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Jul 12, 2014|

Eye Care and Nutrition; "Ask The Doctor" Show for 7-12-14

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    Slow down the aging in the eye and entire body, naturally, by acting on information given in this live call-in show. Ask your eye doctor first, but if you want a second opinion, or are looking for an eye doctor, call Dr. Lange at: 352-753-4014 at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages, FL. Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with The Lange Eye Care Institute located in The Villages, FL. He sincerely cares about his patients and goes out of his way to give good service. Listeninig to this program you will hear a lot of preventative measures that can be taken to promote eye good care: in some cases preventing surgery. He offers Breakthrough Technology in new vitamins, plus some that data show improves dry eyes!



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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better on the Frontline. -- doctor. Point 75 -- position. Sort of my nutritional specialist can popular radio host. Doctor Michael lining up playing I -- associates. Do you. I'm -- host doctor Michael Lang Lang I care Tenet says it is. The -- I institute fortified vitamins and my nutrition centers. And we're gonna. Music really -- my -- I'm back in your myself. And to get a question we're live broadcasting from day's over we're broadcasting through all the other networks that they got a question. One. 87797598. Known you know I'm on the wrong line 187797598. 25. Have broadcast her variety of different radio stations anyway Emma board certified up to metric physician as well as a certified nutritional specialist. I give me a collar remember we have ten locations -- I Kiernan says he she can learn more about this -- I care dot com or doctor Michael Lang pack count. And guess who we have as a guest in the studio Whitney. -- Jeff good morning. Good -- and good morning Michael. It's been one of the greatest adventures of my life has been getting to know you over the last eighteen years of of doing these radio shows this boy and every Saturday morning for. 1818 years but you look as you the better than you did eighteen years ago against Iran and other great you really do you. -- -- pretty good yourself I think you -- aging gracefully -- So it's like the great woods you know. -- grasshoppers and the great lines and you've been hosting a show you the first on this guy that I in the old location and I was a second you were I snuck that in that night. And and you're gonna have to remember that your whole life because I'm not -- let's forget every time they see you Richard stores I remind yourself you know on my showed started before doctor -- stroll. I had a friend of mine in high school we. We both won state championships. And we were the first ones but. He was in 98 Penn State champion so he was the first state champion. I was the second state champion. And you know here we are 45 years later and I'm still hearing about yet it was the first state to -- in and Jeff was second -- And so attended a time line that's the missing leg just the other day I still think of a 1980 cars being pretty -- Nothing he got that beautiful young daughter you gotta keep thinking you know it. I had eight years old man. The whole gosh invest -- shotguns. They play on guns dogs with the -- in eighteen starts college August 15 is he wears a go to school university southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg reality golden eagle. I of one of my degree from an opinion and cheated on the president of the college doctor Ben and the vice president and oh by the police chief so. Bowl and all the people in Hattiesburg. Especially the police chief cut a doctor and interpret your son here and knows just how to. In particular this forests -- -- can never get that call. So did your dad he's hoping it never got that call -- And that that your film I have a question for you doctor -- I need a new pair of glasses in the I'm looking for something that's a little more fashionable. Where we're really go to get fashionable glasses. Well all -- allowing our secure locations have lots of great designer frames but you know I know you -- and you want something a little bit different yes yes you guys drive to Ocala and go to our uptown optical gallery is right in the downtown square it's it's right in between on south magnolia right in between Starbucks and -- the -- theater -- who is caught -- -- optical gallery and nutrition sinister we have an -- -- -- back we -- get protein powders and screened -- in the new cup honey. And in the front we have just an amazing assortment of frames Crist was done a really good job my wife came is generally good job. They've traveled the world to buy the elite and designer friend really. There has a lot of these are handmade we have some that are solid word means something you cannot get anywhere in Florida. You really have to go to SoHo New York if you're gonna get the a lot of these frames. There was a law there was and your wife Tammy is like picked up the last repairs glasses for so tell us I have I have bought and glasses could she has been appear recently -- A group like let's go to Rio Tinto didn't do it has hit a crystal. Yeah crystal is is one of the best you know optical. Designer. Designer frame experts out there so -- who runs that should that down hole senator she designed an action set -- that it's very eclectic. -- -- -- -- when we are and should you be really surprised you know wood floors brick walls. Very eclectic design she built everything in there. Libya and the frame Lawrence. In that the chairs everything she built from scrap she'd she'd built his results are salvia -- like -- -- purpose typist to Hannah what. Very green. Why how that is such a cool thing on purpose it is it is really neat we've had a lot of optic longer his -- owners of -- companies from all over the country that have come and it. I had taken lots of pictures of the facilities that is like the coolest little optical there have been. While that do you have any more of those or is that right now though