Lawrence Summers

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  1. Senate Confirms Yellen to Lead Federal Reserve


    Mon, 6 Jan 2014

    average 200,000 jobs monthly since August. President Barack Obama nominated Yellen in October after considering selecting Lawrence Summers , a former Treasury secretary who had been a close Obama adviser early in his presidency. Summers withdrew after opponents

  2. Rand Paul Threatens to Stall Janet Yellen's Fed Chair Nomination


    Sat, 26 Oct 2013

    head the central bank and was nominated by President Obama after another candidate for the job, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers , took himself out of the running amid criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. While Paul’s hold will revive the

  3. Dow Ends Stretch of Weekly Advances


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    Obama says he has a range of outstanding candidates to replace Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, including Lawrence Summers and Janet Yellen, who he says are highly qualified to become the next Fed Chair. Copyright 2013 ABC News Radio