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Cyber Monday sucks less after a long Holiday Weekend

Dec 1, 2014|

Bob Rose Show 8a hour for Monday 12-1-14

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Minutes after 8 o'clock live in local it is about Rochelle nick Philly for. But answers Ali yes fights no luck a couple of things first of all it is the first day December welcome to it it's the first day of the week it's Monday but will make it. The best it can be for a Monday so gonna suck but. By turning into about Rochelle your money will suck less. And that's the only guarantee or put nine. Soccer laughs it is Cyber Monday so your employees are gonna produce lasts for York is gonna be goofing off on there. Little little little. Cyber outlets whenever they may be you'll tablets are little phone you can't trust him anywhere elect children. You can't they're gonna go and they're gonna look for deals. But I was looking for deals yesterday. On the old cyberspace to fronts on hand now really. Here's Jay yum. Theirs are staying I. I don't know who to file suit with nick maybe can help you out there. LO boots. Like to the point where like probably have a boot FedEx or something wrong with me because I live in Florida and I don't get to where now much although I do in my motorcycle so I use as excused by more boots aka. You ever go into any store this time a year and what do you say you see a lot of votes don't yeah yeah. All different styles heights sizes everything else but you know what else who knows if you look closely. The people have that obviously the greatest array and different ones and different price ranges are women. Women this is this it's it's against Matt it's another one of those they're attacking men and ominous stick up for man now. Why can't we have some cool boats and different styles. Now you can't be like to cool the boot Kazan and now. It gets into the hole what is Frank Zappa fairies Wear boots things he got a carefully don't go that far. But you know what is it and then if you find a global like a sonic who Buddha mind are correct yes it's on sale 179 box. Like look I'm not gonna climb Mount Everest in these other than Florida would be priced women's boots. Now they've run the gamut dale they have their cheaper boots that are obviously just kind of a fashion neat thing im probably gonna last that long. Ellen and you varying degrees along the way a little bit nice a little bit nicer with David Price range Gary's. It's there and there's no cheap ones unless they're really cheap and in their she'd be cheapened that's not gonna work. So why can't we have some in between so like file suit with colleague makes in my office he's just got to get more guys and groups. I don't care I'm C I don't care about other guy plays soccer you just want -- about. And I don't want a greater selection of boots. But I think where you are were being were being discriminated again Belgian minister and Iger. I totally agree you don't strike me as a brute guy I could see UN what do you causal half for little half boots little half and they're comfy there are like comfy see your comfy shoe guy can tell. You're not low first Euro higher. You know loafer guy. At worst look right now slip punches ideas that Taj and attention. But he attended she's trying to now you get comfy she's. It's long. Hot. And you have a fake Christmas tree. And get this I'm doing profiling here Dick personally. And that. Now I did know I notice that so anyway I've found a pair of boots like. And there's something about me yeah I have great chase I do I really do live great taste I can go anywhere. We you'd take me somewhere. To a store like any random store. And it's gonna be all these deals and on and I'll go oh I like that. I did it the other day and I was even in a really expensive store growth was like diligent Macy's. The highest and store my now maybe it was one of those. I saw a vast style like. Of best met. About a put his sleeves on. Those I know we're a 150 bucks. I know you're sitting right. They did your day they sleep all the lights yeah you can't charge me across jacket here and adding and puts leaves yeah. So yeah I can just pick out I can choose our right away so normal animal again all bunch of boots and angle like those fronts like 179 box. To me that's a lot of money of my name I living wearing boots you know I mean like if I was Wichita lineman or something climbing up telephone poles all day in all night. And I'd invested have most expensive good pair of boots. But you know I'm just gonna Wear on. Herb you know. Anyway that's my thing and with boots it's it's my issue I know I'm I'm seeing a therapist remember nights. And let's have a motorcycle that's therapy to him in the motorcycles little cheaper and in the skis boots. Exactly yeah. I'm gonna go to the phone lines here Riviera about road show good morning sir. Hey Bob does make go along with the plastic Christmas tree that is football slippers. The league champions and a shirt pocket and take all these islands that collapses. He may have when he was younger I think it's somebody probably a slight pull them aside and sad and that's not gonna work in governor of his pocket protector. No he doesn't know. I am as much that wanna pick on his nearest island profiling the he's a handsome man I mean I got to give him that the clintons are illiterate from the sure. I'm while. The seize any opportunity to it was over the eastern and I think now. The painting as a and it was a trust fund baby when I'm them. The size pollute an expensive logo. Sweaters he would Wear and homeland. And on Annika business and on now to that I say it yet. As you say that when you're somewhere near water but since you lived landlocked. 