only and that's our super. High end kind of eclectic optical all of our -- I care location and again at 1010 locations they all have a lot of great frames and the villages the -- -- institute in the villages we have some of the frames that we -- at the -- -- gallery there as well. So these -- people if you want something that's different and yet available -- some of these frames can be very expensive sure you know you can't -- have -- for under 200 dollars at the -- I can go to account up to -- -- optical -- and you can easily walk out with you know. A lot more than men -- I you know -- and when I get when you get to that level 802000 dollars is not. Unexpected for those kind of classes but the last you until the fashions gone and so. Are and they're hand made incredible quality and essentially correcting union paper which again yes. And where my brother as he got three things in the dollars -- all right I love you you're the greatest -- just continue. Jeff Davis higher ranked every now and any we -- and we do was show for a bit together. I -- talk to -- on investing I. I we're gonna we're gonna take some of these phone -- there let's see who's well first I wonder. I benches the -- publicity. Bob good morning welcome to the program. -- director -- energy out pandas. Are. There. An article. Last week genders are so. Referring to the arm. The troops or -- And current -- and -- -- lasts and lasts. Productive in our respect curious visitors started to -- And become -- Resistance. To Asia antibodies. -- this article. Says. Might be. -- suggest it will repudiate our actual alternative. A politics. And -- all I've read or is that if you got Portuguese. Locally produced only supposed to put her allergies. Apple I was ordering. Another different. Rates of -- I don't used to speak a lot of our Luka. Are ornament -- country. Mosquito don't want it can be better as an anti bacterial. Insurance or -- -- at some point that -- that. You know this is a great question Iman talked about honey in a long time and I'm an address that. I get I got a tea indeed that medicinal importance of honey and it is this has been document and and oldest medical literature in the world for. Thousands of years since ancient times -- -- And that property of honey the healing property of honey is due to its its anti bacterial activity okay. And it also maintains a in a more -- to wound condition -- right. And the anti microbial activity in most Tony now set in most Tony this is in -- new company first and most tiny. Is due to that ends dramatic production and what of hydrogen peroxide okay. -- produces hydrogen peroxide that's absolutely correct Tom and so that's why it has anti bacterial properties however. Another kind of honey the one you just mentioned my new -- honey and that's really saying none peroxide. Honey. All right and it it it it has its anti microbial properties. When the Hydro peroxide activity is actually blocked believe or not. And we think -- right we think the mechanism is related to the very low PH level of this type of honey. And the high sugar contents which creates a high asthma Lara has more hilarity McCain say that word. Com and this high this low PH actually kills microbes a gang. So -- the thing Obama knew got honey is busy medical grades of -- -- -- honey okay and is resistant bacteria out there like MRSA. And men -- got honey has been shown to kill MRSA. So I like -- -- -- honey -- Ava eleven melanoma -- honey has a level. And the level grating system 100 to 400 need to have at least a hundred. The problem with the 400 the for a doesn't taste as good as the 100 level. And these are documented through the New Zealand you know at a university in New Zealand Hanukkah honey comes from New Zealand is organically raised. It taste very good you can put it near green -- in the morning -- putting your protein shakes before working out or after working out. Some -- -- honey is one of my favorite anti aging nutrients on the planet. You take it orally. And if you have a word NG impacted in the -- said and you get an inside out great for diabetics. They have wounds that are healing may affect Mayo Clinic an auction a clinic down in New Orleans. Are using the -- honey in their Mercer clinics. I -- generation. Popularity or sports club more and why didn't dissipate very good thank you. Yep yep panic and Monica -- is raw honey see you wanna stick with a raw unpasteurized honey if possible. Right. Thank you won't doctors are you taking about our -- About questions get harder and harder and I don't know it just don't Omega three anymore. Let's go back to the -- I think it's never. An uncle a lot hi Deborah thanks for holding the morning. -- and can you. I Aqua Aqua and statement out. Back in October I went to -- doctor after. Not for skiers and the person he McNamee an -- -- -- your body full of information you need to quit eating -- Which I had thought like I. Had been bloated and -- land can't wrap my my primary doctor Ari are you getting older. But I -- on this -- The weak spot in the week. And that was architect at park where a lot longer wait -- look much better I don't have eight -- the joint aches. And I can see your project wonderland market utility implication that my body is still better and I appreciate it and tight end opening. He acknowledged to me to tell me that I had information about -- elected -- as much out. And I practiced a lot about our bodies and our constitution and that's actually check out the inflammation in my body. Great question you bring up a really valid point there you know I'm impressed that you went to an -- doctor that talked to you about nutrition. Is that there's not many have us out there I am glad that you did -- stay with that guy or gal. You know I am not only -- but you should probably avoid. Rye and Barley as well and so you know the problem with wheat Barley and riots are genetically modified nowadays genetically modified food. Has pesticide residue a thousand times that of traditionally grown -- which is more more than organically grown food. So if you gonna eat wheat Barley -- -- make sure to organically grown but then again. You know most of the staff has been. Intermingled and it's probably