can locations remember -- located in Gainesville. Three offices and Ocala summer field citrus hills the Lang I institute in the villages as a 35000 square foot building. Looks like you should be -- none of the Mississippi River like a big plantation. Remember we located in new Tampa. Clear Warner and we doesn't have that nutrition center include orders well. I -- and over the suns 186697748. When he learn more about us that -- I care dot com or doctor Michael Lang dot com. Anything I talk about you can usually get through fortified vitamins so you can also go to fortify. Dot com let me spell that fortify -- FO RTI. Asked. He why he's kind of playing on March fortified. Dot com. Just about anything I talk about you can purchase from that website -- is not on the website he can call fortified and we have it we can -- drop -- to -- that we're going back to defense. Let's see -- there's been waiting patiently I think Arthurs next -- good morning. And good morning doctor Ryan the question I want poor physical about nine months ago. And I think they get good genetic type of testing that would how tight not to glance. And then he says that. I need their vitamin not not that I need but the more vitamin B twelve but when I take it. I -- team isolated form. Can you tell me more about them because it limits the the other kind regular kind is not assimilate. Right right yeah that's sad that's -- -- bowl means so it sciatica -- I mean if you're taking that Foreman -- while. You basically most studies have indicated you get taken just a lot more of you got a shotgun at. Than -- form of B twelve does absorb more readily -- -- this. Did they tell you had pernicious Anemia or anything like down. -- everything -- showed up stood like cross swords to an 82. Oh my idea as well as. Obama will make as little. Like ten points. -- beautiful beautiful. But but you were beach while decision is that right. But I know we know that the that it. Physically it was normal yeah. But then they tell you just need in the -- form. Yes -- take you consider also -- aspirin is so good for me because it's not assimilated also. So is there any particular vitamin -- appears that I should be taking. I'm taking the 33 today and right now. Three day of flat. -- EU taking -- refocus and I just want. I'm not a focus once but beyond. The one that will you take three days. Other one and the little and the pac get right. The end -- that is that's for a fight complete plots and that has just about everything you need. How much do you -- promised UN. -- -- Yes are about my size that's that's exactly what I take -- and one of the fortified focused it is that gives you -- does and -- a little extra lead teens he is and -- And that -- I think you're related freeze and everything -- this. I started take media. The one without being. Right the zinc free -- -- I think that's not a bad idea especially if you haven't had a DNA tests showing us whether or not zinc is good or bad. I think that's probably good idea if people don't have the DNA test. You get 50% chance zinc is bad so the best thing is it just take zinc free immaculate offense even though you don't immaculate the generation. It's just a good whole body supplement remember were probably getting an adequate amount of zinc in our diet just like vitamin -- -- if you not a 100% vague and you're probably getting plenty of zinc in any of the proteins that -- reading especially if you have any red meat at all. So. You probably OK with that zinc free and then taking the official taking the asked his -- and I wouldn't put a whole 100% faith into the meth related former B twelve meth related for a B twelve is more expensive. And it does absorb -- that's absolutely correct. But it's cheaper to take more of this I am back -- bowl mean it's cheaper you take more and it does absorb about the same allowed -- -- levels. So you know a lot of people are trying to sell emasculated version I -- and you can't take glass and it does absorb better that is very true. About his -- much more expensive. But I am I told my I really didn't care to take aspirin I'm taken all the officials are also my CRT is point eight. That beautiful beautiful. So yes if your blood is intact and you doing cardiovascular exercise you're not overweight. Then there's probably no reason to be on a drug and -- your physician specifically says she needed taken -- you know baby aspirin every now and then a baby aspirin every other day -- baby aspirin every day for some people. Is very very important. But like he said if if are your -- are intact and UC reactive protein homocysteine numbers your Omega three is -- then you know why take drugs. OK so just says keep doing what I'm doing them. I would say. You know from are you are you my patient -- just listener the radiant. -- -- -- -- -- any yeah I mean -- -- is that not I'm not you physicians I was folly of physicians' advice in everything I talk about this radios for educational purposes not to replace your doctor. But it sounds like you're on the right track he wrote a really does. Yeah I'm. So I shouldn't change anything here because of BM. Recommendation looked like genotype four that's related -- Now did your doctor run that tester does somebody else run that test. And he ran the test but he sent it to the health diagnostic labs. Yeah. And they don't recommend make certain certain recommendations that I guess according to my genotype. You know certain things worked for me another standstill. Right right I mean that like does that mess like a ball I mean that's in need be twelfth. Is a little bit more bio formal for bio available Foreman -- while what is your B twelve was not deficient. Okay. There wasn't duration I would not I wouldn't