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Sun, 23 May 2010|

misty hank dvd1 d mar 25 30 2010



  1. Warren Christopher22:07
  2. Samara26:47
  3. Alan day14:11
  4. Apocalypse Now2:23
  5. New England19:10
  6. World War I27:17
  7. Elgin4:24
  8. heart diseases21:51
  9. legal market4:37
  10. Stocks reported5:16

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then it initiatives -- get an update on the phone. And. -- -- -- It was 200. Most of. Political -- -- And I think he -- sent them off. And Google. -- Civilians a lot of debate. -- and it's like we need to be done honorable lecture tomorrow sixty our frontal -- Give you the truth about that total conditional. And terrorist cell phone comment. Sources some discipline some sort of crowded today I don't know -- there's been put under our Internet. And cardinal. Also little warmer and other guards students in it will destroy the -- -- -- are protected our son he's gonna call today. And -- we'll the holders of some well. So what does that -- model is supported the does -- bridge. So vulnerable. And probably will shoot. -- -- and a little -- London. Tomorrow and little. Can you. Mr. -- -- publicly -- -- today. I'm proud. Well you're saying it. -- thing that I did that the -- out. Blue suit. Up speaking of undoing evening in -- it was Apocalypse Now. Doesn't. Even want to do. They come from podium. And -- do it. Need a lady with it would -- it -- like pretty much like. Italy in out of nothing like -- Capitalistic. That I'm not. Believe in the past. On net and it -- Can't take it but it does not work from. Probably. Look. -- That's the -- Hollywood so. And dynamic and let them. Police who lived -- adult -- delicious. -- -- -- -- Come out of the white people of the new -- about it. -- people like putting me down that's like midnight. About my life into Florida. And did -- -- a -- fire you know only want to help people. And people just don't know they want a -- About -- don't even know it. -- -- The -- until the -- me because I don't want better than what they and I am now. Pollution -- the way we get to elicit. And. The -- we get. Thank god. -- -- -- -- -- -- and told me tell you to keep your head up it will court tomorrow will be competitor also. -- And who Elgin. He listened to tosses. The powder that you -- I'd be home. Probably -- Don't -- legal market will be allowed to -- man looking. You can do it is money here -- yeah -- alligator. On and in. And a woman forty dollars and then. Was supporting here you don't. I -- plainly put in terms of money. I had no money and -- completely and like now. I'm gonna make it lacked. Stocks reported over the last two. -- -- like little. Little. In the weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ultimately. It. So lonely. Man. Decision managing. I don't see the united -- not at the -- many and that he would. I'm tired -- she signed. About what she did on other -- the -- below grudge against about that. You. Now we heard. Candidate that she could tumble more logical. He could call them. These lovely. Combination of -- Mountain Lebanon. Implement something hopefully find -- confidently you know company. I'm sure it's a little help do. Does your door all the consultant's -- Edited cat and don't need a little -- -- down. Somebody you look at confident. You'll lose little a lot of clout finally. Did take. -- about that and I'll call you and I'm pretty tightly activity that tonight. Who won't call -- -- the -- Powell called -- A little while ago. The plan a lot of opposition and you know that is doing what he. Travel world Specter's support doctor germ or malicious. Little passion that describes. -- On -- you know. More humanistic. About it and Chapman age means ballot -- Digital booklet he let happen like that to me. I don't know poll a poll that -- not certain. Achieved and maintained. And that's the due -- targeted -- Milosevic did in regards you can -- silly little girl and he's thinking. And they think you don't see them. Somebody comes off until you as always you order going to be are you. Certainly on any details -- Iran's president had enough time enough Egypt. You know since. Consider -- I don't know if you really really knew he would tell. -- -- -- -- This we need each other and to -- on the steps so it. Television listen. This -- you know subsidies to allowable for. You know. -- -- I think it like to hold bachelor thing you know I had had a key. I'm the -- spotlight -- to I think Hugo the talking and others on the loose talk about it -- mean less. But hold the -- State -- mom. Thank you coming together and how to keep -- I gave -- -- Arnold violent week. I mean. -- -- isn't -- a break in in Reno. -- On the night. All of -- final. So Rivera. -- holders sued the government as an Internet talk on solving this article won't mean. A little innocent Rosenthal I mean. How could you just hold that in some -- -- -- seated position this deserves considerable. And she's not you need to come home to remodel its -- in the first place. It's wanted to come home. -- -- talk -- that is put on dissident often enough that probably nothing sinister. And ever and he just -- of these deeper deeper ditch resort arguing that students -- Yeah but. It. I hear you. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the safety and -- Sanchez has speculated that the -- we talked about. -- all of us follows gentlemen credentialed medical than Israel was. I don't even know could have been you know I don't know -- You don't com and -- adult. Budget. Pianist play. Arnold really. -- launches their news. And -- the couple we'll do anything that you -- under. And so muscle to double. -- -- Under Saddam and company that pummeled. Homes politically and -- in this place. He really didn't -- World -- they make it. -- presumably get a handle on the way to -- sells. Real hard to arms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coalition officer position -- on its costs -- less normal. There's into the community solution -- She -- all that -- -- homeless do you should be in jail for assault and and because. -- -- Long time. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm deliver on the street -- -- aren't important in yields soaring temperatures are not all the parties reluctantly. I don't always view literally. -- -- streets world. Play Weaver did leave would be that -- much and good. Instead whatever whatever it takes to get you -- European leaning hard on -- I want you almost like. Of them home. The middle. Up to handle it. That people shouldn't let -- do you believe he would fuel the problem is -- us agility you told me in the beginning. Permanently. To substantiate. And conflict where Ronald and Steve actually it took and I loved him and I -- needed him -- -- him you know. Even been happy that I would get my outlet to conduct an audit meeting in. Territory though Russian rescue others. Look let's shouldn't assume a little bit and didn't do so. Were altered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wanna get a ged book I -- -- -- want to -- 1981 and start doing something on part of that do you wanna do help battle lines become. -- -- Why do -- you know let -- play it won't give me anything to do nothing. Double talk and variety continue to negotiate some well. So essentially -- -- -- and -- are -- -- somebody said that due Friday will there are some. And -- somebody said that Alan day. No -- from. -- until this. Believe it. It can eat everything I'd ever and on the videos. Had never won anything like that. Can assist in the -- and -- and indignation municipal. Never ever anything -- ever. Yeah. We really don't know and I love -- most of my adult life. Some Rivera come often vicious little. That's him. Somebody's got to Israel. And design everything I think every possible -- without the whole night. Sleep. I don't. They knew that would -- -- that's just. What I expected you know people talk about the commitment it delicately. And I woke up enough to eat it and you any -- -- -- -- -- -- was just talk and tell me that's about what happened. And I know that -- -- advocate -- Like it would complete the local husband Blake it was a -- like it was a dream and I'm. -- -- -- Shouldn't -- it right -- shoot down if you don't know for a class in the same sort of normal for purposes. Not helping him. And I told him you know if it -- -- also -- it. -- Are -- special -- in in the associated don't know what to do anymore. -- -- -- The -- I don't I don't. You leave -- alone. I was sure -- -- let's come home. Portugal's woodlands. That's the it allows more decent I think it'll collapse -- be sent to moms -- -- that you wouldn't. -- -- -- -- -- So let's hold them minutes on the phone. Who knows it. That's the -- less popular in this world. -- -- -- -- It's time in the day. There's. Cars. I want to -- digital Sutherland. One doesn't know political analyst my daughter. Job moment. One must know what it. It. -- hope he does very. -- -- you can send us a little so let's listen to do you act. I need you at ten minutes from a longtime hockey off. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- For what it's horrible -- College it. Hopefully. Beyond just settle it. And easy I mean -- I wanna get I want to get that done about it now. I want and -- I can do that can get out. Don't belong going to be job because that. And not should be tried at the time. You can't tell Chelsea look during the more puritanical or Chelsea Intel's -- are some -- -- -- -- in the fund. -- -- on that went -- -- he would not -- an opinion Chelsea. And that's why not even been talking to -- -- -- having -- until you know swap. Technical and beaten up something. In Tokyo and -- He's just so you don't -- So you get over. Yeah. They just want you notice that you won't comment. You should never did anything about the people on that report. Our children are some New England Arlington -- anymore. I don't know like -- Dana. I shouldn't that what I -- at eleven -- but the treatment and he definitely didn't like I mean that animal confidence like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No illusions that consultants. Were moral problems and little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is until June 2 -- one. To colossal. -- you. Can turn immediately -- New kidney BM -- to -- -- They look like they have won you know -- obviously -- -- have a lot. But wait I don't put it that they did you know. The think of the Atlanta -- let -- you know he would barely. -- and -- and can leave -- that. -- -- That you couldn't. You're lucky -- -- product that lead that you run down steady diet. In particular but it got to attend every -- Leader so many times. I could could skip developed between the wives and they'd been alien. With the -- have gradient and went I would like that one nickel bag they bring Haley of Manhattan -- These will it be. You know I don't let. No no received. The elderly and I don't know that this. He's used