still a genetically modified seeds so the best thing is just to stay away from that as of books out there like -- bellies and things like that. Basically a gluten free diet RI a gluten free diet I think is beneficial for everybody on this planet. And it's not because everybody has a sensitivity to gluten but everybody has a sensitivity to roundup which is the pesticide. That is inside all of these genetically modified -- it's a tank. And that's one reason you get a lot of his bloating so people that have. This excess weight they do that just about everything and nothing makes it go away and there are always feeling bloated and full -- right. If they get off of a gluten a lot of those people improve dramatically if you get on a good in his time. -- an enzyme tablet why you're eating your cooked foods. Or eat some raw fruits and vegetables with every meal that's one way to get these enzymes and take a good pro by attic at -- right before bad. And the combination of being on a gluten free diet. Enzymes with cooked food improve my attic before bad you'll be surprised how much better you gonna do. And then lastly drink spring quarter are good well watered don't drink the fuss at Warner because it's got chlorine and chloride both the poisons. And it don't drink reverse osmosis or distilled water because there's no minerals and has very acidic and can add to your problems. It in the stomach so drink order that says spring Warner. So like Saratoga. Voss zephyr hills. Any of these it's a spring Warner on it. And then ultimately. Most Americans are eating or consuming a pro inflammatory diet a diet high in Omega six's. And what I recommend patients is going on a gluten free -- -- diet. Preferably a gluten free organic hey Leo -- you can research that online. If you go to might center site you can researcher for days from Nancy just sort of -- dot com forward slash doctor Michael Lang. I've got a parasite that break it down into anti aging nutrition organic gluten free pay Leo diet. Nutrition for dry eyes nutrition for Matthew at a generation nutrition for the skin nutrition for the flu. Set the whole site dedicated to nutrition can do a lot of research on their -- for days so check that enter a site out. And think give me an update called and the red. I take care. And endeavor like December -- -- a valid point that -- doctor whether sharp comic -- or ophthalmologist. Can pick up inflammation in the body through the irony that I as the window to the -- is the window to the so that might be a whole -- of show there. But is definitely the window to the body so we're picking up patients that have collagen vascular diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and shark -- lupus and fibromyalgia. I doubt all the time from an ice and -- So there's all these I guess is that occur in the -- I just stands for inflammation this inflammation in the high there's inflammation usually in the body as well. So patients have Carrick took him jump divide is sick got. Our -- night to square right is Kim -- divide this all these different ideas is in the guy. And certainly weakened shriek these using steroid drops nuns to oracle drops. But I always talk about nutrition to my patients to help adjust their diet ever hope you still listening. One simple way. To lower inflammation in the body is and Omega three -- all in the triglycerides. Form we've done. Hundreds if not thousands of -- index tests in the majority of our patients. Through the -- I care locations. Are. Pro inflammatory they have lots of inflammation in the body and one reason is that they're not eating much fish so if you take a good Omega three. Of course I'm a little bit biased fortified super Omega is the one I developed this I wasn't satisfied with any of them may get three on the market. Oh fortify super Omega is the highest. Triglycerides form Omega three combine in the United States and it's only 25 dollars. So if you take one a day if you less than -- 160 -- to a day if -- less than 240 pounds over 240 -- -- -- to take three to four day. This is -- the simplest way is lowering inflammation in the body it brings the Omega index up over 9%. That cuts inflammation in the entire body. And we can do that with fortified super Omega so organic gluten free -- -- diet and some fortified super make it to it. And then. It try to get out and do some exercise to get some sun because the vitamin. Anti inflammatory. All right. I get enough sleep because if you sleep deprived. Inflammation goes up in your body cortisol goes up when your body so remember a proper diet exercise a little sun and sleep and you live for our. Right from my conservative he got a question 18779759825. Or did it take two more cause here. I do Emeka a couple of mentions here we did talk a little bit about the -- I care uptown optical gallery that is downtown Ocala. I come Mumbai there and check it out if you wanna find a frame that you just can't find anywhere else I -- mention that. Doctor of live -- John -- Becky is our ocular plastic specialist. We're planning on doing a big talk with him down at the -- -- institute the villages sometime this month -- early August will letter ready now or -- -- have a big sale of fortified vitamins during that time. If you have really baggy -- -- skin cancers are -- warts and lesions on the face. Come by the main -- officer of the Lang -- institute and let doctor let -- take a look at -- is that medical doctors well let's say board certified. Ophthalmologist and fellowship trained ocular plastic surgeon he's very get it right let's go back to defense. No maybe -- keen. No sue and Ocala. Sue first sue good morning. And -- Don't. I dying they advertise that can be your initiative that's supposed to be good. Does iodine gives you energy. Yes they advertise on but I am -- -- Them -- good question. Dropped. In the accordent tool when I think about actress said that I am American people who made iodine and that it -- fit that -- -- Italian. Man I don't know if I -- gives you energy by taking iodine yet to be very careful too much -- can actually absolutely army of right especially if you have a thyroid problem. So patience out there with the different types of thyroid issues