worry about to be honest with you if you were deficient -- the best way to get rid of that would be with that meth -- a bombing vs the sign Annika bombing. There today noticed yours doesn't have that in Maryland medical. Right forum where you and adding but it form but I guess it's not less. Probably isn't necessary you can't and that's a -- -- vitamin you can make street excrete it near here and so I don't think it's bad that big a deal like you said. If you needed it if you would deficient then I would do it but it doesn't sound like you deficient I think he's doing great keep it up. That's what the doctors said they're not but I just wanted to confirm -- -- -- All right -- you have a great day. Take care Panama City is my old stomping grounds where I grew up in New Orleans are we got a lot of people on hold please hold through the break her crawl back. I think we got Michael time. In the -- -- you guys and gals all -- we'll take Michael first comes second will be back in about. Two and a half minutes -- stay -- I I'm doctor Michael -- come on board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist. Did you know that the majority of vitamins that you can -- it over the counter. I filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats all of the things that are fast free. This is why develop fortify vitamins and all natural nutrition Google developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete plus is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This supplement is a multi vitamin high vitamin. -- fruit blends with the enzymes and Omega three -- -- developed just from out of total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your health fortified vitamins. Take control your help -- fortified and learn more and order now at www. Fortify. Dot com. Available and playing -- -- & Associates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you are a loved one is suffering from macular degeneration -- -- noted the following information -- I'm doctor Michael -- come on board certified Affymetrix position. The certified nutritionist specialist masculine degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and patients over fifty time I have personally seen thousands of patients -- What immaculate generation clinical practice for over seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically have changed. The nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed science based nutrition Google called the fortified complete immaculate defense. That takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporated into one convenient daily attack yet. There is hope for immaculate the generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control of your health before -- complete that alerted them. Learn more in order now at www. Fortify dot com available at -- I care & Associates. Genesis communications presents the show that. People see better and feel better all -- its. Ask the doctor Flynn Boyle certified. Position through my nutritional specialist can be popular radio host. Doctor Michael I -- last night Caron associate. Okay good morning. Welcome back to ask the doctor Ramirez after Michael Lang if you got a question you may call 1866977. 482. When he Morgan -- take a couple of coliseum 12 I just wanna mention a couple of things about contact lenses this and uninteresting asked. News with contact lens industry act do you view who is Vista kind of company Johnson & Johnson. As their new tacky view lenses are coming in twelve -- and 24 packs they want no longer be available in six backs. So you can buy 224 -- that's a year's supply they are actually setting the prices now. You cannot sell them for a lesser price she cannot go to Wal-Mart or 18 marik contacts are expressed contacts. And by -- -- starting at the end of this month. -- offer a super discounted price. Well let's put this way -- view is going to -- salad for a lower price they're not gonna have rebates anymore the rebate Terry RD can be calculated into the price. But they're setting the prices so let's say a box costs twenty dollars everybody -- out for the same price. Say you know you're not gonna save money if you're buying activities by going online are going to Wal-Mart. Get them from your local optometrists ophthalmologist for a petition. Everybody's got to sound for the same price. So active music great lens tacky the oasis one the most comfortable lenses in the world I gotta tell you Bausch and lomb has their act together they have a new lens called ultra. This is a monthly replacement plan editorially once a month it's called ultra it is the most comfortable -- contact lens ever made by Bausch and -- I love this -- it does have a sixty dollar rebate so after the sixty -- rebates a 180 dollars for a year's supply. Which makes it very affordable so that some when you're throwing it every month has called Bausch and mom all truck. Awesome you know one day disposable very soon at -- I care probably in the next 23 weeks. We're gonna -- the newest hottest one day disposable lens on the market -- made by south line. -- -- fresh day fresh day is gonna be that the least expensive one day disposable on the market the most comfortable. And very good for the so we're atop a lot more about that in the near future all right let's go back to the suns let's see you think Michael's been waiting patiently. Michael and Tampa good morning. But it euphoria. Well I have an old -- Issues that. The woman. I hate cataract surgery. But on the key locations and they have not my my play list down to shady side. And. Before they settle that's no problem for a cataract surgery had a little platelets. Instead so. You could lose tonight. So now you know -- back and