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Jul 19, 2014|

Eye Care and Nutrition; "Ask The Doctor" Show for 7-19-14

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better on the Frontline. Contestant doctor. Flip coins and provide complementary physician -- nutritional specialist. And popular radio hosts. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. How do you. -- okay. Good morning. And welcome to ask that actor -- -- doctor Michael Lang Lang I care and assesses the Lang I institute -- nutrition centers. If you've got a question regarding your vision or eye care for a nutritionally related topic. Please don't hesitate taking a -- give Mikhail. We're broadcasting -- Gainesville Florida this morning but we're broadcasting your regular networks. So we're certainly through other channels and throughout Florida that we broadcast on. The phone number if you like com is 8779759825. And argue that number a few more times during the show. If you needed a program whose doctor -- -- board certified up to metric position amounts are certified nutritional specialist. I found -- lying I turn associates march 15 of 1993. I was started no cal and now we've grown to ten locations were located in Gainsville. Three locations in Ocala west Ocala downtown accountants and right now part of McAllen. Where and centrist till summer Theo blind eye institute is in the villages as at 35000 square foot. Total I care sooner we do everything from major surgery to nutritional I care to contact lenses. And then in Tampa we have an office right numbers being down in new Tampa are right next to Panera Bread. We have an office in Clearwater right there and sunset plaza that's the -- I care. Optical gallery in my six -- and sunset plaza on US nineteen and sunset place. In Clearwater in -- we have the -- attrition senator. In Clearwater that is right there aren't true street and US nineteen you and commend their given. Organic cappuccino and organic green team organics movie being shot for your vitamins or anything like that at the -- attrition senate. Com also check us out on the web at fortify. Dot com. Fortified our common desire of vitamin company. We've got a lot of other things on -- that you can purchase anything for dry eyes anything for nutrition for immaculate degeneration for overall wellness. I you can purchase fortify dot com. If you go down to the bottom of the fortify web -- the very bottom and has a menu very small it's very very bottom. It shows us what we have available in the nutrition center. So a lot of that is -- on the website but you can call our lean Armas need to add to. Argued that never and second and anything that's on that website at the bottom on the menu when you click on it. I you can get shipped here house and thought the toll free number for fortified -- is 866. 50397468665039746. It Betty can you call this week as next week I'll be presenting some information in Houston Texas all on nutrition to some of the biggest. I care practices in the country. And a meeting that we've developed we've got about fifteen large practices. That are going to be in Houston kind of -- -- -- discussion. And I'll be presenting a lot of information on nutrition. For their patients so I will not be live next week. At the following week I might be going to North Carolina mountain bike you know Whitewater raft in with the kids not a 100% sure yet so we are alive today. This is what is it July 20 I heard that this Jeff. If -- nineteenth and July with Jeff Davis was saying it was July 20. -- to mark the -- today. So anyway -- call 18779759825. Today we're gonna talk about genotype directed nutritional supplementation. Are we're gonna talk. About eight bio film that develops on your lives and how to get rid of it but let's go to the first car. Bob good morning welcome to the program. Good morning doctor -- it's always a pleasure to talk you are certain markets are. -- -- -- -- What doctor Larry I had another question that words are on my list you know it -- Our our wrote an article this morning but I thought would be appropriate for your show because. -- -- the range of people that you reached I read an article. Are ordered can actually. Yeah yeah. And -- -- article where surrounding an eighteen year old. Almost graduated high school's senior. Yeah yeah. -- side and I think his yeah I think his name is same as my -- it was Logan something rather. Aaron exactly right. As and I thought because it's you know your audience it's sold or bought into him and may not -- read in the newspaper. That might be some spin or slide under the radar and people -- that it's no -- to follow by. The potential for political post its astronomical. Rent -- article in the paper this. Now Carter caffeine isn't one of the newest things out there I mean it into charter place these manager energy drinks. The problem with powder caffeine is having you can buy this stuff over the Internet it's almost like a drug or right. And it how -- -- an excuse that I don't know if it's available but might be available even in the quick kings I'm not sure about that yet but. The problem with powder caffeine is they're putting -- 253035. Cups of coffee in this little. You know bit of powder and that's gonna have a huge stimulation effect. And easily these kids that are taken it can overdose on that. And remember -- this can have some serious problems because it can cause heart and in a heartbeat disruptions that's the main thing I would be concerned about. That large amount of caffeine certainly can trigger heart palpitations but heart arrhythmia is. And things of this nature not to mention you know disorientation. It's gonna cost people at a time probably vomit and have all sorts of gastrointestinal. Problems. So. I would definitely recommend staying away from and I think to FDA has a -- has warned that. So