especially Hashimoto -- disease has to be careful about taking extra I had nine. On the other side of the coin different type a thyroid problems actually these patients benefit. From iodine but I don't think I dined by itself unless you have some sort of disease where your -- on deficient is -- give you. Any type of energy -- I don't know I don't know. -- -- gonna say dead at my milk and honey I don't know if it's good on that and I know it's in the plastic and that's not what not. Well we have but most of them and nuke a honey now all right -- about two years ago. Is -- up by seen all free plastic container. Now not all up. But you can EE eight most of them do come in a by -- off three there are some. That they're still coming in rat rat regular plastic that is got vice penal than it. So the nuclear honey that we handle it the Lang I care centers and -- nutrition centers as an a by -- off free. We do have some now in a glass container costs out at the Clearwater office. I mean and tried that yet so we. They could have done that it -- attend practice thickening sentiment that I can keep them on the helpful to start our way. What are without radiation lag and stuff like that and the plastic that is daddy -- -- or anything anyway. You got it but most the plastic Dominica honey and is it is a dark plastics not -- allied and. I think doesn't matter -- say it should not that I -- demanded that the big thumper Tibet's. -- to be the bet on me and plastic container. Right term member of DPA free. EPA free and don't put written refrigerator. Don't ever put it. Refrigerate -- at some point how do you I -- you can keep fighting spirit and all worried right. Right ever -- bad. Yep but I mean I would like to have more things in glass but -- the reason they don't do that it's it's from more difficult the ship because it breaks as much more expensive. It's more difficult to handle all the bottle warship being the last. What do the only few I finder Voss Saratoga and that. Arkansas up. Warner is in the last and -- I don't even know -- additional equipment and glad I think of these duplicate that said that campaigners and here it paid vacation that you can put him in the bottles. Because I find out something like Montana -- -- an unknown -- at a -- and that and I had. But you a lot of that was a very good and they anyone -- got on Merrick I. I've put that same day and it was logos them on that caused that company. They didn't even want to talk to beat them. Because that's what -- effect. Us from us Americans geez. -- Apple tell your client ridiculous that they -- this it would government that liquid in the bottom and that I -- that right and that's a different from the one night I I thought I'd buy overseas demand and. Right say year year year being proactive in your future health which is very important but you gotta be careful baucus I mean -- can drive you crazy I mean you might not eat. Any thing if you if you really follow -- -- Teague is is very difficult issue. I'm glad -- this without like there's a lot or accurate to read and follow what I get to defend the target that no one -- is good but that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To take care. We get time to take ethnics I think it's how -- -- Keenan a Gallagher Mormon. Are either -- in the -- -- -- -- of my OK I lean to mourn and. Good morning I might I have had a little trouble but I thought I help you could hear me all my -- Kirk. I have addict and having problem. With his eyes when he -- the dice -- like an hour or more they stick together. So long he does have a couple of upcoming doctor appointments. So he does it help they've been able. Now that give the bullpen and I'm I'm wondering if prop might have something to do it is idea that. Well I mean it could be related -- diabetes but it probably is not it sounds like he probably has a condition called Michael Meehan gland dysfunction that cause a little bit a dry -- So the simplest thing -- -- talked very quickly is for him to clean his eyelashes before he goes to bed at night or -- My arm warm washcloth to warm washcloth on his -- for about. A minute or two and I scrubbed eyelashes with either baby shampoo or by some hockey is soft scrubbing -- you can pick that up anyway. And I -- location. You can get on the fortify website describe his eyelashes with that right before he goes to bed and put a good artificial tear in his eye when he goes to bed and who wakes up in the morning. And they heat. And expect it takes care of the problem OK okay thank you so much I'd take care. And obviously seeing as I got to write music sonic I'll be back in about two and a half minutes of stage and you're listening to ask the doctor. If you are a loved one is suffering from macular degeneration than take note of the following information. I I'm doctor Michael -- come aboard certified Affymetrix position and a certified nutritionist specialist -- degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and patients over 55. I personally seen thousands of patients with immaculate generational clinical practice for over seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically obtained. The nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed a science based nutrition -- called fortified complete immaculate defense. That takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporated into one convenient daily packed yet. There is hope for masculine or generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control of your help before five complete Matt Dillard. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortify dot com available at laying right here & Associates. Hi I'm doctor Michael -- I'm a board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist who did you know that the majority of vitamins that you can buy it over the scanner. -- filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats. All of the things that are bad for you. This is why develop fortified vitamins and all natural nutrition Google developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete plus is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This supplement is a multi vitamin -- vitamin. Veggie -- fruit blends with the enzymes and Omega three -- all developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your health fortified vitamins. Take control of your help with the fortified. Learn more and order now at www. Fortify. Available at -- high -- & Associates. Follow Omega three is not created equal hi I'm doctor Michael -- you hear a lot of commercials that promote a -- three products that may be confusing most large studies confirming the -- health benefits of Omega three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot com or call 8665039746. That's 866. 