to occasional more. Personal heart diseases and there -- looking handles union. -- didn't -- included. Are coming to these visits I can't case indices were. And. And it. Warren Christopher. I just listen to market due to open -- can do. In particular social -- -- -- To them. And it can't be thankful tenacity you. We will be reversed itself. Did you wear -- -- that. Penalties. Wanted to come home. My -- to come home. All of analytical home. It was his Stanley. -- -- -- do. I'm not days -- anyone winkle. -- Likely going to think it. I'll -- the winning streak she. Anything like we have been treated differently than it is. I don't wanna be locked out. -- is really out of the -- But there if people don't care whose Sturm and with. There are humans and they think if they think need to thank you know ultimately did -- these women in the they're doing the right thing -- keep -- -- to the final count to the bottom of this. Since this from somehow somewhere. Some sort of category. You -- Obligated attended services today. Our -- also will Harlem Washington Luna. -- really don't really follow so little and doomed to enjoy it although there's room -- -- due to -- -- -- current. You know they often do not its. -- obtainable yeah. -- will -- to get hold on the middle order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Situation that's -- she's a little on it'll hurt her. With a of them the -- and didn't. I'm old enough to do know of no return. -- -- Powerful agility will. -- do everything they wanted editing process in London just keep on keep on doing this digital Angel Ortiz do you Simon. And on the Singapore have -- also due to recent comical as we pleased and multiple. The plan like -- comic con. And I want to be blotted out of course I'm kind of glad that when the victim advocate that -- days today. On June. I was -- not to let you know was better than doing. Talented looked like it -- say that every month than. Ten days parity in that time. They -- five days a month. In jail and then I got pending data on them like that he days. There was supplement -- we're gonna give you. -- Hoping and praying something comes out that Samara. I can't do it pray and hope the dangers and meanwhile did not mention. Things go and get it -- and went -- to one another I wanna do it just isn't. Stupid partisan politics even though question is charged with any of this. They did talk letting -- I would probably event. You've been you know even though. -- -- in the -- -- that institution -- on TV air alone the World War I -- duties and it was Ronald runoff. Doing -- and digital candidates for accepting its legal. Analysts. And you're the ringleader. And I don't even know people that apparently it was really hit Bryant. You know remaining ones that even now. Where does. This silly Sally some missions work. Thank you know -- So they still don't just talk as much as -- can. Only do they ought to do I get out he ended. I'm improved to meet people I'm gonna prove myself. Yeah yeah. Outs and a little to do I've got everything it can think of so far. In the military or think or -- -- now. She gets social smaller. Than it normally issued. Route companies -- -- -- -- -- people people that believe me. People who needed him to. Law enforcement. -- And they believe they want me that they want. Journal. Arnold -- don't know yet -- million. You're capable of doing anything like nine million are capable let anybody else do anything like that you. Under which it would discourage. -- -- -- You've got a little. She's not that there's a way that she -- gun collector and anti part of it. Don't -- it. It did it -- said it. I would do -- -- for example. And one final Q&A to do that. Somewhat -- and. I went out to do anything that that the that you -- Melanie. But I would I would give it but I would let them take -- to break marvel. The girl's room. Yeah come on -- do know that. And college junior little heard that you don't. So that makes me to be dead and seated. -- -- -- Lot of -- that they have right and one agent and then that front it's like. Reported them to do on the case. On anything right Saturday one. Market which is that if I don't do it. I -- -- I cannot wait. I -- just a little national TV budding talent deal. Congratulations business and how. -- -- -- Ten penalties actually talked up the hint. You know Hewlett she'll get -- Completely. You know conviction -- want it won't mean anything -- people but still she says that's about people's. I don't see it you'll opt in -- -- line. Yet but that don't that nobody. Just write the final. You know. Enough with the judge people either. Especially if you don't even know them. All they want is ratings for -- TV show. Yeah why they went to the line that's what they do nothing job by. His work he's. Yeah. -- -- Crashed army incidents that allegedly blanket. Let's not make them -- and it and you get that McNamee. -- -- -- -- Yes it -- to eat it right now but definitely. It is definitely doing it to me. It's a little. Certainly want to understand now. Who did -- its tiny loaded moral certitude. You know. I love we share today. -- they want to ensure you're. -- -- income source alkaline accompany me. -- This small little bit slow and -- -- And for. This position in his -- muscle supplement my own little that's Laura. Sort of cease fire call when he turned around he says. -- Also achieved in the loose. For the troops living in the house will accomplish -- -- and tomorrow more subtle sort of display.