there's no reason for your child or you were a truck driver anybody be taken. Thirty caps of the equivalent to thirty cups of coffee at one time one shot so it potentially could be very very very dangerous so. Do not take it don't let your kids take this I mean it should probably be banned. Well. Even Internet statement. Toward big conspiracy theorist here but I can use the FDA. While -- aren't so I'm like there's. And -- in all all all out. Nutritional. Supplements to fall under the banner -- and I respect -- orders out. Now you know big farm is behind that and big farmers trying to get to the vitamin industry regulated under them. So that they can take safe fortified super mega that we retail for 25 dollars and sell off at 250. Dollars or gang. And then the drug company will pay for. A portion of that year co pay would be fifty dollars. And in the drug companies gonna pay you know X amount of dollars so it's all about making money and I hate to say that is not really about the health of the the public. So who we certainly do not want to do not want government control on the vitamin industry there is certain amount to government control that people don't realize. I mean FTC is involved the FDA is involved you have to use FDA approved nutrients. The label claim has to be and is strictly. Looked at so there is some control. There's a lot of different types of control. -- I'm I'm looking for the word. I am companies out there. And that they're looking at the vitamin industry but we don't want to FDA to command and totally take control and make -- -- prescription you know. That would be bad because that they did that then you really couldn't go into the supermarket and buy a piece of -- look at the vitamin content on the back of it. It trying to pull all that away from you and you know what else they're trying to do. Is make this too when you go and and grocery store -- gonna know whether his surgically growing genetically modified -- traditionally ground when I ago. And present information in Europe and in Norway and Sweden places like that Denmark. You go into the grocery store and they have three levels. Genetically modified organic and traditional and then you have the right to pick what you want. You know and obviously it's more expensive to get the organic but at least you have that right to pick and you know that that choice they're trying to pull from us -- hopefully that never happens. Right sticky notes all part of an outrageous -- quick question I YouTube director Porter. -- -- -- Well. Enzymes and that -- I had extra -- they're being labeled as we speak and I've been saying that for awhile but finally it took a lot time to get FTC approved put my label. So the label is being done so we should have those hopefully very soon. The greens formula I worked on the third prototype of our greens formula I finally got it down or it tastes good and I've got everything NN I wanted I wanted at 100% UST. I'll certified organic they had I had difficulty finding a few of the nutrients they were BB. Non genetically modified and that -- US TA certified organic but now I've got that so. That's stowed down the pike and I'm hoping. It will be available this year that greens formula and never protein formula coming right behind that is well. -- but that's what is up for an ultra. And -- remark that. -- Bob thanks for the comment daycare and all right 1877975982518779759825. Assad just started putting a new website together you can check it out it's kind of a template right now it's. Doctor Michael Lang immaculate degeneration dot com is pretty simple WW dot BF. Dot doctor Michael Lang immaculate a generation dot com doctors just DR no period after -- doctor Michael Lang immaculate a generation dot com and what this says. I'm gonna dedicate this site to. The natural approach immaculate a generation everything on there's gonna talk about natural ways. That's helping patients with immaculate generation. So once again this is just the thing it just went live yesterday and we got a lot on it are ready but it's gonna be filled with a lot of good information. So you can check it out when he get a chance and you can it's doctor Michael Lang. Immaculate a generation dot com also aside I created a few years back is getting tons of hits -- you dry -- patients that there. Is try our nutrition dot org checked out and out dry -- nutrition. Dot pork all right now we're going back to the sounds I think. -- -- -- -- -- Carol thanks -- the morning. The mining. Com have been kept coming -- contact lens Wear for ever since high school. And I have no complaints that it flap -- that means that this story. And the last thing several month process and I are. Island's election -- have been. Advocating. And it felt like -- pull on them or. Robbed him much but. I have to say. Lateral lines one highest more than any other collateral ones. -- -- -- -- essential. Area and -- normal but then you know they also looked. And then the ones remedial. Are very can but the latter ones bother me because it doesn't collect ticket you know they're growing if they're growing and aggregators. -- -- here. And very nearsighted I can't see what's going -- really like Intel. And other Amy and I try to take off some make up. Carefully. Have been very very content so that -- -- notices. But I changed mascara is thought about how much time to wait to say you'd have a definite problem. But a good question I mean what are the number one. Reasons for thinning eyelashes is kind of where and chairs when you rub your eyes. A lot of people with allergies -- their eyes a lot a you Robin your eyes much. You now. Not appetite dark I have to say. -- maybe media -- bit -- lately I think I can't I can't say oh and cut it she I have to wrap them back. I think that I do I can -- -- -- a little bit it's. Do you Wear mascara. It yet mascara