5039746. Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better on the Frontline. Contestant doctor. Play board certified optimistic positioned sort of -- nutritional specialist. -- popular radio hosts. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. It is. Variety. Good morning and welcome back to ask that after another half hour answering your questions regarding nutrition and eye care. If you get a question don't hesitate picking up the fans and give me -- call 18779759825. If you like to set up an appointment to see myself for any of the doctors at -- I care remember we have optometrists up to metric positions -- petitions ophthalmologist. We have a surgeon trained in just about every aspect of -- care aren't team. That we do I care with a twist remember we utilized nutrition as much as we can for all of our patients whether they have immaculate degeneration glaucoma. Diabetic -- apathy dry eyes. Proper nutrition proper supplementation. Can help. We do -- ten locations were located in Tampa right across that well right I'm Bruce B downs in new Tampa. We get a satellite office there right next to Panera Bread right off of I 75. Clear order we have a gorgeous facility there -- -- your optical gallery and -- six surgery senator in Clearwater right there on US nineteen and sunset point. In sunset plaza. Right there where Barnes and nobles a Bed, Bath & Beyond old navy. CompUSA sports authority can't mrs. Lang I care optical gallery and -- six senator right there in Clearwater. Are we do take Medicare we take Medicaid we take most. Insurance is the most vision plans as well. We're located in the villages that's the -- I institute 35000. Square feet one of the largest privately owned free standing. I care centers in the state of Florida we're blessed to have a really busy senator there. The villagers. I mean just about everybody in the villages I think is a patient there. We usually -- three doctors their full time we take all emergencies. If you have a serious emergency command we will handle that. At the -- -- institute in the villages that's right there on 466. And county road one on one. Right next door to the CVS across the street from the public's. I can't miss it looks like a big plantation that sits on the Mississippi River -- -- institute and locale we have three locations. In -- we're located our main corporate headquarters is right across the street in the paddock mall a large two story building you can't miss it right on state road 200 sizzling eye care on it. We have a new -- I care uptown our optical gallery in the downtown square in Ocala. I guess that that's also a -- -- and senator -- get German nuclear honey and he natured -- protein organic green tea. -- green -- the president of China drinks we have there. All of Douglas laboratories vitamins Biopharma is supplements creams and proteins and reds. All of fortified vitamins and I've developed. -- different types of Omega threes and I've worked on as well I'm we've got everything all under one roof right there in the downtown. Ocala square location. And then in west Ocala we have an office in Triple Crown plaza right across street from that. Emergency room there next to oak run. -- I care and in citrus hills over there in the public's plaza and citrus hills. Right across the street from terra Vista. We have a location on their on Tuesday is usually. And then and gains though we have a big centering gains though we've been there over two when he years right next door to. Target on archer road. Large lying I Kearse and remember we take Medicare we take blue cross blue shield United Healthcare we take. VC ED SP I mad Specter. And you do get a cash discount believe it or not. So come to any -- our secure location learn more at Lang I care dot com. Or my blog site doctor Michael Lang dot com. Also if you wanna purchase any of the vitamins have talked about on this program I can always call fortified vitamins. Any thing I talk about you can call our lean or -- need it at fortified. And you can pick it up I'll give you the number to fortify vitamins. -- a pan piece of paper write this number down. -- thing I talked about you can get through fortified by the machine get it a lot of the stuff off the website it fortify dot com. And we spell fortified Bacchus at its at play -- words -- FOR. TI asked. He YAP. So -- and then I like your eyeball EYE fortified our car and the phone number for fortify is 866. 503. 9746. One more time 866. 5039746. I guess and we make right now fortify complete one a day. That is the most -- fortify complete once daily had to change the name because bear came after me. Fortify complete once daily the most potent I vitamin multi vitamin and industry and one USP certified. Tablet and we have fortify complete lies which is twice as potent and has official with that. Fortify complete immaculate defense which is three times as potent as the one today with an Omega three fish oil within. We have a new product that developed called zinc free immaculate defense the first in the world. The first zinc -- utility generation vitamin and were finding that fifty to 60% of patients. That have the DNA from Mac you -- a generation. The zinc is harming their rat now. So if you're taking a traditional a reds won formula are a -- to formula even harsher -- doctor recommended it. If you had not had a DNA test done and you might be in within fifty to 60% chance you're getting worse across of that vitamin. So that's why we created this zinc free immaculate offense vitamin so my recommendation if you had immaculate a generation and you had not had your DNA tested. You take this product zinc free