Heavy Snow

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  1. Snow Storm Deaths Reach 43 as East Coast Tries to Dig Out


    Tue, 26 Jan 2016

    A near record snowfall has the East Coast still trying to dig out from road closures, major public transit shutdowns, and the closing of schools, government offices and businesses. Read more...

  2. East Coast Nor'easter: What Forecasters Got Right and Wrong


    Sun, 24 Jan 2016

    start of the event: how far north the heavy snow would make it up the East Coast and if ..... placement of the boundary between very heavy snow and lighter snow. This uncertainty happened ..... models began to indicate that this line of heavy snow could indeed come very close to New York

  3. More Than 75 Million People Could Be Impacted by Snow Storm


    Thu, 21 Jan 2016

    The huge winter storm has prompted panic and preparations along the East Coast as tens of millions of people could be affected. In addition to those impacted by the snow, 7 million more could be impacted by ice and other dangerous conditions. Read more...