is one of the number one reason is for eyelashes to fan so I. OK well let's get the sleeping on that really harms it and I tell you not to Wear mascara. But mascara and then rubbing your eyes is one of the reasons they break off and they get very then. Any chronic eye infections can cause that I hate to say this just aging so a combination of all of those things. Now what you can do to help promote wellness of that lash and that hair follicle. Is good live hygiene. So we gotta keep your eyelashes very clean. There's a preparation and I like that kills Ang gets rid of that the bacteria in the -- Florence -- hockey soft foam. They make it in pads but the foam -- more concentrate and you need it can happen any rattling like your location is the -- nutrition saying get it fortify dot com. And you get describing found -- what you do right before you get bad you -- eyelash back and forth up and down with this and you've got to do it very meticulously. This gets rid of all the debris and garbage that can cause that hair follicle actually dying cause that's -- These little Celia. The other thing is this do you have any animals and I'll -- the house. -- bird numbers not as bad. But you know people especially have dogs and cats. A lot of these patients who are prone to develop something called demo index them indexes MI on their eyelashes. And believe in and out about 80% of the population has this. Sounds -- dirty it's not crabs are right is just MIA. And if we -- your eyelashes we can see this under a microscope this little Mike crawling opened and the eyelash. And so. This is patients that have like kind of a chronic inflamed I -- sometimes -- -- I -- just a little bit of an irritation losing eyelashes. Can be caused by damage to act as well and so there's a product that you can use and if you don't have the demo next might not gonna hurt you and job opposite -- calculus the staph bacteria. -- -- -- Clear -- is a preparation made from teacher you'll oil. And you don't wanna put straight teacher you on your eyelashes because of a burn -- a cause inflammation so they've calculated exact amount to kill all the little varmints on your eyelashes. And it does burn just a little bit mean don't wash this off. So far mightily -- hygiene protocol for people that they just don't know is -- -- scrub the eyelashes with -- soft scrubbing found. Then rents that -- right major riot very good antiquities clear -- pads. And just wipe your lashes gently back and forth up and down and leave that now when you go to bed at night are ranked. That will help us so we've heard me talk about Omega three fish on the show for probably years now. Omega three fish -- stimulates the hair follicle. It will help it's silly aground not only on your head but the eyelashes as well. So clean that -- with -- soft and clear next and then help with a good Omega three fish you'll. And see what happens try to go a little light lighter on the mascara. Maybe do the mascara a little less frequently every other day or take off on the weekends or give guy a little bit of a break. And then try not to rub your eyes and if this gets worse and obviously get in to see your doctor given this your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Because I'm not looking at you sound just give -- low education. OK quick question is the clear text available winner. You can only get cleared -- doctors. It's not prescription. I say could go com and the simplest thing to do is if if -- clear war if you want to our nutrition center right there -- street US nineteen. Worked to our clear order location and sunset plaza. They have the clear and Xbox and the jockey soft -- you can buy an online at fortify dot com as well on them would just drop ship it right here house. OK question I'm into products like that a -- trade that you talk about it on the program in fact. And their particular one of those kind that you you'd recommend that you guys don't that's sort of but he had that they. Yet we have all of that at at the locations -- -- nutritious RS the one I did about this call fortified super Omega. And I mean there's some other good triglycerides form Omega threes and industry there's only one that you can buy over the counter card nordic natural that I really liked. But the problem is they're selling it for forty to fifty dollars a bottle -- just 33%. More potent and half the price so as to when he five dollars. And you get a 20% discount very easily when you buy a couple armor -- out. I would recommend that how much do you -- It out only take one a day what you might wanna do those take two today for the first week and then just take one a day there after. And then you follow these let me know how you do. Bank. -- -- this what also help. Help with your contact lens Wear because believe it or not this -- conditions causes your eyelids not to sick creek. The healthiest outer -- -- your tear film which is crucial for contact lens Wear. So it's gonna help you produce a healthier tear film so make contact lens -- even better. Grade now they could I have a question the mascara. I thought one that's supposed to be typo and I can thank you now. -- like a regular direct stern can't. Is there anything that might be department still where. -- hire. Yeah I mean I -- just go to good quality hypo -- -- this certainly in my area of expertise but you know they have oil based -- -- awarded based. Mascara. And I mean all base last a lot -- doesn't come off easily doesn't run but but the war base is definitely better for your eyes. -- -- grade -- Chinese and I. Yeah -- thank you so much. Take care of IRA 877. 