stop. I have a couple of other things that I don't know if it's connected to the cataracts. But right now -- have a hard time being distant vision reading you just look at that whatever wrote. And so I have that. Aside from me to you know even casino like reading his TV guide or anything. Right right. And so you cataracts are getting to the point were starting to impair your quality of life is what you stand ranks. Right and so are you bruising very easily right now. No not really. Yes so what happens in cataract surgery. In a lot of doctors what to say depending on the ophthalmologist that they can still do cataract surgery because this is. Going through your cornea clear -- incision there is no blood vessels in your cornea. So you would not have any bleeding so chances are you would do very well however they probably want you to build those platelets that got. But -- never. Right so you never know I mean sometimes they may have some complications they have to do something outs they don't want you to bleed. You know bleed out -- there on the table so. I would tend to agree need to file your doctor's advice your primary care physician your ophthalmologist. If they say you got to wait to build up does that play list and that's what you need to do. But they can get those built back up are they trying to do are they doing anything to build those up right now. No not really had a giant is. And that everything is going to be going against me because now my appetite is gone I looked over ten -- And missing -- I take fortified -- I have been for years. And I have -- -- and. I don't know I have so many things you know right now analogy is actually good because. I don't even know why can't sleep. -- -- that you get a lot on your mind you probably concerned and worried. You need to relax. Well I'm also put. They're trying to get scheduled for hernia surgery at the. While you know and yet Michael enjoys a maturation ran like this. Well you know be as -- he got to file your doctor's directions on this all right they know what's best to use so you know follow the directions certainly if you have any I related issues we want a second opinion can always -- -- any of our doctors. But solid interactions and and cataracts come -- very slowly so that is not an emergency surgery okay. He wanted to did better actually gave. I don't know at least six months ago. Right. Well you get get cheered me you know do what your doctor says build those platelets up first. Any suggestion that that I take a lot of supplements. Well are you eating any red meats eat any any typos liver and dollop calf liver or anything like that. I know live at what they do we -- red -- devastation that. Going on I -- disallow. Every everything that I smell like. You know like food cooking the last -- is not good. Everything they solved -- or sweet. I'm not eating a lot. Did you did you tell you physician this. And I. Some interest and he added I need I need a lot more time with him than just on the radio to see is that. So. Is where you're in Tampa right. -- -- I would say folly doctor's instructions and and then let's see if he can build those platelets up and if you team and great eat candy cataract surgery or not. If you doctors now -- anywhere is probably time for second opinions. And I take your mind -- -- I don't always have the answers right 18669774. Between let's go to Tom in -- news Tom thanks for holding morning. That's going to more and I you do want to ask you can't -- a great I'm great thanks for taking -- dot com. Had a real quick congratulations on your son carrying on the tradition I think that's great -- you present that yet anyway. I -- me right before paraplegic and of course use catheters to -- for bladder control right. Course at least in the open to -- -- -- and I was just wondering if Islam. He had anything in your nutritional arsenal -- that might help prevent or so. But today I mean you know certainly drinking a lot of fluids are right. I'm I would avoid sweetened fruit juice and any sweetened drinks. So yeah I would not unless our tea there's a couple of Sweden produces more than I Sweden but natural cranberry juice and blueberry juice. Or eating more cranberries and blueberries is even better than the Jews. But -- -- they actually have substances that inhibit the binding of the bacteria in the -- to the Blatter. So. And unsweetened cranberry juice and that's actually kind of bitter taste in their -- -- yeah and so we -- probably gonna have to get it I get a health food store. -- whole whole foods. Fresh market -- -- fresh market any of these places are gonna have it so we mark Kramer raising more blueberries as long as united diabetic drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Very very good Korea. -- when he a vote of spring war not. Don't drink war that is reverse osmosis and distilled because is very acidic and it -- it can if you drink high dosage of liege minerals from your body. All right -- your beatings. -- or avoiding refined foods. Refined foods like white breads and pastas and sugar no -- noted sugar. -- more high fiber foods. Oh its roots of vegetables. Beans things like that. And this is one time people that allow you ETI is. I avoid. Why is still eat red meat but less red meat more lean meat called Warner fish. As very get wild Alaskan salmon all right. That these things should be pretty pretty good for yet coffee. Alcohol tobacco things like that it probably should try to avoid I mean sometimes it's hard to. And and and obviously file your doctors. You know directions. Herbal teas are good do some of -- some of the herbal -- out there but the main thing is I mean this unsweetened cranberry juice and eating cranberries and blueberries. Fantastic