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  1. Rubio Nixes Some Deductions in Tax Negotiations


    Tue, 16 Oct 2012

    starts to chip away at available tax deductions that could be eliminated to pay for the 20-percent across-the-board rate cut that Romney proposes. The mortgage interest deduction is expected to be worth about $83 billion in 2012, according to the Joint Committee


  1. Nick Redfern discusses the Slenderman


    Wed, 7 Mar 2018

    Jason Hawes & JV johnson talk with Author Nick Redfern about the Slenderman - from an internet contest creation to a real manifestation. 3/7/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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  2. An in-depth look at UFOs and the theories surrounding their presence


    Thu, 3 Aug 2017

    Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Timothy Beckley about his work in researching the UFO phenomenon and other paranormal anomalies. Timothy has authored over 30 books on the related topics and has a vast experience in investigating paranormal claims. 8/3/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

  3. The Art of - Ghost Excavations


    Thu, 30 Mar 2017

    Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Mary Becker, Co-director & researcher for Ghost Excavations about their unique techniques for paranormal investigating. She shares many of their experiences, and some audio files, as well, as some insight into requirements for conducting good paranormal investigations.