97598258779759825. You can learn more about what we have to opera -- I care dot com -- is alien GE Lang I care dot com. War doctor Michael Lang dot com that's my blog site. And then if you're in the social media certainly can befriend us on FaceBook we've got -- 120 FaceBook pages of FaceBook page for every location. Or my personal FaceBook page is gonna FaceBook doctor Michael Lang I go to Twitter doctor Michael Lang center is doctor Michael -- Google+ doctor Michael -- -- then. Doctor Michael -- any of those I try to update -- routinely I don't sleep I -- to -- for a Ammon news we get up at seven. Although on the weekends I get a little bit better sleep last night it was Friday night I was in bed by 10:30 so I am rested today. I am working today I'm actually seeing a few patients in Gainesville this morning in them going to Ocala for the rest than today. At this the patients are right let's go back to the James and Tampa good morning. Thank you morning doctor -- a court simply concerning -- sterling well probably the having about a year. Went and had numerous steps I don't like -- is. You could stop. Feel like you stopped and it's it's about yearly for sure basically what it is it's an irritation of the opposite Arnold. Contributed to food allergy although they can't figure out which -- might or might be alert -- Went to an allergy specialist basically came up negative on every type of food that I -- -- when metallurgy is. And you know addition no doubt about a year ago that anger and learn that it felt like Fredricka I got a great now. Although. It's not like your typical acid reflux which an -- for either you. -- -- other reflects all the way out but it's still like it's burning in the lower half. And that is different different type of feeling and I've tried all kinds. That have been like that they want to put out there early. During. And -- -- want it on in early. That even some. Order the elimination diet or try to supplement of some sort. Merely helping Iran every day I don't drinks sodas -- I don't -- in Ireland during early year this problem started. Alcohol. Under any alcohol and aren't very little coffee maybe one couple we. So this turned on the order return at this point. And it's a great question up comedy give you some point owners. And -- to try this obviously follow the directions of your doctor okay and but you know you hear about gluten free all the time all right and I would -- equivalent without a shadow adapt started gluten free diet today. All right. I was art avoiding anything with gluten and here's the reason not that you have a gluten sensitivity not that you have a reaction a sensitivity to the amino acids in the protein gluten. But you do have an aversion ban and a reaction to roundup okay round at this pesticide. And the problem with genetically modified food. Gluten and laced food is genetically modified wheat Barley rye and then also boats and soy canola the list goes on and on but especially things that gluten in it. Almost all government genetically modified OK so it genetically modified food is gonna have a high amount pesticide residue that can actually be aggravating your system just by getting off the -- and you're gonna do a lot better. Go to try try to go almost all organically grown food if possible all right. Let's start taking a good in designed tablet with all of you cooked meals are right. And then it up probe by chaotic right before you go to bed on empty stomach a good pro by out of I'm gonna have an enzyme and a pro Biotech I've been working off for a few years. -- be available very soon. If you stay on hold out talked a little bit more off the phone on this break so stay on all the -- In fact we got to go to break folks on the back in about I don't know two and a half minutes of state and an imminent but James on hold. If you are a loved one is suffering from macular degeneration than take note of the following information hi I'm doctor Michael -- come aboard certified Affymetrix. Position and certified nutritionist specialist masculine degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and patients over 55. I have personally seen thousands of patients with immaculate generational clinical practice for over seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically obtained. The nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed -- science based nutrition physical called fortified complete. Immaculate defense that takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporated into one convenient daily -- yet. There is hope for masculine or generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control with your help fortify complete -- -- -- defense. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortify dot com available at laying right here & Associates. Hi I'm doctor Michael -- I'm a board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist who did you know that the majority of -- that you can buy it over the scanner. -- filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats all of the things that are bad for you. This is why develop fortified vitamins and all natural nutrition Google developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete class is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This supplement is a multi vitamin -- vitamin. Veggie and fruit blends with the enzymes and Omega three -- all developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your health fortified vitamins. Take control of your help with the fortified. Learn more and order now at www. Fortify. Available and playing high gear & Associates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better. And feel better on the Frontline. Contestant doctor. Point 75 -- position. Sort of my nutritional specialist. -- popular radio host. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. It is. Are ready welcome back you're listening to ask the doctor and I'm -- has doctor Michael Lang. Al -- I care & Associates and fortify vitamins. We were talking to that a couple of callers get a little bit about eyelashes and eyelids are gonna talk about bio film now. That occurs on those eyelashes. So we develop something called the left for writers and this is a bio down that has a combination of allergic floor viral or bacterial floor and mites ball and it. As it has bio film it's into the my -- in glancing clogs these glanced. That their four year led start to H they start to swell chronic redness chronic irritated eyes. So we gotta get rid of that milestone we got to clean the lead so any time in the shower have a warm washcloth scrub your eyelashes when you're in the shower. It's a chronic problem do and I said. If the rockets off found scrubbed eyelashes with a from and then follow it with clear index just wiping the clear decks cleared X will burn for about thirty seconds means it's Killen -- these dirty little creatures. So that -- -- his Laffer right is left for writers is one of the hallmark. Signs -- see signs that clinical signs that cause you to have dry irritated swollen guys. So anybody can do this at home without senior ride doctor. And Ossetia prone to getting sky should lazy on 240 year old arms if fluctuation envisioned chronic -- irritated eyes. This will help source warm compress first or heat from the shower -- right that's gonna help loosen up all the garbage that's on there than scrubbing them. With the Arkansas found yet a scrub from pretty meticulously. And you can use a warm washcloth -- Q tip your fingertips then rinsing it all with good more mortar. Then wiping it down with a clear -- And -- -- if you have alluded issue related to Laffer right is that will help dramatically a lot of you're going out and having some of these expensive procedures done. Laser procedures of the lid margins. Lit the flow it's procedure you appeared paying thousands of dollars to have. -- lives actually heated up in and squeezed injuring the lit bids. Out of these Michael Meehan plans. Some of you having my booming gland probing these are expensive procedures thousands of dollars. And they can work. You wouldn't have to have it if you practice good -- hygiene -- hygiene is very inexpensive. So remember. -- heat that led -- be cleaned the -- you knew that your five the glands with fortified super Omega. And then using a good on preserve lubricate in I dropped. If your eyes are still having symptoms. And this three eye drops I like oasis tears. -- -- And -- teen. Years. Those three you cannot buy over the camera you can only get their doctor's office as you can get him and in healing like your location. Or even get him off the fortify website. We also have some dry I kits that I've developed. On the fortify website that drive I kits have everything we talked about and they come in different levels like try IQ number one drive guy. Super kid dry -- extreme. So depending. Wii and things like camel and elect gas hadn't asked -- stance and for extremely dry irritated eyes. So we have different dried kits and these are discounted dramatically so and it's a pretty good discount when you buy all of that's on the fortify dot com. Website you can check it out. I still talking about -- we have a -- expert that works forest doctor John -- -- doctor John the backe is a nationally recognized a fellowship trained popular plastic specialist. He's director of ocular plastics -- -- I care he's at Oliver locations basically. He can be seen mainly in the villages at the -- -- institute of the main -- office. He's been recently voted as that. Lang I care I'm very -- as the chairman of ophthalmology. That chairman cut no mom we'll expect China dot he's the chairman of the largest I'd bank in the world. Out. I lost my chance there. If you got a question did you call 187797598. Teapot. 18779759825. We're talking about your vision -- talking about your eyes. We're talking about nutrition. One more time we're broadcasting live for gains of 1877. 9759825. I think we might be Gatorade take a break -- don't -- if we -- And it sounds like we might be for about two minutes I do wanna talk about -- -- called ultra by Bausch and long I -- I talked about and that'll end. -- true clear which is a lens that is a progressive lens is about the best progressive lens on the market. So he heard about verilux progressive lenses now we have -- -- made by the same company. Are locked car troop clear troop clear has the widest channel and many progressive lens on the market. And it also has one of the best anti glare coatings. So is caught this so prevents the actually do have to phone -- and we're gonna take some phone cause I guess yet. -- take a break we're gonna fix for cost so anyway if you want the best progressive lens on the market think about true clear. SD or troop clear XD. True -- SD is. The Ferrari TrueCrypt XT is -- is a Lamborghini. But you want -- there is -- prevents he had anti glare coating on that okay so you think you spectacles. Progressive lenses and respectively -- the newest hottest thing out there you cannot get these at Wal-Mart or Sam's. You can only get them through private practitioners right now -- -- clear. SD. Or true clear Eckstein XT Hulu more expensive -- nasty and you've got to have that this that's the ISO prevents CA anti glare coating. That not only has anti glare anti scratch. But it also has blue blocking properties and we've talked about that in the past how important it is to block the blue light. So saying there's -- prevents the a true clear ST a true click next day I. Let's go back that far. Sue in Ocala good morning. Good morning. I don't know why it and that and that can be your post to be good for you -- -- -- Beer. But they can make it something that I know about that long time ago but I've been reading about it. Well I allow lot of college kitchen of very healthy bones. Well you know beer is made from from hops and things like this and but the problem is -- has been processed and process