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Tommy Croslin Jail DVD5-4 with Lindsay April 5 and April 8th

Sat, 29 May 2010|

Tommy Croslin Jail DVD5-4 with Lindsay April 5 and April 8th



  1. us senator16:48
  2. Christian science5:03
  3. Bob Beers12:08
  4. solar electric18:21
  5. heart attack14:25
  6. Kosovo10:52
  7. Ladislav11:14
  8. Lemanowicz4:43
  9. creek bed15:32

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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Then there's one completed -- group which it. Malone wasn't. The courts and this is the national is that then management. Bringing up. Which who sit together -- the Dario Portland. We can't find out it. -- -- It's a letter -- they would -- Can't put -- an elegant. -- you know Lydia. Get our money and with -- Earlier it. Can. -- -- -- Good. Thing give us. The sleep on the talent two train all that there was Lehman and the garlic and execute him. All right. On the Internet. And so if his comments -- traded. -- -- -- -- -- This announcement is committed to our passengers to turn out well. 86 electrocuted don't do. This. Again. Doesn't like my daddy -- and could unintentionally funny. This call it looked as a pitcher Andrew to come Lemanowicz it. -- -- -- treatment -- -- -- looked at the position and trusted -- And and the inability of. Now you can have -- urging the Christian science. In the coming months and aren't -- -- -- the the court and through. Our Republican -- -- and -- an armed paper. Lincoln it was a premiere here are the application. And -- put -- Easter party that. There's the disadvantage of the -- -- have it. I'm glad you like Germany and eastern time. Look at the -- so. And I just had been -- fact that -- -- He really did you didn't humidity and no. -- picture and move the globe and I know I drew it I don't matter. -- Yeah. Yeah yeah -- -- Khatami indicated that you described as Sony are Abacha. I doubt whatever of the he's sort of farming today. And also promised. -- -- I mean particularly acute kicking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- The flag at -- Christmas present. -- -- every day and I'm thinking -- three. -- -- -- Yeah obviously concerned. -- -- -- Well let them at an early lead. He looked good today. Person yeah. Street. -- And I wanted to read only got a taxi. -- -- -- The call but walk. Moved -- Your pain moment. And the only read about him. -- -- -- makes it impossible to. -- Who earned. -- -- -- -- -- -- about it of their -- Japan. And go to my. -- campaign. Swing districts found quite -- -- ago. Now -- -- -- about five times. In -- rolled out -- -- Always true. Come -- gonna disarray already has done. And we don't have. Month. During world. I don't know assignment in the united. Presenting. They get three years qualitative -- In years into months and -- -- Her. Hip. You do the math. Then she is still. It's. -- Point six more at six. You can land in -- yes. Yes. Cuba unpopular every year that gives you picked off automatically -- to -- and happier. Now. They knew he would have done months. Now. -- so that it didn't mind. That you get -- -- vacuum -- and two years. Long term the the yeah. You don't have convenient and found. No. Smoother than giving her all adult cold like you get told this and that they others zone. He should know right -- built next court date that. You can't which are gonna know. -- I'm the next few weeks. Yeah. It's. Here in the Kosovo permit him on gonna -- your home. Unnecessarily. -- going to. Be in silicon -- sixth NHL average garden and -- all across this Ladislav. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- if you're looking at 23 years in the necessary no way -- If you -- in prison for 24 years. I think we expect peeling onions. And her -- -- Has a long time. As we cannot wait any children. Just as the that being -- -- 170 -- of they are gonna get -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- McCain like. Could you imagine. Should continue they just -- legislative point Bob Beers are going and -- -- Certain of the lieutenants remain parked. -- -- McCain. V Clinton you -- Wouldn't do it already the opening your dad when he. -- -- -- Holly this court to the -- moment though. It. And it can. Understand I have continued short and it's. Can't be illegal anywhere in the neck down. Her neck I mean. -- -- -- The rules are rules. And -- it's not -- police can't. He's complex and the -- -- got a gas in the middle that he needed to bring you some element. -- likely to have only 210 dollars. He needed to know that you've got. Don't tell me he -- little workers ownership make or did you. The latest I don't my money I can start to get my money. -- And -- know. -- campaign on what he. Wasn't working so. -- -- -- on to earn a lot of that we've. -- in your view that is as thoughtful and in time. -- -- Until -- From -- -- through mr. We we get. -- longer. And I could well. And on sixteen dollar and my heart attack Arnold. A total of course. I. Respect -- -- you talk to the. -- Indeed he taught him on a plane and you like it. Or even -- Is like children like me like a -- he can only mean what are. In any action -- mornings and late in new. Now -- -- Into account and so upset you know great. -- Over into their own. Very funny new albums like -- you don't -- -- say a woman and an. Can make -- together. Only an hour to. Get -- -- a little. And look at creek bed in Atlanta need to look in the wrong. It took -- from. So you can't tell -- -- -- Her -- and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He didn't begin gonna get you saw that here talking on a British. At business news presidents and as well see you guys. The commission. -- The entire time China time that -- -- to start when I started. It. There will assume the post and her down and nor -- new us senator and and sergeant -- in. The -- signal wondering here. I'm trying and look at I do I -- and and I should and at all excellent. And keep the doors to follow Paula no go. Republicans gave me get to get here. During. Camp and dinosaurs don't let them in cash and leukemia getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The initiative. -- -- -- Oh yeah dude. Don't shipment meant. Total. And I heard the. -- -- -- -- And then in addition mustered -- solar electric -- -- can get it done. This sentence colonel want to go to court to become actors and and -- talk. -- -- New order -- dinner and visited on -- historic Miller. -- -- -- -- -- United -- -- little behind me. He doesn't think it's funny. The lady classical. -- message. In your whole room. Alone not comment on. Clinton. -- the new budget yet another. -- Bloomberg. -- -- Audio shoes to honor she's put it appears. That whatever their accomplishments in just comparing the paperwork blurred between art and unification. And. I'd like you know at about international a convenient time. The number earned her two Brothers. The notion that she's gonna bring it appears shouldn't have honors that should -- an opulent and.