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Treating Dry Eyes Problems, and the new Bausch + Lomb Ultra Contact Lenses

Aug 9, 2014|

Ask The Dr. with Dr. Michael Lange of Lange Eye Care and Associates for August 9, 2014

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see that there. And feel better on the Frontline. Contestant doctor. Play board certified optimistic position. Sort of high nutritional specialist and popular radio host. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. What do you. -- Okay good morning. And welcome to ask the doctor I'm -- host doctor Michael Lang. -- I care & Associates the -- I institute and fortify vitamins. There each and every Saturday morning. To answer any and all questions you may have regarding your vision eye care. In any nutritionally related topic so we're broadcasting from the gains both sky studios this morning how are not in Tampa Bay but we're all. Broadcasting through the Tampa Bay Networks still -- you got a question you give me a call at 1877. 97598. Q five that's 18779759825. If you needed a program whose doctor -- while I'm -- certified up to metric position. I'm also a certified nutritional specialist found lying I -- & Associates march 15 of 1993. We do have ten locations now we're located from a gains vault all the way to Tampa and Clearwater and everywhere in between. Ocala villages summer feel citrus -- I'm also the founder fortify vitamins. We a new interest to local company. That we do research and development of supplements. That target the guy and the entire body. You can learn more at fortify. Dot com that's FO RT I FE YE kind of a plan awards fortify dot com. Also for those of -- that do not have Internet access believer or not there's still a lot of yet. You get toll free number that goes directly to. Fortified and is 866507. Am. Think about that that's 8665039746. -- get too many numbers to remember 866. 5039746. And if you wanna learn a little bit more about -- I care simply go to -- I care dot com. We're gonna talk about dry eyes today we're gonna talk about contact lenses. For dry as well. There is a new -- by Bausch and mom called Bausch and -- all Shura that I've been having some incredible success with. With our drive I patients. This is brand new technology made by Bausch and lomb and as we call moisture -- technology that helps prevent. The lens from drying out on your high and I got to tell you folks you can put this lens and at. 7 o'clock in the morning and leave it -- you go to bed and it works incredibly well. The optics are great and it's very comfortable remember. In today's society. We have many many patients with dry -- We're working on computers are blink reflex is diminished or take a certain types of medications that drive sat. We're getting older all right. A lot of environmental factors drive our -- -- we talk about nutrition for dries all the time in this program. But I just wanted to mention to all of our listeners out there that are wearing contact lenses. Going and ask your optometrists to -- you in the new Bausch and lomb ultra. It's incredible it is so comfortable you won't believe it optics are great. So ask for Bausch and lomb ultra especially if you've tried other contact lenses in the past -- very happy with the comfort. And it was drying out toward -- -- -- -- -- this is an extremely -- to -- able lands it's a monthly replacement lens. And remember ask for the -- -- from Bausch and lomb ultra. Right we get some people on hold let's go to the phones let's see who's first Boettcher. Dobbs good morning. It got dark and I'm welcome back well beyond that circulation there's some growing oil. I was quick get a week before I was in Houston at a big. Symposium 123 of the largest practices in the country where there and we you know touched base on things that made SS successful it was a lot of fun we learned a -- and then now last weekend. It took Tuesday I hectic family up to the mountains in North Carolina and it's a mountain -- -- -- Whitewater rafting is upon us great time. They're your writing area. I apply in -- show's cast you mentioned that you are on virtue of it on the market -- occurring during. And are of course wondering. I expected advertisements all the -- On other pretty drinks and out. I notice that there are all edgy and out there and vegetables and talks at the centers that struck. And I was wondering if one -- to start taking -- great great. -- -- slice -- -- an appointment or indication due to the -- about. That's a great question on the greens drink I've been working on is going to be a little bit different from some of the stuff is currently on the market. Number one is going to UST certified organic the entire thing it's going to be gluten free. And it is -- so. Gonna have really truly high amounts. In my opinion therapeutic amounts of nutrients -- example has a lot of these greens drinks will have -- Carolina blue green algae. Know that 50 milligrams. Where I am a thousand milligrams so I'm taking some key components and key foods. And putting in -- this is not going to be there's going to be whole foods that are derived from this and not the extracts and there's a difference here. It's -- behind fiber is actually going to be able to act as a meal replacement plan for people if you add protein to it. Like a protein powder it would be really a meal replacement all right -- be great for weight management people that wanna lose weight people who wanna maintain weight. People they just wanna get some additional fruits and vegetables we should be trying to get thirteen servings of organically grow fruits and vegetables a day. And most of -- -- falling short of that this is going to be about ten servings of fruits and vegetables in one scoop so. The question is does -- replace the vitamins. Well in in a perfect society we ate all the food we are supposed to we did everything we're exposed to then you may not need to take