90% of your life. You know Bubba get know Altec. It's a less heavy were not Nicole. And over the weekend you a week. They heated pool is a scam now did it go on the beach are pretty real on the me that was. Hoped the breach not this weekend yes you a vote. What are you know the vote. Difference. For. You see Ed wanna glom onto that he'll have none of it. Yeah America yeah. How does so medical marijuana can you believe that it's back and a say in my understand definitely deliberate act. After a narrow loss in this year's election political committee behind amendment to plans to quickly revive its push to legalize medical marijuana in Florida and you you know my take on it I was OK with it. And just okay now a go go go all. And I wasn't no no no here's my take quick and simple thing was terribly written no doubt about it. But if people really are chronic and severe pain. Should they be able to address that with what. Pretty much any means available I say absolutely yes you're chronic pain. You're suffering a late stage cancer you've got similar fibromyalgia other series pain issues. I think it's a heck of a lot better for it in that those pills they pump you full of the dead that are want the opiates a lot. Course it is now is good for you in general should be smoking and it or. Not. And if they made it legal for medical use yes some people would abuse it and a run to their doctor try to get a card try to get on the medical weed I got it. The same people that are by and weed smoking like crazy now gimme a break. Gimme a break when you would about the kids really if you wanna find we've Jesse ask. I kids go get dad some weeds crying. No I haven't actually tried. Not a bad now. That was mushrooms no. So what do you think about trying to bring this up again I'm all that I'm over it like well when they go. If they really want it put it up for a vote to recreational use in any way you wanna use it. The first thing know as we've really got to have some good solid set up as far as driving goes it I think if we address that. We really effectively addressed. The getting behind a wheel issue. Many people would gender change their mind on say look I know I don't like drugs I don't I think it's a gay way am I crazy about it but gap there was a way to effectively keep people from driving when they're all high on the we'd then reacted seemingly too. That's a thought but I'm over it really I'm over at age sixteen Alibaba Rochelle. The live for today skeletal and 8779759825. What coach muschamp throw the game is it because his best friend it was about to lose. This title shot for number one and an agent Jim both Fisher. What it must champ doubled off four times at the end of the game and I won't throw is not shorten things like not been jumped when time was on the clock. Did do that. So every piece at a beach house they share this summer. We'll talk about a coming up on news talk 97.3 years ago. May twenty Alibaba Rochelle and nickname for jag good morning and welcome Todd Jack brought you buys. Pays jewelry when he answers always got us it's Monday December 1 it's Cyber Monday. Foss folks unity ally looked for all kinds of deals eyes and I don't know I'm I'm kind of over it. I'll tell you what real here's my thoughts on it and animal removal. I am sick and tired. Of businesses making me jump through any kind of hoops take your coupons and show them up your. Your mailbox. Take your day it's good for this time only from this data this hour. This hour and that hour not good on this this in this all your disclaimers all your garbage I don't wanna collect points anymore I don't carry around a card anymore. I don't wanna have to play that game anymore here I am I mean a damn story got money in my pocket. You wanna show me some are not give me a decent deal wasting all your money and always other gimmicks and scams and schemes I'm tired of it. I'm sick of it and I'm not gonna spend my money on places and engage in all that kind of stuff anymore so I can do. And I think a lot of Americans are echoing exactly what I'm saying. My privilege not a cyber Ciba on Black Friday they didn't wanna. Barbara was a watered it down with this Thanksgiving stuff look if there's people out there that he give you business on Thanksgiving. And there's people that are willing to work you know that's fine that's look at the business. That's capitalism. That's Campbell if you're filling a need that's capitalism. Dodger tearing families apart you know because your stores open that day. I'm obviously that's not good but I hate me yeah we've all made sacrifices through the years I don't know how big of an issue that honestly is. The business they Sega make money on a certain day you're gonna open on a day if they see it's not going to be profitable they're not gonna do it. If you're working on a day stuck working on that daylight sucks for you thank god you have a job there's a lot of people that don't there's a lot of people would trade places with the necessary title. But as far as jumping through hoops anymore for businesses I am I am sick of it. Do you have a gold card do you have discard old debt that's only good on Tuesdays. Oh I'm sorry that sale begins tomorrow. While I'm here right now and you know it begins tomorrow are you kidding me. I've heard at all I've heard it ball. And still everybody loved retailers and everybody else why is business isn't good be good data where they are all saying that they were gonna have to give. The people are researches were saying you're gonna have to give people a good deal this year they will spend more. On nowadays he will spend more shopping this year but this year in particular they're also looking for legitimate bargains. Why no game when you say to 60% off although pricing of jacked up 70%. I know that game I'm over it. So you work in line like it best out of a hundred and lower. Sixteenths TV at all. Practice chair no. And god forbid