immaculate defense. Yes. You want to know for sure than have you DNA tested at the simple cheek Schwab it's covered by your insurance know out of pocket expense and -- And at worst case scenario if your insurance doesn't cover it you have to pay 25 whopping dollars at that. So talk to your ophthalmologist your optometrists about it the sad thing is most of them don't even know this DNA test exists. Even come to any of the ten lying I care locations if you do have some form immaculate -- generation it takes three minutes to do the DNA test. Would do it right there in the opposite take six weeks to get the results but then we know for share. If zinc is a poison to your retina or if you're -- is thirsting for more zinc. So once again do not take zinc if unless you've had this DNA test time. All right -- are so there's some other foods that you can consume if you have immaculate degeneration. Dark green leafy vegetables that are organically -- and spinach kale Collard greens because of the routine contact orange bell peppers because of the Z is and think content. OG -- is probably one of the best foods in the world for Mac -- degeneration patients. Hard to find organic energy -- you can get them through many -- I care locations ship or an. In Clearwater right there on US nineteen injury street. Or at the one in the downtown Ocala office go -- berries are very good for an M wallet Alaskan salmon. Because that they asked his hand and that's a model last in -- Right so remember if he had immaculate degeneration. I certainly would -- free to come to -- I care we are the only senator in the area that is doing DNA testing. And genotype directed nutritional supplementation based on your DNA. So we have six different levels of supplements based on your age weight. Disease entity and your DNA. That we -- that we recommend to help slow down -- immaculate degeneration I gotta tell you folks it works. We've been doing this for three years now. And I have patience. And at masculine a generation that have improved dramatically. Nobody in a -- daddy. Improve best age related eye disease study the largest immaculate degeneration study ever proving that a fairly archaic vitamin. Could help may be stabilized some immaculate degeneration but what we're doing I have patients that are improving every day. Now everybody's not gonna improve -- don't get me wrong and many patients will continuously get worse. You got to take the bull by the horns now and you have to do something be proactive to help slow this down. Proper nutrition. The weight management if you're overweight you got to lose weight if you smoking you gotta stop smoking. We got a lower inflammation in the body and we got to Wear blue filtering their blue blocking lenses. That combination will help your drive immaculate a generation slowdown. And maybe help -- -- chance of an ever turning into the wet form immaculate degeneration. Even if you have the wet form life is not over they need to be senior retina specialist for sure and you might have to be having some injections in your ride. Like Avastin was sent to sir I Leah. But proper nutrition and blue blocking lenses can still help you. Also out where the first stop to metrics senator in the country to offer a new -- system that you can monetary your vision at home -- It's card for C. PHP home monitoring system. This is developed its very high tech it has and 94 and 95% sensitivity rate that means. 95%. Chance he can detect your dry immaculate a generation turning into the wet immaculate generation. You go home with this device when they -- a -- year. And it modems that information to a group -- retina specialist and Israel that monetary Iraq on a daily basis. And once there's a statistical change they email tax and call me email text and call my surgical coordinator. And they email and -- and call you so three people are notified. That year immaculate a generation may be turning from dry to wet and we get UN and that day or the next day within two days. Then we can initiate Sri meant to preserve your vision. So anybody with immaculate -- generation I highly recommend this right now it is a -- -- sixty dollars a month that doesn't go to me it's paid to them. To monetary you with this but that's a very minimal -- specially if you lost vision in one night from wet -- -- generation. Then you have to do this is like -- retina specialist looking at your high every single day. Remember the key is early detection where the first up to metric I care center in the world to conference this cart foresee PHP home. System for monitoring immaculate -- generation can learn more about it. I think -- fortify dot com. It may be on the -- I care dot com website -- so come by either the Lang I institute in the villages that's the main place to learn about it. You can talk with Tammy you to talk with me you can see the unit they can try it out we can give information on it. But I urge you if you have immaculate a generation. Especially you lost division and one guy to consider this. And now there's a few things you can do with immaculate a generation number one have a DNA test. Number two Wear blue blocking lenses I like either blue tech or pro Vince CMA by resolved. New tech or prevents he had the best lenses in the world. So. Proper nutrition fortify zinc free immaculate offense. DNA test. Events here are blue tech lenses and then that's at home monitoring system and then certainly seeing your doctor so we can do some analysis. We can scan your retina with a CT technology we run some Electro -- mammograms. We've got all that technology Auld Lang I -- locations the monarchy said to have immaculate a generation and you don't need surgery. RI. And you wanna maybe -- it could be helped -- not needing surgery or injections. On the one of the -- I can locations and let us help you are right or get -- take a call I had to get some of that off my chest. 