the process. There is a lot of opera hall configuration now and. It could be added to it doesn't we're about rod called. So in any alcohol free -- And I that's a good question I don't know if it's good for the bounds and not every now and then I don't have an answer soon. And I don't have an answer for that one Nadal. He's the tab but I have to I have to research that on rockaholic here and and the bounds. Yet yet because somebody. On television come out to -- to them his -- you know back at him symphonies. Born back. It come -- to -- something that was very interesting and and the people that I know aides put so openly usable. Now you know is talking about bounds a lot of people are are buying way too much -- getting -- in cork carbonneau at the health food store or -- CO wherever -- And they're actually clogging their arteries and their blood vessels with too much calcium is not going into the bounds and is increasing their risk -- a stroke or heart attack. And -- a generation. So if you're gonna get a calcium supplement for -- -- because you -- -- osteoporosis. I recommend going to something -- calcium hydroxy appetite. And then combining that with phosphorus. Moron. A little bit -- -- of found vitamin K magnesium and vitamin. And it's caught on -- guard. Plus if ruffle of I steal or -- if ruffle of and you can only get it dear doctor you can ask your doctor for you can get it at my nutrition senator. Or fortify dot com we don't have -- on the website -- call fortify and they can ship at Tia. I know we have a downtown at the nutrition senator. In Ocala in the square and I know that we have it at the -- I institute says god Douglas laboratories Bastille or less if per flow bound. Yes we do have in the villages and. -- there. What are the gonna say yeah and people have to be cared for when that -- -- cuffy. Oh yeah I think -- be very clear -- and that would make it -- that kind Matt cut on the spotlight meant. Nice deal but Serbian behavior loud and usually. I hit today that what you heart. Yes yes it could it could gave fast tracked it to the grave that's exactly right. So. On time and go like that go oh my heart -- Italy and I took a vector. As woods though. Yeah yeah I -- an -- -- -- -- -- anyway. I'd amity that remember next week I'm going to be in Houston so -- be live the following week I'm not sure I might be in the mountains out might be three weeks before I can comment on the suit. And I you take days after a bank. And I were like a beer and Barron's. I should be interesting. All right -- to read take another -- in just a second if you Wear contact lenses there's a new lens made by Bausch and -- com Bausch and -- all -- I love this -- extremely comfortable a monthly replacement lens it's sixty dollars for a six month supply per high. But the company gives your credit card for sixty dollars back when you buy four boxes so sixty times forced to forty -- sixty dollars back -- math I think that's 180. For a year supply Bausch and -- Paltrow the most -- to permit more comfortable one month replacement lens on the market. So that's a great lenses a lot of great contact lenses on the market now but I tell you that's probably my lens of choice. I'll show mom ultra tacky he has good lenses Cooper vision has good lenses even seem everybody's got a good lenses of -- like cars these days they're all pretty again. Let's go back to defendants. Deborah and Tampa good morning. Hi good morning -- a question -- I have very dry eyes it and I had like an attack right Tyler the lightning -- And then I have lot littered. -- that ever go away. Well. First of all if you haven't senior atomic drop them colleges are highly recommend you going in having your eyes dilated okay. Because if you have a flash a -- these letters it. Could very well be a renal care retinal detachment a rat hole. And it also could be a vitriol detachment which is more as normal all right the victories is the -- on the -- we mature it starts debt. Kind of liquefied. And it starts to pull loose from the retina during the phase where it's pulling this from the -- It can cause these flashing lights and floaters but. You want to know only that I doctor can differentiate between it being victory -- which is normal and nothing you can do about it. Vs rational which we might have to seal with a laser trial therapy or surgery. So I'd say -- ever in doubt you have symptoms like this in in your -- doctor have your eyes dilated. Their other things that can cause flashing lights and floaters. Ocular migraines can cause it as we get older blocked carotid arteries can cause a similar presentation. But the majority of people they get visas when the G -- the guy starts to liquefied about age forty. And then it starts to bowl on Iraq and the rat and using nerves so when you get the pulling sensation and attention on the -- you get a flash of light. But I said you have to be violating your -- have to be dilated -- -- for sure what's going on. Is there any nutritional. Supplement tank can prevent it from happened. Well. As far as preventing it and it. That's a good question I think we can help prevent or help strengthen the guy and help strengthen their Ratner. Definitely by -- specific nutrients things like -- teen Z is and then. Asked to Zandt and Omega three. Ray is very trop. The right amount of vitamin. A -- up Carney did not look like gas and co Q ten that is a lot of things I'm mentioning. But I've taken all that into a product that we develop caught fortify. And so we have the levels of fortified vitamins based on age weight disease -- even based on DNA now so let's say. How how old are unanimous UA. At least seven. And about a 160. All right so what I would recommend for you do is probably. Something called fortify complete plots fortify complete lies comes in a box has two tablets and a gel cap and a little pack yet. That your multi vitamin I vitamins that he kept -- kept enzymes. And triglycerides form Omega three official ball on that little hermetically sealed pack yet. You don't need to take anything -- now I -- small amounts of calcium and purposely. 