vitamins so. The question is. Is it gonna replace that multi vitamin. It depends on each individual okay if you have a degenerative process like masculine generation no it is not gonna replace it. If you're overweight know it's not replace it if you're a smoker it's not gonna replace it. But -- here in note 25 years all. And you're in excellent shape then yes it very well may replace the multi vitamin not the Omega three official. So you know when you see in nutritionists when you see a doctor. They have to look at the whole picture they got to look at you they get a look at the systemic disease ocular disease and help determine what you need remember the vitamins that we've developed a fortified. Have some of the extract things like you know Bill -- extract grape seed extract DOG -- extract. Acai -- teen Z is anthem mis -- is and then asked does stand and these extracts are not going to be in the greens formula these are going to be whole foods so it's a little bit different. But remember everybody doesn't need vitamins were once again based on age way disease entity. How active you are obviously if your athletic. An extreme athlete you need to be taking the vitamins on top of just -- reading from a food stamp point. Well I. I expected suppressed -- let. Where it's whatever according won't Jake what do each and expel. Overload or not. Yes and now. On on the Warner Ciba vitamins absolutely you're correct there so it's it's hard to have a problem if you take too much vitamin C and too much vitamin B. -- a certain B complex. Certain B vitamins can build up toxicity. But for the most part vitamin C vitamin -- year are fairly health fairly easy to. Extra because they're more sizable but the -- sizable vitamins vitamin a vitamin a vitamin. These can build up toxic levels and I got to tell you they can build up very quickly especially vitamin a invited many. The vitamin. And that can be a serious from -- too much vitamin. Brittle -- -- -- -- osteoporosis. Also I can increase your risk of heart arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation nature of slaughter heart palpitations. They get to be very careful with the thought fat soluble vitamins. Our our. Okay Arctic where there -- respectfully that. Bob. Structural -- look at that today thank you Obama are. If a visit you guys in listened to the last two weeks who ran a few different takes. Abacus I was out of town at a conference the week before and then on a little mini vacation. I gonna take a break from the mini vacation that's a story in itself but did have a lot of fun. If my brother -- a comic probably didn't even been better. 52 and still haven't fights. Eight. 1877975. 98 to try to be got a question you may call 18779759825. -- let's go back to the phones. Dan in Hernando good morning. Good morning actually. One of the subjects that you mentioned -- -- radio shows albeit water that people use. I recently had our water tested. More or so per use and in our gardening. In that the PH is eight point oh. What effect might that have. For consumption. By myself. You know I think an eight point oh PH you have we have well -- and -- Yeah I think that's fine. You know that's a little more alkaline all right seven as it is more or less neutral. Other good thing about that is you're not below seven because there's a lot of people out there. That have very -- quarter which has you know some some medical issues -- regard with that. And you probably don't have a reverse osmosis system on that while either day. Because what happens reverse osmosis actually. Causes the alkaline well water to become very ascetic. And it causes it to be Leach does minerals and you know reverse as matters most is Warner and distilled water are both very pure forms of war I mean. Extremely pure. However when I tell patients if you're doing reverse osmosis and distilling it. Then put it a glass container chop up fruits and vegetables and put a little pink sea salt then it. And venturing that circus -- Tenet -- allies is that with the minerals. Makes a much better for it so I'd say that's that's a good good PH to have from a drinking standpoint. Now did you have it checked to make sure it's relatively clean and it's not -- and having metals and then have any bacteria and it. Okay good as I drink while Warner and Ocala and I put a little UV system on it. Just to make sure it's killing any bacteria that can potentially be and while Warner and then I have a potassium. Soft in Iran and as well. But I think you probably OK with that you know the other thing that people don't realize especially in Marion county and even -- -- -- a county. Is believe -- not raid on can be in the Warner. And so if you haven't checked for that you know the simplest thing reduced check your house for rain on if your house is -- raid on anybody checked you Warner. You can go to Lowe's or Home Depot. And -- this low radar and -- where you open up these bottles and put it three different rooms for a day or two and then you close them opens and send them off and the lab will come back and tell you how much radon is in your house radon is a colorless odorless gas basically in your eye and your house. That can increase your risk of lung cancer I think it's the second leading cause of lung cancer. But it can cause potential problems this and if this annual orders -- check your house for raid on. If it's tied in check to Warner for rate and to. I take it and and you know what we started off talking about dry. One reason our eyes are dries because we're already -- and believe or not most of lesser dehydrated that's absolutely correct think about it. -- cups of coffee did you have this morning to maybe even three semi -- cocktails did you have last night army -- of the gonna have tonight. -- armor for every cup of coffee and every cocktail ultimately needed trip probably drink two to three. Cups of good Warner to offset the -- you rhesus effects. South he had two -- across into cocktail sets 44. Times two is 84 times three -- while -- to be drinking. Eight to twelve cups of water just to get back to. Equilibrium. And you get a drink half your body weight in ounces of good war so. -- seemed most ever sykora who I am dehydrated think about it the guys who have seen Andy Grady burned two year itch. The had a little dizzy spouse you know awkward feeling times you know are you tired. All of these can be related to. Dehydration. And you don't think you -- hydrate issue not sweating. So think about that. That's the simplest thing we do and I drive patience we tell on the hydrate. At some coconut water pocono -- high in magnesium coconut mourners are so high and potassium. Is very good to help you hydrate your body. I phone lines are already got a question regarding your vision hi Karen nutritionally related topic. I am alive today and sometime in August 1877975. 9825. That's 18779759825. Go back and just recap about contact lenses you know I don't talk enough about contact lenses on the program. But you know if you want an option to wearing glasses you -- an option -- wearing glasses contact lenses are a great option. They have without the test of time they're extremely safe. How -- mom has been an industry just about longer than anybody. And I seen the evolution of their contacts over the years -- actually clinical investigator from Bausch and -- years ago. On some of their new mature shows that they developed in the late nineties. And so their new lens once again to recap. Bausch and lomb culture is an incredible land's great comfort great vision. Good for your eyes so ask your doctor for these lenses are so. It's a great deal probably the best deal in the industry right now you'd buy four boxes it's sixty dollars a box 240 dollars. Marshall on stingy sixty dollars back. So that is a 180 dollars for a year's supply of what I feel is probably the best contact lens on the market right now. Took on any lying like your location asked to be fit the new Bausch and -- -- lens -- a local optometrists ophthalmologist asked to be fit. In the new Bausch and -- -- -- I think you'll be very happy. Number I want which in a trial pair with your contact lens exam seeking test drive at first to make sure you alike. Right once again phone lines are open 18779759825. I'd like to know for coming in loud and clear in the Tampa Bay Clearwater saint Pete. Sarasota. Area so we are coming in Latin player -- -- call 1877. 9759825. -- I want to mention. Put this on your calendar August 23. We're having a big advantage in the gains though -- like your location. August 23. Big event or never -- out we're gonna hamburgers and hot dogs when -- free drinks. We have a lot of giveaways we're gonna have freebies were gonna have discounts or have a trunk show. A lot of frame manufactures are going to be there showing the latest in their frames -- -- huge discount. A minimum of 30% discount so come home by put that on your calendar I should be there are so that's August 23. Gains and I think that's a Saturday. I'm not sure of the time but if you come by about 11 o'clock 12 o'clock -- the whole day if you want I'm not sure what time we're gonna start it. But August 23 and -- 30% off fortified vitamins that usually brings people from all over. This is the last event like this of the year for gains the location so August 23 Gainesville -- I Karen and assess his arrest right. Next to target on archer road right off I 75. Food drinks music we're gonna have a what is that a when the girls walked down the runway a modeling shadow. So that's going to be pretty cold. So come on out August 23. Are right let's go back to the -- And button. Joseph intellectual in the morning. It -- doctor. I -- that your are all that's in Gainesville Florida. Back in March. And her rock the lead at last I see a huge law order. Except that it should dissipate within street for my whereabouts still see it. It's just as they could get at otherwise and I -- and away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She says see like attached. Right OK I sounds like she's have a we call up hysteria to vitriol detachment at PVD a big word to mean a right to mean a big floater. And this is fairly common as we mature I've got -- about the my guys. And she can be very aggravating quite frankly here you see this big -- -- in your vision and moves with your rise when you look left right up or down. In noticed more against an evenly uniform background like the wall or this guy. It can be aggravating and it takes awhile for to actually -- out of your line -- site. Some people it takes two to three weeks some people can take 678 months now. If it's a super problem I mean if it really is causing visual compromise nation then we'd recommend senate to one of our good retina specialist in the area. To have that evaluated because they can surgically remove some of those vitriol floaters however I never recommend surgical removal of vitriol floaters. Unless it's truly. Causing a significant vision you know problem. Now another thing is if she's just. Not a you know just concerned about it she might wanna get back and have her eyes dilated have the doctors look at her again. Just to make sure there's nothing else going on remember. This vitriol -- can pull on the Ratner went pulls on the -- -- compare the redneck can put a hole in the -- that ultimately can detach the -- And we wanna make sure that does not happen. Joseph -- know the symptoms Scioscia as a sudden onset of lots of floaters and her vision looks like pepper paprika. Our starts getting flashing light -- begin immediately. And at half price if it happens on a Sunday just call our our you know after hours number. But we're open on Saturdays in the Gainesville location. But they've had issues and I'll apprehensive about it -- come and let -- check in again. Architecture well thanks doctor. All right -- take care. And floaters are very