thirty don't seven TV how many do you want it and I don't know but people get lined a buyer radio less useful. And ABC useful information. Now it's. Look I understand it if you're really got her heart set on something you really see this great price somewhere it if it does draw people in golf but again. But really for the rest of us. Okay why can't it be a fest of this for the rest of us in other words. Quit it with making me jump through hoops. Quit it. It with the coupons and yeah and and the ridiculous this may go on your store may have money in my pocket. Give me a good deal on reasonable quality merchandise. I know I'm not gonna get the best stuff. When I'm willing to pay. I don't want to cheapest stuff either. I don't need it that's the other thing too I think Americans are slowly. Very slowly. But I think we are starting to turn a corner just a little bit. And that corner is where wants avenue. Meets the needs street. That neighborhood wants vs needs. I think some Americans are finally starting catch John and parents like me. Are raising their kids in telling their kids do not get yourself in debt. Do not buy more than you need. Learn a lesson that we learned look at this big house it is costing us a fortune. We don't have money to go in and travel and have fun. We're stuck in this house. So hopefully younger people are catching on to this and that and I think I think they are. Wants vs needs. My wish for the season always is that we. Note do do lasso what I mean by that is. Don't give the president because you have to get a present for some because again a present for you. Let's let's all agree that we're we're gonna buy first smaller circle and we're gonna go for quality. We gonna go for quality. And and if at all possible we're gonna give local. Local people are business. Local people the people that that that trade would you to pay taxes would view that drive on the same roads they you they hear and and and share. The community when you. Who's an act gouge and that's who we should concentrate on spending our money. Ocala earlier on about Rochelle. A bloody I'm hanging in there you. Our. Larry Craig Huey you're you're just started Edgar and my cell phone carrier. Our own. You know you get shortage everytime I church's solemn. He you're. You know every time like Kmart bill I get forty. So I can actually western you can you know all. Earning your origin Edgar. Now you can go in or shoes. You can go in now like deals right now owl. They like that sort Gordon feels right now. And you know they have items that you could purchase. But it only kicks already here. Still have to pay eight. On top order and occasionally you're portage why don't streak all our ports are way. To where I don't pay any shape except us clearly indicate what I want. In order saying yeah it's not really slip you pay shipping and handling is it well no no we're not even that are now monetary addition to hearing. Don't I'll try and there are certain our reward dollars. You're gonna take a lost 2000 is on him or each which Brigitte felt sure that she shocked at all hours okay short. Well my world order form yeah. Yeah exactly why yeah wears no war to match. Best to be invited somewhere else for very close to the same price. Now it all headaches and doing the points and all that so what is at comedy really giving you that's what they're counting on you get frustrated you give up on. Those are rove gin with a deal to begin hey we got as DA. It's a good deal. Forget it. And maybe I'm alone in this but I'm saying quit making it your customers jump through some pretty soon they're not going to be your customers anymore. It's 18 on the Bob Rhodes show again for. 97.3 Vista. May 380 about Rosie Jones. Nick dizzy injured today good morning. Money morning 1 December so I. I Mondale black. Thanks for joining us supporting what we do appreciate it. Over the weekend I got to visit to they historic hail home static and have all plantation. If you've never banned it is. Something to behold. I this house was built in what the 1850s. And it just a great part of history in the areas of the get a chance maybe even over the holidays. Over on now most eastern on weekends especially in a heated tour. And it's very cost like five box as well worth it. And NASA recommend it as you're looking for things to do this month sometimes a lot of us have families going to be visiting but nowadays you want to keep busy. I want many air around Rouse too much and don't give all of but movement is beaten. So that's one idea I put a link up on FaceBook dot com slash the sky free of you're trying to. Oh by the way but the F and we command or not we have something special going on that were major part of any starts this Friday it's the inaugural festival of trees. It's benefits children's miracle network hospitals of health since Children's Hospital in this this weekend to yoga town center. Anderson where they'll be silent auction and you can bid for a tree that's going to be really beautifully decorated. Be perfect like to put in me before your of your business. This for charity chose miracle network for the community. Get out enjoy that look at me a good standing member of the community. Everybody an advocate festive spirit. Are good cause so that's all this weekend. And I'll see out there at some point. Did you hear about the president's kids get picked on here. Meant Libya have this one wrong. Elizabeth allowed dizzy spokeswoman for Republican congressman Stephen Fincher. She decided to go to FaceBook. After screen shots of Sasha and Malia Obama. In other thirteen to sixteen years old. They looked very bored at Wednesday's Turkey pardoning. Event. Poured their teenagers. They have a lot of those little events they have to do and have to go on me smile. Now glad that you give your kids so well trained