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RBC: House Speaker Larry Cretul

Sun, 1 Aug 2010|

Larry Cretul talks about a very strange year in Tallahassee


  1. Offshore drilling0:50
  2. Thomson0:16
  3. political philosophy0:18
  4. Oil output1:48

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we put it -- -- would -- -- strange I would call a challenging and you know I want everyone -- up there in -- -- on him. Maybe viewing. That Thomson family they've never change their political philosophy from day one. But -- is the governor industry. -- many many things. Perhaps for political reasons I don't know you -- this the governor but you know we we we the house and the Senate have been basically. On the same page on the -- conservative Republican. -- Republican. He chose to go to a different direction. And honestly BS special session was called -- again. Offshore drilling. What do you agree with the -- forty's when Miller nowhere near on the debate that very important. Well I didn't want to believe being forty minutes which basically told everybody to go -- plus 21. You can have a governor that. Some people say it's good committed you even reverse. This week came to be a -- there paving the two bills. They came up reportable. It. And he -- Well you know -- -- speaking and -- six. And it did -- out of the house and the Senate and then even during the time that we were debating the bill the governor was hurt us the movement along. Because he was ready war. Designer when it happens. Somewhere along the way he changed his mind and change mind you maybe. Story was -- your customers. Perhaps you better. Oil output to maneuver in your -- and hope at this point but then how would you rate your your your. It says speaker. Well I mile I never never self evaluate myself history. And -- to begin in November of this year.