common there are a lot of us get these learners. All right we'll probably get re take a break here in a minute that I am going to take the next call quickly Marty and -- true and good morning and. And I have two questions. You have treated my mother -- 95 -- so. And it's been all about a year I think since we were in this -- view. You know another eye doctor to -- -- and since that -- so don't worry about it that you really brought her pack. And I wanna thank you for that and I want to have to clean and cannot bring her back foot Heather and I am she's not complaining at any. Any problems seen but I didn't want too much time to go by. How long ago at a nice to hear about it here yeah it's probably time. Thank each ear she should go. Absolutely at that at that I think after the age of probably forty or fifty it's a good idea to be seen annually but especially at over nine any. We wanna make sure there's nothing going on I 95 I mean she could live another ten years you never not had. Definitely she is a wonderful I need to do not expect. Is. Myself I also beat me and I'm. It is for people that are listening and as -- a year -- I I program work it really helped me you know as I'm getting older. I think you need this magnification is so much every year is to court and work. How did you keep your eye is healthy and that they don't they everything doesn't have to be that magnify. Right well that's called pres BO BS and normal process of Beijing -- I got a tea. I've developed the product they can slow it down and I don't know if you're taking a lot of people drives are taking it -- caught fortified focus. What we've got. Have a -- year official now they. Is confirmed me. Your multi -- him. -- go to the website fortified dot com read about fortify focus we've taken asked does anthem routine and -- is anthem -- and clinical studies on that website showing it actually improves the ability of the I need to focus. I'm 52 years old I don't need reading glasses now I used to at 49 before I develop the so it does work it doesn't work the same for everybody. But it also helps some decrease inflammation and oxidation in the entire body and that's what aging as. -- a data stress and inflammation so one little black so called fortify focus may help you focusing ability. And may help slow down the aging so I think it's a valuable asset and an anti aging regiment. I think that inflammation. Causes problems in the body had terrible joint pains since I started taking year official -- And and as cutting back on the at -- -- you know. Rank and get much much you are. Fantastic human all right well thank you enjoy. That care about my. And she learned that from her -- doctor. Can you imagine. All right am. I think we get time may be for this next -- at one minute so we're gonna to go quickly. Porter and -- good morning. About a couple quick questions on. Right I look specifically at and getting worse. You know Larry -- rapidly let several years in -- left side. Obama won more electric and book. It it. It is or something specific question that that you think urged both Ford about that. -- all the neat things like that things are what it's like they always trailer had detect redolent tensions all that in your future and if you see floaters and that's what army thinking about just call it chronicles yeah. Well I'll -- keep -- early in the the other in the world. Sure littered they had them -- so much earlier you and bought after that migrant -- that -- -- Carter lecture topic. Well in the load the box into the tank but there on -- war war. Well we're gonna have to take a break -- reporter. Get in and have your eyes -- make sure there's not a cataracts macular degeneration going on I'll talk more about this afternoon breaks state -- If you -- a loved one is suffering from macular degeneration and then take note of the following information. Hi I'm doctor Michael -- come aboard certified Affymetrix position. A certified nutritionist specialist masculine degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in patients over 55. I have personally seen thousands of patients with immaculate generation clinical practice for over seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically obtained. The nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed a science based nutrition Google called fortified complete immaculate defense. That takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporated into one convenient daily -- yet. There is hope for masculine or generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control with your help before -- complete Matt -- Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortify dot com available at laying right here & Associates. I'm doctor Michael -- I'm a board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist did you know that the majority of vitamins that you can buy it over the scanner. Are filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats. All of the things that are at three. This is why develop fortify vitamins and all natural nutrition local developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete plus is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The supplement is a multi vitamin hide vitamin. Veggie and fruit blends with enzymes and Omega three fish all developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your health fortified vitamins. Take control of your help with -- fortified and learn more and order now at www. Fortified. Available at playing -- high gear & Associates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better on the Frontline. Contestant doctor. Clip board certified optimistic position sort of my nutritional specialist. And popular radio hosts. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. How do you. OK welcome back to ask them out there I'm your host doctor Michael Landon. I've been hosting ask the doctor since April of 1993. A multiple radio stations throughout the great state of Florida offs on I heart radio and in -- radio. And you can get me streaming all of it and it all over the world. He's -- drive time show out of Tampa Bay and we were on the radio cash every morning from nine -- ten except Sunday. So anyway if you got a question. Here to answer those questions remember I'm not to metric position as well certified nutritional specialists. And I can be seen it. -- have a variety of lying I care locations we do have ten locations we got a great group about to metric physicians. As -- ophthalmologist at -- I care. Learn more -- I care dot com or doctor Michael Lang dot com don't forget to go to fortify. Dot com to learn more about nutrition. Also remember we do have an -- senator in Clearwater. And that is right or injury street and US nineteen as the -- nutrition center. And we do you organic smooth these organic coffee organic green -- cappuccinos. Anything I talk about on this program you can get at that nutrition senator. Anything at all that's right there on drew street US nineteen were open Monday through Friday us we have a small nutrition center inside the -- I care. Uptown optical gallery. In the downtown Ocala square so when the back. We have a nutritious and are worrying get organic green -- the white tee that I talk about. The -- nuclear honey that coconut all the vitamins I talked about the protein powders and everything I talked about eating get it either one of those nutrition centers downtown in the square in Ocala. Or I US nineteen injury street in Clearwater. -- -- so the downtown uptown optical galleries section -- I care uptown optical gallery. As are high and optical gallery so if you're looking for frame. That you just can't yet -- go to SoHo New York come home by that location we guess some incredible eyewear. That's kind of an eclectic. Type of optical looks like it is in SoHo New York. We have things like Sam and -- now over people's we get the new all solid wood collection. Of English law injury I mean Tiffany we've -- every frame you can ever imagine. That is -- super high end type -- framed so come Mumbai that's in the downtown square in Ocala but all of our locations Oliver obstacles have really really nice designer friends we have. In economically priced frames and we have very exotic frames as well so we have. Something for everybody starting at 39 dollars and going up to over a thousand dollars to -- something for everybody there. All right once again phone lines are open if he got a question remember regarding your nutrition. Or vision gimme a call 18779759825. Remember we do -- ten locations of lying I care from Gainesville to Tampa and Clearwater. In between we have three locations in Ocala summer fields the -- I institutes in the villages and -- citrus hills. Right now public's plaza across from -- Vista. However -- I care location remember we take care of everything from routine eye exams contact lens exams to major. Retina surgery cosmetic facial surgery cataract surgery. We do at all from all types of like your optimal logical as well as up to metric. I superstar to show off talk a little bit about contact lenses and dry guy all right so. I have developed a system to help patients with dry I need to learn about this system at the fortify website. He can purchase everything individually at any -- like your location. But she get a really great discount on the website it fortify dot com. You can look at the super dry I -- the extreme dry -- kits -- if you have really really really dry eyes. Extreme dry I kid is a great value for what she get. You get all the vitamins that are made for dry -- you get the -- -- that heats up your rise she get the -- brick hitting eye drops the oasis tears in -- -- tears. You get describing found for the eyelashes you get the directions for itself. There's different levels of dry -- kid she can learn about on the fortify website go to fortified dot com folks this works. I've used over twenty years of clinical experience in the dry -- arena to develop this it works quite well now from a nutritional standpoint. This three components for dry out Omega three asked does Anthony and GLA from black currency -- When he's off three of those dry I will start to improve. Especially if he lose a little heat and keep her eyelashes clean so you heat up your eyelids with a warm washcloth or something called the -- mask. They put the microwave for twenty seconds. So remember we clean them we heed them we Newt sure fire him and we lubricate them. The lubricate and I drop side like pastor either a waste this tears oasis tears last. Blinked tears or -- pain tears. All three of those we have available all lying like your locations you can't buy those over the counter. These are much better than over the counter a dry eye -- she cannot to get him from the fortify website. So using this -- number kidding I drop oasis blink or retained. Works quite well now for people with really really dry eyes -- recommend they alternate. One of two RIE take blink aura oasis and your alternate that with three team. Retain. In GD stands for my -- in gland dysfunction. This actually. Puts back the lit -- layers here to here found. It's relatively new and it works quite well if -- only gonna use one lubricate inning I drop. I recommend -- blink tears. Or oasis tears -- that's not doing the job and you add the retained in GD and get a tea it works quite well. Now let's talk about. Black currency eagle this is something that we have at the nutrition senator downtown in Ocala on the square. The one in Clearwater. We sell -- there or on the website we don't usually have. The black currency all available in the -- I care locations I think in the villages we do that. But black current Seagal as very high and some Pickard GLA Gamal and all the gas it. This is an -- may get. Omega six and we talk about stealing the ratio of Omega three to Omega six so you have to take this in