they'll do then all the time to let me tell a semi and a White House and you're already under the microscope to begin with. And then you're asked to do these events all the time over and over again. You can't help but be yourself once in awhile and be not all that happy to be there. And that's apparently what had taken place. But this woman who's a spokeswoman for our congressman decided that she was getting in until people a lot of parent their kids etc. she says. Dear Sasha and Malia. I get your both of those awful teen years but your part of the first family try showing a little class at least respect the party play. Then again your mother and file don't respect their positions very much or the nation for that matter so I'm guessing you're coming up a little short in the gold role model department. Stretch herself she went on to say rise to the education act like being in the White House matters to you just like you deserve respect not a spot at the bar. To many and that's it well it's outrageous and it's completely unnecessary and it's stupid. And people are going to be talking about it the right and the last today. Now are you looked on FaceBook and some people on the right we're like yeah those kids work they really were disrespectful etc. etc. Are you kidding me. Really. You really care. You know I'm worried about given my job. You don't worry about maybe get a race maybe handle the Ford put gas in my car maybe put food on the table. They're worried about the job markets and my kids when they graduate from college to be able to to get a job they can actually pay them enough to both. Eat food and pay off their student loans yeah I'm one of those crazy parents at the execution pay off their student loans and now. And instead people are caught up the mess and it actually taken a side of the writer. FaceBook her. I I think she's an. I do. And and you know all this is going to be position and end of the spokeswoman for the Republicans. A congressman. They won't even. Selling an individual person she's already connected to a Republican. So the medial use this once again to say look at the Republicans and how stupid there are. You get a nasty day to day we decided that the first Stanley children's Roth off limits but look here we go. I think it was bought a bone headed move. And it was stupid. But you wanna talk about policy you wanna talk about issues and the failures of this administration. Well obviously could Phillip Bloch. But no to some people they wanna go oh look look at the kids and does so even wrote on her FaceBook page I mean there's just there's just over the top. You really I mean it's no wonder Republicans lose elections clearly. It really stupid things. I shouldn't have taken them in the first place Sony rights and the one looks like I she email. Really. Are you kidding me. Wow what are your post pictures of your children on their so that people can do is just take shots at them that that's. Where in the world would you did think that that is acceptable. Is and that's ridiculous. And then somebody else rates umi in light day like the last two mocked Barbara and Jenna Bush. All that's right. Where now becoming the party that says it's okay to do because the other other party did it. That's what I appointed Democrats. As a weak excuse all the time Leo well. Brit pop gave executive orders her head at us. And now but I guess we do do the same thing. Unbelievable. Another lay writes the girls act disgraceful. Their disdain for the situation was addict the download their role models. You'd think at least one of the float just servants. Would have dressed them better coached them on decorum. It was ten minutes out of their lives they couldn't suck it up embarrassing say the least are you kidding me. Really. And it ends so the Republicans this is how to get a win in 2016. This is what's called small ball. It's sad. Wow with all the issues facing us today. And then I just gambling table a pile on. People should just add to me they should just say look their spokeswoman should shut her pie hole. I senator earlier I'm doing this without consulting fee and I'll say it again. Republicans appear attached to Republicans if you're working for Republicans if you're running for office. If you want any Republican to win in 2016. Here's my advice shut your pie hole. Should it. Unless you have something intelligent to say. Yes the media will treat you differently yes the media's gonna ask Republican candidates and people old office. They're Republicans they're gonna ask them catch 22 type questions gotcha questions they're gonna do it. Winning doubts. She. Did. To zip it zip and it's. The say I'm I don't wanna comment on that issue right now that's not the issue we're dealing. Why can't they learn. Instead what the zealot Republicans certainly like well a different kinds of re beginning to some like that where you can actually stop. Well what was it view and if he would if it's a traumatic. And you could stop the prevent a pregnancy exercise didn't prevent yet your body's natural. Fine and believable. So here we go again. Day 46 of them blocked a road show why. Jim welcome makeshift. DL above rose show and it's only for JA get more the first day December or Cyber Monday nobody's gonna accomplish anything at work turn off your employees' computers right. On the irony the funds are. Stay in touch with the show my friend's checks out of FaceBook dot com slash the sky since you're in that cyber world anyway eighty. Email may be rose Put something interesting on the subject line like I have a new Porsche 9/11 I wanna give me the keys to because I love. Or something like that. Also get the tune in radio app for your Smartphone can take is everywhere. And the podcast available at the sky 973 dot com the same web site one of the same. As the same. Website you'll