fantastic and in real quick what are you talking -- couple. And so as a goal as far as aspirin what what what is your opinion on on a daily baby aspirin for cardiovascular. -- I think for most people I think for most people a sense absolutely fine. I especially if you don't have any gastrointestinal. Problems from the aspirin is specially your doctor's telling you to do that yeah yeah. And something else could steer that we almost have forgot about for you TI's is a good pro by out of supplement. This is great for your gastrointestinal. Systems you're immune system and is actually some pretty strong scientific evidence. That it is good for Euro logical conditions now as well. And you know I've been preaching -- out extra few years now and kind of like the fortified vitamin line I got tired of the recommending over the counter vitamins dismissed them than -- therapeutic amounts I've been working on a new probe by out of and a new enzyme. That we have completed it is available. It is just not available that public yet because we had. Label. Issues with FTC alassane some things a label and -- and I shouldn't say -- right. So I finally made everybody happy and were -- the labels now. So it's only a matter of time I'm -- in two weeks we should have these great addicts and enzymes available through fortify vitamins. Fantastic up until -- would -- What do you suggest we should legislate for your poll by -- Well I'm there are so good club I got to see you getting a probe by -- from the health restored get the ones that are not in the refrigerator OK -- not in the refrigerator right. Because those are easily delivered in the non refrigerated container and he knows what's happened to -- in the heated especially during the summer. Yeah so I would eat it takes them that is certain that that don't not have to be refrigerated in. In edges of a variety album so all probably pretty decent they just don't have super high therapeutic amounts. You know you can also -- drinks and Kiefer -- a key for you can buy at the health food store even public says Kiefer and between the buttermilk section. And that and -- section. Kiefer is very high improve by onyx. What -- this county we created a public's right he says yeah this -- and it's in between butter milk and yogurt so it doesn't taste great but it doesn't taste bad either. OK I wondered about Troy thank you for your time appreciate that you have a great rest of the weekend you take care Bubba thanks right. I won 8669774820. Got a question gimmick 1866977. Foray Tony we're gonna talk about something that all of you have. Cubs left varieties. Now maybe maybe there's a couple of you that don't have -- but when I look at your eyelashes with the microscope. I see this -- crusty stuff all over your eyelashes. Some people have a lot more -- than others if you have realization you gonna have more of that than most people. So what are you did and what does that cause well -- rightists isn't inflammation of the lid margins secondary to. Bacteria. Virus in engines mites. And even crabs that can hang out on your eyelashes that's right the eyelashes are one of the dirty as parts of your body when you think about it we brush our teeth. We wash under arms we wash -- hair but would ascribe -- eyelash snow right. So I want you start taking control of your ocular health and start scrubbing your eyelashes in the shower to warm washcloth when your eyes are closed. Maybe some baby shampoos. That will help. But ultimately. The way I treat this is I recommend using something called hockey is soft hockey soft -- You get that at any -- I care location you can get an off the fortify website. And you take first you -- your eyelashes up with a warm washcloth the Bruener mask is a mascot allowed for this. You put in the Michael -- for twenty seconds and it -- cruise around your face. And it heats up those lids so using warm washcloth and the bird amassed heat up the lid margins. That loosens up on this flaky scaly garbage on your eyelashes then you take a warm washcloth or acute tip your finger with Iraqi soft found scrub your eyelashes really good back and forth back and forth up and down back and forth you gotta do it gets. When you think they're cleans Robinson some more. And then you drive and all right that's gonna help the majority view but there is about probably 65 percentage you may be even higher than that. That actually have a condition called -- -- -- this is a mighty. That actually cross up and down your eyelashes and we see it with a microscope all the time looks like a little inch worm cruise around on your eyelashes. And this cause your eyelashes to be a little swollen whether eyelid margins to be red swollen. Yeah ice to feel a little -- -- at times. And you need to use clear decks for that clear -- is. A form of tea tree you'll all that -- premeditated pad. You still have to use your. Baby shampoo. Warm washcloth or the hockey is soft -- -- first. To break down all the garbage and get rid avid continued gently wiped it with a clear index the clear next. Is gonna burn just like you couldn't Ben gay on your I believe me. Keep your eyes closed at thirty seconds after you white it was clear next this kills those little -- caught Dem index. A box 25 and a box and kill about ninety percentage you will kill it going to be gone. About temper sending -- these two boxes a fifteen day. -- supply to really get rid of this certainly ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist about this a lot of them don't have a clue what damage that says. Said he had some red irritated swollen eyelashes are -- for a long time or chronic problem chances are you have timid next. So follow my instructions used hockey soft lid scrub followed. By wiping your eyelashes with a clear it acts. And -- action things improved dramatically you can learn a lot more about this I got some articles on the -- website he can bite off the fortify website as well fortified. Dot com that's FO RTI asked. EYE. The Desi needed don't have a computer believe it or not there's a lot of you out there without computers -- -- you get toll free number in columnists need our -- broke. And they can hook you up -- drop -- into your house anywhere in the continent US. The toll free numbers 8665039746. No more time 866503. 