conjunction. With fortified super Omega or good triglycerides form Omega three that has the same ratio. A fortified super Omega you have to take him to gather. Otherwise you get too much Omega six and actually can create inflammation. But which when you combine black current seed oil that has. -- quite a bit of GLA with our fortified super magnet that's kind of the double whammy against dry eyes and remember I love the fortified focused with the asked Zandt and that's that triple whammy against tryout or Bremer dry eyes related to inflammation. These three components. -- inflammation not only in your ride but in your body. So when we're getting a dry -- under control were also helping inflammation. In your entire body remember that's one component of aging. I -- about the -- I think Jeff is next. Jeff and Micanopy good morning. Hey you nearly doctor -- do you unclear. Yeah like my batteries beat army they'll make a quick statement and not gonna listen I -- at the -- and speak what you are very frustrated unlocked. I'm in my mid thirties. I -- more like -- used you know the assault weapons used extended Wear that are right they're relatively inexpensive are 1620 dollar to Eric rare or are you -- I -- -- I've been doing great recently. My patience got worse I -- -- -- different -- doctors I'm pretty frustrated I don't know -- being ripped off a lot. They did something called corneal. -- and I think it's what they all right and they tell me might corny ya. Is. Something to check like a cone or we're all -- I described it anyway. They they tell -- this all went to tighten wearing for fifteen years. Won't work anymore. One guy wants to sell me. -- All are they called gas short landed them and it's something like 900. Dollars one apparel and since. The other guy wants to sell me. Something which is a combination of -- heartland. And he wants 2100. Dollars. Can you just discuss this economy our opponent. I mean all the -- a salad attention thousand -- because. They touch you and it's supply and demand note of these guys are currently offers just when you get it so I probably. I am asking why these weren't so damaged and since when I've been steadily in one book the prayer. Right Jeff that's a great question and without senior can't tell you definitive but I think I know what's going on. It sounds to me like you got a condition starting -- -- economists -- Now -- decode this is when your. Cornea -- departure route it starts to actually. I've become shaped more like a football and it gets to the point -- glasses and soft contact lenses will not give you division. So we go to a rigid gas -- able contact. Now that's seen its hard for me it -- cost. If you have early stage care to Communist. Then you can get away with about 200 dollars for rigid gas permit a lens that's what we charge for a -- 200 dollars. The exam for -- economists however can be a little bit more expensive so I think entry level -- to Connick care. With a rigid gas premier bowl limbs and exam entry level is probably about. Anywhere from six to 700 dollars okay if he came to lying I care now you have advanced care to count as it could be more than that. Now they were talking about some cuts energized energizes a lens that has a soft skirt. A with a rigid senator. And we use this quite frequently in a lot of patients that can be relatively expensive because our cost is very expensive. However 2200 dollars is quite a bit higher than we charged. For C energized lenses. I think the exam. Everything. For the top of the line few -- I care is about 14100. Dollars and might even be 12100 dollars. So it's not a bad way to shop shop around and find what price says. But this energized lens that has this Oscar can be relatively expensive there's also -- -- rose K rose K is gonna probably be. Almost half the price this is a rigid gas permit the lens developed for character code that's -- right. So the first. Thing is I guess -- I mean you may want Amy get a third opinion I mean that the Pentagon be spent a lot of money. But -- get another opinion if -- naturally if you do have care to congress and then. If there's a way that we can treated economically now I do I do you have to tea there is a soft lens for this condition. So there's a soft lens for this condition. That you can buy and what we would do we try to soft lens and it doesn't work we send it back get credit and then we go to the more expensive rigid gas army able title injuries even. These customized hybrid lenses like this energized. I hope that helps out. But you will get better vision if you truly have -- economist with these specialty contact lenses that's why their little bit more expensive -- that's about the -- I think -- in Clearwater Bob in Clearwater good morning. As. And I'm drinking the spring water instead of seltzer water. Question -- is done by and that's in this plastic jugs. And I wonder if that is said EPA didn't hurt and it kind of pollutants from plastic container. A great question. Number one I would not put it in any heated environment so don't put in the backseat of your car. A during the day especially you have a black car and do not put it in the refrigerator believe it or not you don't wanna cool it you -- -- heated. If it is and a a a plastic bottle has by -- -- -- it. The best thing to do is to buy BP A free plastic spring water. So or glass bottles only glass bottles I finder either Saratoga. Aura what does that Ozark Mountains Africa what is called ozark mountain you can buy spring ordering glass bottles. They do charge a lot more because as glass but they do make BP A free plastic. Spring water. I can't think of the name but at both of our nutrition centers downtown Ocala and Clearwater injury street. We had these relatively large. Bottles that are BP A free free. And they have a relatively high PH -- alkaline spring water and it's BP A free that's what I've been drinking a lot of and just. I'm Amanda loss for the