18779759825. If you like to buy the zinc free masculine offense it is available at all ten lying like your locations. Or you can go to fortify. Dot com fortify dot -- are so that is an excellent multi vitamin. I vitamin -- you don't have to immaculate a generation to take this people that don't need zinc if you don't have a DNA test if you have prostate issues. Frequent urinary tract infections a history of neuro degeneration and your family you should probably be on -- zinc free immaculate defense vitamin. I mean anybody can take it you getting enough zinc in your diet most of the time. All right let's see we're gonna go back to the -- it's I think it's. While big gains or good morning welcome to the program. Good morning dark to weigh into question urine therapy are you familiar -- -- look a little bit. Kinda kooky error -- he can be yes I'm not real former US. Well you know why aren't researched it a bit in there are real believer out there it those that don't know what brought that that. Drinking Euro your -- your hearing in the water so war. There's people swear by ligature on it. But it you don't know much about it all right well can be very search elsewhere doctor -- another question Korea. You have all the -- at church right. Yeah I have a lot yeah a lot of the right out. And I appreciate your expertise in nutrition and on the -- the psychiatry field. They are so quick to -- Worse on their source 600000. Holler there are New York Times article that came out being prescribed. Psychotropic medication in namely Ritalin and at all which is the equivalent. And that being ecstatic that our people that are suffering. Yeah I hit that you know label but. Behavioral issues or maybe the pressure it and traumatic related. You know issues. Trauma related issues rather. I want your take on the back and help the but he could conduct these. The question now depression or you know all other so called -- elected in a way that makes more sense and like I retreat. We talk about more kids right now. You know about that article about public real small little. Two year old. And there's no way we can say that that are as in mental issue there's no it diagnosed in fact that they don't speak awful it is quite yet. Absolutely ridiculous. To -- that they can -- no child naturally it was. A background in nodding -- attic or imagine. What that she'd expose it in education by. On target in general. -- think about my wife who after the baby was born at some of the outpost part of good. Worst we'll try to do what that's for -- but again. We're really reluctant to go anywhere near with a ten foot pole. -- Psycho tropic medication. Coming yet there you bring about valid point there were our country is over medicated okay. And I get it's really kind of strange if you have a some kind of symptoms and they can't figure out a lot of times a Sonia psychiatrist and you're getting -- on xanax and anti depressants. And and then you get addicted -- or die as a teens are the most addicting drugs that there's so of people that runs that xanax and I am in things like that they literally can not leave the house if they don't have a bill in their pocket. Because that freak out that they go back and say why don't have might billion now I'm gonna have a in an anxiety attack. And it and you know most of this not all of that I mean we psychiatrists do a valuable their valuable asset to our community and psychiatrists psychologists really help a lot of people. But most of these people can ball down to lifestyle and diet a lot of this work we're consuming so much garbage enter our system somebody. Preserve food -- night try to antibiotics steroids in our foods. Pesticides and no telling what is -- in -- neurological system and our brain and I psyche. So you know eating an organic type of a gluten free diet I think is very important of course I go toward. Kind of a modified. Pay Leo diet and macro by -- diet. And here's the other thing we talk about Omega three all -- time and I see when how people change when we put him and Omega three as early as infants okay mothers when their breast -- Omega three were all deficient and Omega three when your deficient and Omega three depression goes up. When we actually give you more Omega three depression goes down -- can even help people with. You know bipolar does have this disorder -- with. You know high dosages of triglycerides. -- form Omega three. So in a -- I mean this is a hole shall we guitar hours about it but I think we are needed just our diet takes -- more Omega three. -- get some exercise because cardiovascular exercise releases beta endorphins orchard NASA natural pain relievers natural anti depressant. You're gonna say that and you know what's funny is on the various medications web sites they used the stated that they were diagnosed in people due to a chemical and out. And they changed the verbiage that suggests that people should go exercise I can make that stuck the Internet their own. Big pharma companies are are announcing that exercise is they pivotal part of -- you know good overall. But the health situation on the other thing and I heard mentioned Illinois Richard Quick comment on that while guitar like impeached well -- -- well and one other -- the that -- caviar are -- -- -- I got one that. I really cut. One other thing Mercury she got here -- filling. And she -- that they are a big part of some of her issues lack a better way to describe it. Well you know Mercury fillings if you got gobs and gobs of Mercury fillings and there then. Yet the problem is -- to go to your typical dentist you know they may do more harm her -- removing those and releasing that Mercury there's only specific Dennis that are really get it removing -- Mercury fillings. I mean that might be something you caught doctor -- -- about in the next shout casino he's a Dennis before a medical doctor and he could expand on that but. You know I know of all sorts of literature suggesting that Mercury can really cause some whacked out problems in -- system. So but you gotta be careful removing them all right think the key here is don't get Mercury fillings anymore and you know if they had their main anymore. -- twelve if -- beat twelve deficient and also causes a lot of problems so taking more B twelve or eating this is -- -- I don't suggest people being 100% vegetarians because a lot of MRB twelve deficient you know you eat a little grass fed beef every now and then you get when you beat wild. Proteins have a lot of B twelve and -- if