9746. That's a fortified vitamins. A lot of he just got -- some identity one more time fortify phone number remember anything I talk about on this program you can call talk directly to our lean usually. If he can't get or leave a message she will content in he call you back she doesn't caller back in the latter. I don't really on -- so one more time that phone numbers 8665039746. All right let's -- -- -- the -- -- Jacksonville good morning. Yes hi good morning there. I'm I'm about sixty years old my vision is excellent. I'm -- noticed that the apple whites of the eyes are are not really wired anymore actually list the top of the live. And it's still very wide underneath. -- just looking at me now in the bottom par and around it is not. I'm not whites and you know those droplets and just put in just a killer is the the blood vessels lose whatever. I don't care for that it is or some kind of herbal vitamin or something commercial and make it wider backers are just part of Beijing that got to live. That's a great question Carl without -- can be hard for me definitively tell you what's going on but I might discuss some of the things that it could date. Number one you don't ever want to put vice zine -- arraigned or clear eyes in your eyes. Unless you know idea you are going to have a meeting with the president or somebody like that are right. Because eight EE get the rebound effect with his staff -- right. So you've got to continuously use it to get the redness that is like the neo snaps for a nose spray ask frank. You get to diffuse and if you won every -- get addicted to it and get use it more more more. To get the same relief so stay away from anything gets the rat out of Iraq. If you have red irritated eyes it can be a variety of things often times is related to dry eyes okay. Thoughtful student I'm sort of -- but I actually do not have them -- -- of the guys. It's just the among whitening and it's time. I guess not yellow -- just -- pale. Guy out there have you been out on lol have you been out in the sun a -- -- Reality ornery economy shattered courage they go out so you probably have what we call -- wacky was. These are little palaces that are built up to the ultraviolet light and the wind. Just about on everybody in Daytona Beach gets it and make sure I start to not look quite look a little dull yellow -- CU. A little callous. Kind of built up nasal and temporal to the colored part of your ride. I'm here right. Now this number one we're good pair of sunglasses. Something has blue filtering property so good Maui Jim -- Del Mar. With a brown amber lends nothing gray UN's not the Greenland -- wanting their brownie camera lens or rose colored lens. And I would use -- preserve lubricate denied drops the pass lubricate an eye drops on the market are either a waste is tears. Or blinked at two years and those have pilot -- of gas and and then which is a natural anti inflammatory. Remember you -- 30000 times a day. So when your eyes a little bit dry your blinking blinking blinking is aggravating that little calloused yellow area. -- can cause it to start to get elevated larger and start to have some vascular church some blood vessels growing into it and starts to look -- So using a good -- -- I drop -- help sell like oasis tears or -- tears. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses and here's where Omega three comes in the play. Taking a good Omega three preferably the one -- I create a -- fortified super Omega. If he can't get that -- local doctor if you don't want -- offer web site then you need to take even nordic natural throw Omega. Or a liquid -- sure you combine over the counter. The only one that I like that is -- -- capping -- over the counter is more than nordic natural products like pro Megan they're very hard to find Nicklaus the fifty dollars. So affordable price -- pro fortified super -- is only 25. Com and you gonna calm get 33% more potent than any other product out there and is the purest peaking yet so. Omega three is very important eat more Sar Deans eat more wild Alaskan salmon occasionally good tuna occasionally. Stay away from skipped Jack tuna don't -- -- Jack -- ever again until I tell you it's okay. Because all that. Cruises around that that nuclear nuclear. And -- that's in Japan say you know when he -- check it -- Jack tuna right now. More -- opinion. Just what your opinion on the -- crew or don't. I would stay away from and it should go in the garbage scanner paper weight and the reason for that is. Right now nobody I repeat nobody is selling at therapeutic amount of -- all on the market. I personally think a lot of people making a lot of money -- for growth there is not enough Omega three and it at this point. One data sell enough. But right now we have 16100 milligrams and are fortified super Omega Omega three -- has about. Forty to fifty milligrams to stay away from growth and let's just wanna waste your money okay. -- -- I wanna thank everybody for tuning in if you're not happy with your I can't get a second opinion come at any -- I care location we get ten in the air would take good care if I'm out there and have a great day. God bless you.