name of the product training camp. -- helped all of it to take a look look at what incentives. But don't you could don't cool if I can get tickets separate emails or something like that just drink -- at room temperature. Well -- about it. We take care. And I am actually working today Albion Ocala seeing patients after this program. I -- I get today we went EMR recently about three weeks ago that's called electronic medical records. And I had tea physicians are being forced into this. It was. Not gonna be forced because physicians to take a hit next year. It's like one to 3%. Discount on Medicare reimbursement if they elected to stay in paper files and not go fully computerized. But the new administration has done away with that because now they have these new codes -- -- ICD ten heads in you're gonna have to generate them with a computer. So basically that's forcing everybody everybody in the medical field. To go fully computerized and here's the kicker -- got computers right now you're gonna have to upgrade because you have to go to -- but compliant software. You can not download this on your current computer. So I mean -- to buy new computers we've got about a 10020 computers recently. And that stuff ain't cheap. So I gotta say yeah this is not my area of expertise that they show before is. Mr. Davis should talk about this but I'm Tanya I think Microsoft. Is a good stock went once that pulls back and also. Think about it computer companies but she can not download this new software. Into a computer you've got to buy a new computer. So I mean. Just the law of demand and supply that means the computer company is gonna be doing very well the middle of next year so. Sounds like that would be good you know I always wanted to be a stockbroker. -- a stockbroker and financial advisor maybe -- can do that when I -- a lot -- -- phone lines are open 1877975982518779759825. The reason I bring that up to holy Amare thing. Not to give yet a a stock template. It slows us down a bit case so be patient when you come into one of the -- I care locations. Until we get totally adapted today sir I remember this is something physicians are being forced into. We have to do something called meaningful use where we have to do some ridiculous stuff on this computer some things that have nothing to do with your eyes at all. But we still have to generate this. To make everybody happy in the administration. Says it takes a little bit longer than a routine eye exam on paper chart. But and along about weigh -- actually is going to be good for you because all of your information. Is in a computer in the cloud and you'll be able to go to a portal very soon and pull all of your health information whether it's eyewear that's part. And you'll have it available for you all the time if there's an emergency at 3 o'clock in the morning I just I can pull your follow up on my iPhone -- on. On my computer my laptop so it can improve quality care for you offset. When we're talking back and forth with your cardiologist a neurologist primary care physician. It's great because we can send this stuff via the Internet we can print up a latter immediately for use the talks about your entire I exam. So it really is and how this -- state of the art. Mattison I'm not real happy about it. On -- seeking -- trying to convince myself that I'm gonna be happy about it so anyway -- I care is fully. Electronic medical records now at all locations are right let's go back that -- even in Ocala good morning. Ringing the -- Where every year. Remember them or I -- about oh I get all wallowing in my diet. If there. Earning. -- a ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then it goes LA -- and then it. -- I can only day where I think it is without seeing I can't tell you definitively so this does not replace an I exam. But it sounds like you've probably developing something cub black brightest left broken junk divide as my domain gland dysfunction and or. 840 year old Marshall lazy on such a lot of big words. Demeanor that you're getting a little bit of a clogged ducts in your ride. And it's related probably to bacteria build up on your eyelashes at this what you're gonna depth. You gonna scrub your eyelashes. Every night before you go to bed was something caught -- you soft hockey stuff does describing found you can buy at any lying like your location you can get on the fortify website. So that gets rid of the bacteria that potentially could cause this problem but before you scrub your eyelashes you can heat your eyelids up with a warm washcloth. Or something caught a bird amassed so you heat up the lead and the new scrubbing clean and very very good. Also taking into good Omega three fish oil like fortified super may get the combination of cleaning heating and taking the Omega three is gonna keep those lids clean -- the -- crusty. It's gonna keep the bacteria from getting into the glancing causing this wiling okay. So it sounds to me like Michael Meehan gland dysfunction bless her right this is what you have. Very easy to treat naturally by heat -- scribes and I'm using the Omega three. Obviously that gets worse -- got to get -- to see the -- doctor but it sounds like that's what's going on it's very very common and it's very easily to treat. Just based on what I just coach. Now to get recurrent bumps on the eyelids. It's not a bad idea maybe become an NC doctor live backe doctor live Becky is our popular plastic specialist he's in the village -- I institute the main Ocala office. But any -- current bumps on the -- I don't wanna scare yet but sometimes that can be some sort of cancer -- a seller squamous cell carcinoma. So we don't wanna you know not take it seriously. Said the gist of the story it's probably good idea even get -- -- united actor. -- can -- carry the name of that again I -- as a big name. -- well sounds like -- you can write this down a combination of MGD. That's my -- Meehan land dis