'cause I think calcium should be taken separately the council supplies talked about a minute gap. But otherwise it gives you just about everything that you need. Based on your age and weight. And I don't have an -- -- I don't have an -- exam in front of me so I don't know about what's going on and the guy but just from what you told me. That would probably be out the best one that we make one call masculine offense that 3033%. More potent. And we make one -- complete once daily that's 33% weaker. So if you were. You know between less than a 120 pounds I think the complete once daily is are you need. If you're over 200 pounds -- immaculate defense even though it's called immaculate offense -- total body supplement. Also if you're an extreme athlete is a got a lot of patience that. I did do some weird stuff sure people are in manifest itself that's pretty strained. So any thing any kind of extreme athlete needs to go with a higher concentrations of the fortify complete immaculate offense. Because it has they're gonna have more free radical damage from all the exercise that they're doing. Then lastly there is a little pill that I've I developed -- fortify focus a few years back now. And fortify focus I recommend for everybody over forty it improves the focusing ability of the guy. It has asked does anthem blue team Lindsay is Santas are great for this yen rate for the guy great for the joints and great for muscle endurance. And women like this and men like this awesome because it helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles in the face very good for the -- So that's kind of and then eating well all right. Exercise a little bit -- sleep and hydration and you should live forever. But as far as those flashing lights go you got to. See your doctor C united after you have your -- guy and it's sooner than later right that's a little bit inconvenience being violated. -- wears off very quickly but then we can find out for sure what's going on and we can tell you what what what what it is. -- -- I'm right thank you very much you have arguments. -- -- -- 187797598251877. 975982000. Got a question topic of the and give me a call right. I wanna talk a little bit about some things that are very bad for you that are in the typical multi vitamin out there and that's slack created. Fortify vitamins she wouldn't have any of the bad staff and only the good stuff. All right first off beta carotene bad news and a vitamin RI TER thought the beta carotene was good for in -- -- I think here it's fine all right. But beta carotene in these high concentrations that they're putting and supplements very bad for your prostate -- bad for your heart. And freer rat now. And the reason for this is it's bad feel lungs if your smoker so why would beta carotene being in vitamin. If you're taking a vitamin has beta carotene in it and a vitamin effort to greens drink that's different. Because that's coming it's a small amount of beta carotene just from the greens but if it's added to a supplement to not take it. Beta carotene blocks the absorption -- teens he is Anthony and even asked to -- that blocks the insertion of rotten points that are good for you -- do not want beta carotene. That is pro vitamin day. So therefore vitamin day. We are not a Third World country we do not have. Many vitamin a deficiencies in our country if you have a vitamin a deficiency is a medical reason for your doctor your medical doctor should treat that. So don't be taken vitamin day because -- -- -- paralysis neural degeneration. Can accelerate immaculate a generation. It is not good for you ever either so there has vitamin a comic take our -- knowledge and it. I wouldn't take it either and most vitamins that there have beta carotene and vitamin a comic -- -- -- and it. Then most vitamins -- got to look and other ingredients the worst thing under other ingredients is FDNC red yellow on blue dye -- If it has any of those guys and it don't take it it has artificial flavors. Don't take it. You know I try to get a little protein drink all the time over the over the -- you know you ride your bike your exercise in Europe for Iran. You go into the quaking in get when those low protein things like muscle milk are. I got tea I stay away from all those but there's a new and on the market caught core power. Core power it's all natural so if you had to have more of those -- the core power if you go into the quick team. Com. Synthetic vitamin. Every vitamin that there just about has synthetic vitamin me and they hide it it's. Now won the top cop for all they put a little. -- are an -- right there it looks like a wine. After the DC should be. But they put this little now or it looks like a wide and after the that's danced for a lousy laboratory Ludacris. So stay away from that and you know I'm not gonna mentioning names due to legal ramifications but the typical number one multi vitamin out there has everything it just talked about. And I think basically that's doing more harm -- getting ready net take a vitamin at all if -- taken that that's why vitamins have gotten a bad rap because of all the garbage they put in it and they make it very inexpensive to produce and they market up ten times so they can make a profit. You don't we don't even double the fortify vitamins so. We don't have the sixth time mark -- that is average in the market so. Take a look at fortified dot com look at the fortify complete once daily SO one day multi vitamin I've vitamin. You want -- wrong check out our official check out the fortified folk implement enzymes -- probe out of succumb and very soon