you are B twelve deficiency anchor deficient it increases your risk obviously of pernicious Anemia autoimmune diseases. Also cycle psychotropic problems not even diabetes so. B twelve is something that is very important this is why it's very important for people. Take a good supplement and you know we talked about this good supplements are sometimes hard to find. Her exercise when you sleep lose weight if you're fat you're going to be depressed. If you don't get enough sleep you're going to be depressed. -- so we got to lose weight we got to get exercise we got to get sleep. And it in general know what you just heard doctor -- -- -- is no snake oil. It is the real deal and I commend you for doing what you're doing thank you -- line. I'm Bob thanks have a good day night. And I it's. -- my head's getting bigger bigger was up but that was Bob Wright and are gonna go to Jerry I think next June. That we touched by Jerry you are our car backed and I think Gaza Cindy called back. 18779759825. And you know the show is about helping you take control of your life and you know medication. Used correctly is very important don't get me wrong. But I've seen it. Thousands at times I'm not -- patients that have lost 200 pounds when I put him on specific diet. There I problems have gone away in the systemic health problems have gone away and they've gotten off all their medications. So you gotta take control of your life. But it takes work you know it's easy to go see the fast food restaurant for breakfast lunch and supper in the governments and on the couch and watch TV. And you wonder why you have some illnesses. And your little laugh at just about confronts. Jerry in Gainesville thanks for calling good morning. I want that's about bottled water I heard you say that. He should only drink water from spring water. Right and we actually living game Ellen yeah we live on the north side. In the temple at Scott -- And we have a well. And the water's -- 180 feet below the surface. It comes from the Florida at -- them. I keep telling my wife it's the same water they're putting a -- bottled water puppet in the spring. Right yeah you know water Jerry's -- to live right in neighborhood art. I easily write your name and I used to live in the hammock the very back house in the back corner right the preserve. -- -- Clout and that to him -- debt. Are my house backed into the trails in the preserve back there is very back -- very unique modern looking -- house. We have little pond and everything and Tony remember address of the street but that was back in the. I let them on the Internet -- that's next to a farm. It was you know how you have that's that -- the last go walking trail down on the left. If you're going toward the interstate. If he has the last entrance into the hammock it's called the hammock right is that last entrance and you thought that wrote. That's where I am right now you Salah Ali back to the back corner in the back corner right back in the yeah okay got it full plate. Has that ever whenever I got my water tested at the Health Department they said it aren't yet that Warner and usually water. It's it's our well water. That is good -- I had my war tested left and right there before I started drinking it and that's very good quarter the only thing I put on I put UV system on it. And I put potassium soft in Iran it. But yet that's good that's good water that's very good war that well -- -- are. My -- -- -- the underwater my wife for a drink is the body of water. On the -- in a hundred bottled water. It's made by Coca-Cola. They get -- on the Atlanta it is or water that uncomfortable like up there in north of Atlanta. And retreated and add up and excited to be right back and that's life that's right there data collection isn't -- you know. I personally don't like designing out what cleaner and lastly because it's all reverse osmosis. And it's it's very -- I've tested the PH on it doesn't have any minerals and it. It's not the -- border in the world I mean your tap borders probably armistice get a drink your well water -- perjury -- well water. If you drink. If you drink bottled water -- make sure it says spring water not filtered Warner RK not reverse osmosis not distilled now for people out there that are doing reverse osmosis distillation that's a very way good way of purifying water. But chop up some fruits and batch goes -- little pink -- solved and it. And the next gonna make it much better war for him. -- But -- how to how to -- -- my weren't that my bad but it goes back to the last lap optic. -- folks were -- -- it's a mental image of what what is good what it's not good. Yet maybe we can -- there -- -- -- -- -- ties there. That I'd Gerri thanks took off. Take care. We got some great collars that there you know I've been doing this show for two when he two years a lot of you. Became listeners when I had a it was a syndicated daily drive time show is on every morning. On Monday through Saturday at a Tampa Bay from nine to ten. And then I just and hadn't had no life so I had to stop doing it every day. But who knows maybe a start doing a drive time show in the evening. They've asked me to do that many times I remember like I care & Associates were open. To help you with your eyes your -- junior nutrition your wellness. We have ten locations of lying I care from Tampa Clearwater all the way to Gainesville everywhere in between. Go to -- I care dot com to learn a little bit more about us. Or doctor Michael -- dot com remember combines the vitamins and I've developed at fortify. Dot com one more time the phone number for fortify vitamins. Is 866. 503. 9746. That's 8665039746. We're gonna have some back to school bashes. All of our locations and remember it's summer start wearing a good pair of sunglasses. Maui Jim Smith optics -- Smith optics has the from a pop -- amazing lands -- Jim has some amazing -- we have those and all the Lang I care locations. Richard children and sunglasses and a very very young age. If you -- Again it's. Nabbed Brad time. And I want to thank everybody for digging in and listening to ask that I just had known -- Saint Augustine for the day with the family. I have a great day. God bless him. How do you.