function. And less far rightists. Lasts for riotous. And I've got on the fortify website if you go to fortify dot com to the right hand side I got a lot of good information that talks about it. Natural ways to approach this. The for an. Right next FO RT. I asked. BY -- east so FO RTI aft EYE fortified -- com. -- to take care bye -- All right I want to mention something before we take the next call I'm worn a pair of glasses right now that are -- true clean air. Was this soap for an -- right this stand I was trying to keep you abreast of the latest changes in the optical industry. And this in my opinion is a bass lens combination in the world this is made by company caught asked seller who makes verilux. This is kind of like -- locks on steroids. It's called -- clear SD. SS and stand dias and daddy. So true clear ST was this so that's a DI SO. Prevents CA I think about prevention so this is a progressive lens this digitally produced back surface free form that is designed for people. Find out you're right here a left handed when you're right handed to shift the book a little bit to the right left handed. Do something similar so it maximizes. Your reading ability. If you're right handed left handed as the first lens design in the world that takes right or left hand in this into play. Optics are phenomenal but we make it even better by adding a special -- made by resolved caught this so prevents he had. And what that is that is a blue filtering. Coding. And when I look at it right now has a purple hue coming off about it. That means that blue light is not going in it's ricocheting off the front axis shield from the blue light. Why is it important to block the blue like the blue light is what -- is the guy more than the UV night the blue light comes from your computer your iPad the television. So blue light is everywhere obviously the sun. So wearing a blue filtering -- the wind is totally clear OK it's clear doesn't have a yellow hue to it. It's going to help slow down aging in the chronic blue light exposure. Causes melatonin levels to drop when melatonin levels drop you don't sleep well -- right. When you don't sleep while cortisol levels go up. When cortisol levels go up you get fat and out of shape so now you have a Lindsay -- where it was -- and the aging in the act. And it may help you sleep better you sleep better cortisol levels go down you feel better and you can lose -- Now here's the kicker. There's some good studies even coming out of Harvard now talking about blocking the blue light and melatonin. Remember chronic blue light exposure to working on the computer a lot at night. Does your tiny oak land but you're out in the sun -- -- not on the summit is nighttime so tiny -- shuts down this accretion of melatonin. When melatonin levels drop. Cancer rates go. So think about that one. Now we got to lands that truly slows down aging in the and I reduces I stressed and may a slowdown systemic disease. Pretty -- So it's made by -- -- it is called. This zone prevent CN. Resolved prevents the process same exact thing resolved prevents -- of his or prevents the I like it if you did -- troop clear lens. Troop clear progressive -- caught ST. Are they one caught XT sixties a little bit better but I don't think you need to spend extra money as is not that big difference and get true clear ST. It is -- prevents he would ask your optometrists sport. Most optometrists or ophthalmologist -- have a clue what you're talking about causes brain and you. And it's only allowed in certain private practices right now not in commercial chains. So think about that right let's go back the defense. Norma are known and Tampa good morning. The money he can't get out -- -- That actually end -- -- that I didn't get all of -- and if you would talk about it and you are again agent. In. And -- dry. -- actually -- -- are. So you get two extra bat and I want to ask you. You had talked about Hampton who. Helped fund it in perspective that true is that well. There's a lot of new technology for masculine a generation right now available. And the key is early detection and we're kind of leading. An area in this area -- in dry I man macular degeneration detection. And shriek -- okay. So the key here is number one to have a DNA tests done had your DNA tested to find out. If you truly have the DNA for immaculate degeneration and find out on a risk level one to five. How batter how good it is okay -- the cut back our risk five that means -- more prone to lose your vision for immaculate a generation. C got a really pay attention to what the doctor says if you ever risk one that you can sit back and relax a little bit. The main reason we did a DNA tests however is defined out of zinc is a poison. Here retton and your body or your body is thirsting for more zinc. So that DNA tests will show a -- that we can customize a nutritional plan. I call it genotype directed nutritional supplementation for masculine a generation. So we look at the age of the patient the weight of the patient the disease entity and now they're DNA. And then we customize. A nutritional plan of attack. I develop the first zinc free immaculate degeneration vitamin in the world you can learn a bottom of the fortify web site it's called zinc free. Fortify immaculate offense and we're finding that 60%. Of the patients with immaculate generation need this formula if they're taking formulas with high dosages of zinc. Fifty to 60% up from probably getting worse so the only way to know is to have your DNA test. We did that DNA test at all -- I care locations but learn a lot more about it at fortify. Dot com. -- -- -- -- Yes unless you have a DNA test that says you need it otherwise did not take -- yes man. Just -- it up and take care. All right did you not happy VIK you're getting get a second opinion come to any -- night your location. My promises we'll take good care -- I'm out here have a great day and god bless you. How do you.