find half off perks. You heard me half off perks just in time for the holidays. We doom all year long but. It gives you a sense of urgency. You see folks are gonna give you a little sizzle here now that's part of my gig drive part of what I do. We got an event coming up real quick this weekend's fourth fifth and sixth want to invite you allowed to children's miracle network hospitals it is seen. Festival of trees town it's yoga. This still be the who's who of anybody who's anybody is going to be there. A chance to bid on trees taken back to your home or business the very proudly contributed to see him and you get beautiful tree estimated time. Like see out there. US Gator game did you watch it. Did we have a chance or not. Oh yeah we didn't. Oh yeah we did. We did go seminoles all they can handle. Famous Janus. Was tossing us cookies left and right. We were like puppies. Those interceptions. Then we couldn't get the puppies into the cage known as the end zone either red tick bunched field deals are long story short I'm serious I'm serious. What in the world happened. At the end game. Well and trail John Harris who scampered out for a first down there was still plenty of time on the clock. We were it was looking good we still couldn't win that game. And we should always supported calling and I don't know who is fully responsible for this. Why we threw the ball down field on four consecutive plays leaving plenty of time on the clock. In other words there look when time's running out you take your shots at the end zone this was not one of those scenarios. It's simply was not. Talk to anybody knows anything about football. This this was not that kind of scenario we have time there's no logical reason why we couldn't bite off chunks at a time. Short passes. Opera tell like you're gonna pass and run the ball. I mean they're different things that we could have tried yeah we did relatively almost the same things for consecutive plays we'd already been picked off. Tran was already struggling you know what the but the past. There was not a great quarter. Yeah it wasn't on either side that's true but but when the game when it came down to why those plays were called ice submit to you. I submit to you that something. Smells funny. In Tallahassee. Battled on besides their cheerleaders. Something's. All fought. I did throw as some kind of seek dig c'mon man. And dope Campbell I love how they dress a dig up on the outside that'd be inside is still those ugly Steele believes it is ugly you're stadiums ugly I'm sorry there take that. I'm not a seminal later by the way although it's harder and harder to like him when they have this team is running around and all this stuff is up too often field. And now anyway that aside. Why did we win that football game I submit to you that general Fisher. And Will Muschamp are best friends. Well must just be shown the door he's out of here. You have any real loyalty to a program. I have no idea I don't know I know he's got six million dollars to figure out what he wants do the rest of his life op. Should I call it the rest of us will ever get that opportunity. Not Denny not that needed work for it. Not didian work for coaching like data that level I I I think the dead does take years off your life. I think it definitely has an impact no doubt about it I don't wish him any ill will at all none. I think he'll end up as a defensive coordinator somewhere and he will do just fine in his kids are gonna grow up happy and healthy and and and they're gonna be fine. And I hope they deal. But. I just smell something funny when it came down into the game I think we could've won that game. And his best friends shot at a national championship and a perfect season would have been obliterated. By his best friend they own a beach house together. Now now of he would say that's out more aegis. Aegis not could you say that really you know what's outrageous. North Carolina just got busted not too long ago. For holding classes that didn't exist for athletes and it's dating back eighteen years since don't tell me shenanigans. Doesn't happen. Big money big egos. All kinds of stuff influences. A lot of things. So don't tell me that all doubt would never ever ever happen. Yeah all right Pete Rose would never bet on a baseball game. Shoeless Joe Jackson who out a lot wherever you want to set they'll say ever. So although rumor mills are cranked up now on his going to be you must shift replacement. I seawater UA actually dia they had to release a statement. Saying that nobody's been talked to yet. Because there's. All kinds of wade assault can weigh in San glamour is it true that Lane Kiffin. Was spoken to and when asked hey if it was you know against your best friend would you throw the game in favor of your best friend Annie said. Yes so I want. And they should really elaborate Annie said as he looked in Amir. Because I'm my own best friend a good looking. At a. Loud yeah. Hi you'll like that. It the actual statement from VOA says that they have for. They have made no job offers. Yet does that mean. Well I mean there's been all kinds of stuff line and the Internet nor crew outlook though it did they got to try to keep a low profile on the we're gonna speculate that's our job as well we're gonna do people are gonna speculate. Of course they're talking to people of course are talking to him. Do you think he's if you freeze. Do you think Daniel stocks going up a little bit since he toppled Dan Mullen yeah I looked like both those coaches. I want to see Mullen win that game and had to be honest with that so this is Jerry's a possibility that either one might be offered the job now. My dad's my he got it might take I don't know. Both talk about that then maybe some more important stuff if there's is there anything more important Gator football. Dummies.