there's a lot of research on the fortify website. Learn about it you can always email me there's a section asked the doctor on there if you have a question comes right -- I ask about the financial get loaded up. I think is Ron and Rand and good morning. -- Hanging in the matches out. Coming or. Iraq vote. It. There are around. Them. I went there and it. I not take any medicine. Oh. My request that is what census directly announcing it wanted to wage. And it would be in the replacement of Walesa's. In the little bit so I -- all. Feel that I -- Operation. Well prior to this surgery. You need to stop anything that has blood thinning properties so any aspirin -- Omega three vitamin. Team col below Obama. I would probably stop is specially okay. And now. Implant that's a great question all right without -- it's hard to make a recommendation if you have a statement is -- in your high. Quite a bit of the stigmatize them. Then my recommendation is to go with a traditional. Implant. That's covered by your insurance or -- torque implant that corrects for your stigmatize them and then Wear reading glasses okay. If if you have no stigmatize him in your guy. And you just farsighted -- near -- preferably farsighted but no stigmatize and -- one of the multi focal lens is out there either restore. -- tetanus they're both good the restore to blackness would give it ability see in the distance and up close without glasses. However here's a big -- however around. Depending on your lifestyle if you're super active your offer your tennis play your drive a lot at night you drive too fast at night okay. Then you probably do not want a multi focal look at -- wanna step on your ophthalmologist -- that might have already made this recommendation. But my my my dad is a retired physician and we you know the putting -- he wants in his diet and I recommend the traditional. Lens that's covered by his insurance that gives you good distance vision because. He drives a lot at night at 85 years of age he still mountain bikes he rode bikes he's very actively Byrd watches. He does photography. And you can't take the chance of blurring his distance vision with a multi focal remember. A multi focal implant. Sometimes not all the time sometimes a cause you distance vision to be a little bit blurry in order to see a class a multi focal implant has about eighty. 3%. Success rate. So that means if my math is correct that seventeen people that -- ticked off that got the lens and seventeen out of a hundred are right. I see as I see those pages everyday clinical practices the ones that you know we put an implant and and we can't make everybody happy. And so I see those and we got a hold their hands and again I'd do whatever we can't said the best thing is to not make a mistake it. But the correct implant and first South -- as you're aware if you go with a traditional implant the distance. You may need to have a week her glasses just to see a little sharper in the distance. But for reading. I personally think that's a win win situation right. But. If you all you do say you do you go about keeping your tax attorney you're an accountant and your whole life. Is you know at the computer are in front of view you know with then -- -- when he inches then you may wanna do a multi focal implant. I'm a prerequisite that they I didn't have radio current economy probably years ago. -- -- easy easy you don't wanna multi focal implant and you do not want a torque -- while either. Just -- this is easy if you had RK you have to have search additional implant put and because that's your best chances of getting good vision regardless of what your doctor says it's okay. So. With our K there's too many unknowns. And you don't wanna spend a lot of money on a multi focal and planner rhetorical lands. And then not get the results you want so I would definitely go the traditional implant try to get them to give you the best distance vision possible. And then afterwards a month after having cataract surgery have a good optometrists tour fraction on you to see what kind of correction you still may need to sharpen things up a little bit more. It is to make sure that I -- the -- when I go with the traditional. A lot of good eyesight. And at night long distance if I need shall my computer alone reading that. Right you're gonna need something probably for computer and for -- near vision but not. Not for distance of everything is calculated correctly but remembers and -- radio -- sodomy it's gonna be a little bit. More of a challenge for your ophthalmologist and if you didn't but they can do that now we -- good technology and you'll get good results. Excellent thank you very much being very very candid in -- as well. Take care but by -- you -- It's remember if you not happy that I Q you're getting get a second opinion come -- -- I care any of the -- accurate locations we tell them we're gonna talk fast we get a few people on -- Eric good morning in -- and how are you. July -- expect to do all I know your -- in jail under the show which. I could possibly recommend something for. That helped with memories. Munching -- used to take polian and -- cruelty -- supplement of how -- Dirk Pearson circuit which 1980 to. An online order form -- to have some good nutrition. Approach. -- the pure. Ornament churn among talks. Which one might be superior. I -- a much talk quickly. I think from memory for neural protection. I think number one Coca not all a good organic coconut oil like -- TV -- take two teaspoons a day. Takes him to Merrick Kirk Kirk human about a teaspoon a day and then triglycerides form Omega three fish you all so triglycerides. -- like fortified super may get to America and covenant on what Dobson. -- I want to thank you -- right attending and listening to ask the doctor. I'm out there have a great day. Thank god bless you. How do you.