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  1. Government Ups Air Bag Warning to 7.8 Million Vehicles


    Wed, 22 Oct 2014

    said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, a nonprofit advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader . The problem also is drawing attention from Congress. Staff members for the House Energy and Commerce Committee have


  1. What Does the GOP Need To Change For It's Future


    Wed, 5 Dec 2012

    Bob Rose 12-5-12 6am

    Ralph Nader found at 14:51

  2. Bob Rose with Jay Anderson


    Wed, 22 Jun 2011

    6am - 6/22/11 - Obamacare leads millions of middle class to Medicare & an incredibly boring presidential announcement from Jon Huntsman

    Ralph Nader found at 26:07

  3. The Jay Anderson Show


    Mon, 25 Oct 2010

    6a - Oct 23 - Philly trip, political ads, early voting & the Constitutional Amendments on the Florida Ballot

    Ralph Nader found at 7:32